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UK Universities With Most Indian Students

UK Universities With Most Indian Students


Are you an Indian student thinking about attending college abroad? Consider the United Kingdom (UK), a nation recognized for its excellent academic history, prestigious universities, and multicultural setting. Indian students are choosing to study in the UK more and more because it provides a wealth of chances for professional development, academic achievement, and exposure to other cultures. The value of studying in the UK for Indian students, the rising trend of Indian students choosing UK universities, and the necessity of picking the UK universities with the most Indian students are all topics we will explore in this article.

The UK has become a popular choice among Indian students for higher education for a number of compelling reasons. The UK has a long history of academic brilliance, world-class universities, and a hospitable setting that encourages intellectual development and cross-cultural mingling. In this blog, we will explore the List of UK Universities With the Most Indian Students, factors to consider when choosing University in the UK, Scholarships offered by Universities and much more. Letā€™s dive in and unfold the best universities for your bright future!

Factors To Consider When Choosing A UK University

For Indian students who want to study in the UK, choosing the right university is important. There are many famous UK universities with the most Indian students which cater to different facilities for students, and choosing the best from the best could be a little challenging. This section will go over the important aspects that Indian students should consider while selecting a UK university, such as academic offerings, faculty reputations, campus amenities, infrastructure, and a vibrant Indian student body.

Academic Specializations And Programmes

The variety of academic programmes and specialities the university offers should be considered the most important element. Indian students should research whether the university offers the program of study they are looking for and whether it provides the required flexibility to pursue specialized interests or switch majors if necessary. 

Rankings And Reputation Of Universities

Rankings released by reliable sources like QS World University Rankings, Times Higher Education, and The Guardian should be taken into consideration by Indian students. Rankings can offer useful information about an institution’s academic status, research output, and international recognition, even if they are not the only factor in determining a university’s eligibility.

Faculty Qualifications And Research Possibilities

The knowledge and credentials of faculty members greatly influence the level of education and learning experience. Indian students should look up the faculty members’ biographies, areas of expertise, and publications. 

Resources For Infrastructure And Education

In order to provide a favourable learning environment, contemporary infrastructure and educational resources must be accessible. Indian students should evaluate the university’s technological resources, laboratories, and research institutes. 

Campus Amenities And Services For Students

The campus’s amenities, including its sports facilities, clubs and societies, student groups, and extracurricular activities, should be evaluated by the students. They should also take into account the accessibility of student support services like career counselling, academic advising, counselling, and support for international students. 

Top Universities In The UK Chosen By Indian Students

Discover the top universities in the UK preferred by Indian students, offering a diverse range of courses and academic excellence. Following is the list of institutions of choice that have attracted a significant number of Indian students seeking quality education and international exposure.

UniversityNumber of Indian Students (as of 2023)
University of Bedfordshire1,200+
University of Greenwich1,500+
University of Cambridge450 (Undergrad), 500 (Postgrad)
University of Oxford1,000+ (Undergrad), 500 (Postgrad)
Middlesex University2,000+
Cardiff University1,500+
University Of East London1,000+
Sheffield Hallam University1,500+
Salford University1,200+
University of Hertfordshire1,800+

1. University of Bedfordshire

The University of Bedfordshire provides a wide selection of courses in subjects like business, engineering, computer science, and health sciences. It has a designated International Office that offers aid to Indian students with visa applications, housing, and cultural adjustment, among other things. The university’s multiethnic campus setting encourages intercultural communication. The university had about 1,200+ Indian students as of 2023.

2. University of Greenwich

The University of Greenwich is renowned for significantly emphasising practical education and links with businesses. It offers a broad selection of courses in several academic fields, including business, engineering, architecture, and computing. The International Student Support team at Greenwich benefits Indian students by offering advice on academic and personal problems. The school’s student body is varied. Over 1,500 Indian students are among the university’s varied student body.

3. University of Cambridge

Known for its academic prowess and research accomplishments, the University of Cambridge is one of the world’s oldest and most distinguished universities. Numerous undergraduate and graduate courses in the humanities, sciences, engineering, and social sciences are among its broad selection of courses. The university’s best assets are its outstanding teachers, cutting-edge infrastructure, and wealth of academic resources, including libraries, museums, and research institutes. Cambridge University’s comprehensive student support services include academic advising, career counselling, welfare help, and extracurricular activities. Around 450 Indian undergraduates and more than 500 Indian postgraduates were enrolled at the University of Cambridge as of 2023, which is a sizable proportion of Indian students.

4. University of Oxford

Like Cambridge, the University of Oxford is a well-known institution around the world for its academic quality and contributions to research and is hence considered one of the best UK universities with the most Indian students. There are numerous undergraduate and graduate programs available there in a variety of subject areas, including the humanities, sciences, social sciences, engineering, and medical sciences. Oxford’s strength is its long history of scholarship, top-notch faculty, and research infrastructure. Students can pursue their academic interests in the institution’s lively and thought-provoking environment. Oxford University provides substantial student support services, including a wide choice of extracurricular activities and student societies, counselling services, academic and career advising, and assistance with housing. Over 1000 Indian undergraduate students and about 500 Indian postgraduate students attended the University of Oxford as of 2023.

5. Middlesex University

Middlesex University is well known for its emphasis on professional development and employability. It provides a wide range of undergraduate and graduate degrees in business, law, art and design, and health sciences. Indian students at the institution can get help from a dedicated team of student support advisers with their academic and personal problems. At Middlesex University, there were above 2,000+ Indian students as of 2023.

6. Cardiff University

Cardiff University is famous for its academic brilliance and research-intensive environment. It provides an extensive selection of undergraduate and graduate programs in many academic fields, including science, engineering, the humanities, and social sciences. Over 1,500 Indian students attend Cardiff University with a sizable Indian student community.

7. University Of East London

University Of East London

The University of East London is renowned for significantly emphasising experiential learning, employability, and entrepreneurship. It provides a range of courses in subjects like business, computing, engineering, and the social sciences. For Indian students, the institution offers a full range of support services, including assistance with visas, pre-arrival information, and academic support. At the University of East London, there are 1,000+ Indian students.

8. Sheffield Hallam University

Sheffield Hallam University is well known for its programs that are career-focused with strong industry linkages. It provides a wide variety of courses in disciplines like business, engineering, art and design, and health sciences. With over 1,500 Indian students, Sheffield Hallam University boasts a varied student body.

9. Salford University

Salford University is renowned for its close ties to industry and pragmatic approach to teaching. Numerous degrees are available in disciplines like business, engineering, journalism, and health sciences. As of 2023, there will be more than 1,200 Indian students enrolled at the University of Salford.

10. University of Hertfordshire 

The University of Hertfordshire provides a wide range of studies in subjects like business, engineering, computer science, and the humanities. It is renowned for placing a heavy emphasis on professional development and employability. At the University of Hertfordshire, there were about 1,800 Indian students as of 2023.

Scholarships Offered By UK Universities With The Most Indian Students

For instance, studying in the UK for Indian students can be expensive. To reduce this burden, there are several scholarships available for Indian Students. Scholarships significantly contribute to the affordability of education for Indian students studying in the UK. Here are a few scholarships that are available to Indian students only:

British Chevening Scholarships

These esteemed awards are given to deserving students from all around the world, including India. The scholarship covers all costs associated with the recipient’s study, such as tuition, travel, and living expenses. Additionally, Chevening Scholars get access to special networking opportunities. A bachelor’s degree, at least two years of work experience, and an offer from a UK institution are requirements for eligibility.

Felix Scholarships

Deserving students from underdeveloped countries, such as India, are given Felix Scholarships. The University of Oxford’s postgraduate programs are entirely covered by these scholarships. Selection is based on merit and need. Being under 30 years old, having a bachelor’s degree with first-class honours, and submitting an application for a full-time postgraduate course at an affiliated university are requirements for eligibility.

Commonwealth Scholarship and Fellowship Plan

Fully financed scholarships are available through the Commonwealth Scholarship and Fellowship Plan, which the UK Foreign, Commonwealth & Development Office supports. The program offers monthly stipends in addition to paying for tuition and flights. It is available to Indian students and has been given to more than 30,000 pupils. The requirements for eligibility include proving financial necessity, having a strong academic record, and participating in an interview if shortlisted.

Dr Manmohan Singh Scholarships

The Dr Manmohan Singh Scholarships were created by St. John’s College, University of Cambridge, and provide financial aid to academically gifted Indian students pursuing doctoral degrees in the social sciences, technology, and economics. The scholarship is fully funded and gives monthly stipends in addition to covering flights, tuition, and UK immigration fees. Being an Indian citizen under 35 years of age, holding a postgraduate degree from an affiliated Indian university, and exhibiting leadership characteristics are requirements for eligibility.

Rhodes Scholarship at the University of Oxford

One of the first scholarships for Indian students to study in the UK was the Rhodes Scholarship at the University of Oxford. Academic excellence, extracurricular talent, and moral integrity all factor into their awards. The scholarship offers a monthly salary, a settling-in allowance, international travel, and tuition coverage. First-class undergraduate honours, full-time enrollment in a postgraduate course at Oxford University, and being between the ages of 19 and 25 are required qualifications for eligibility.

Student Support and Services

As an Indian student considering higher education opportunities abroad, it is crucial to be aware of the support services provided by universities in the United Kingdom.  

Academic Support

UK Universities With Most Indian Students take pride in providing comprehensive academic support to ensure that all students, including Indian students, thrive in their studies. These institutions offer a wide range of resources and services to assist students in achieving their educational goals.

  1. Tutoring and Academic Advising: UK universities have dedicated tutoring programs and academic advising services to guide students through their academic journey. Indian students can benefit from one-on-one tutoring sessions, study groups, and workshops designed to enhance their understanding of course material and improve their study skills.
  2. Writing Centers: Writing centres are invaluable resources for Indian students who may require assistance with academic writing. These centres offer workshops, tutorials, and individual feedback to help students develop strong writing skills, including proper citation techniques and structuring academic papers.
  3. Library Resources: UK universities boast extensive libraries with vast collections of academic resources. Indian students can access online databases, e-books, research journals, and other materials supporting  their coursework and research endeavours.

Cultural Integration Programs

Understanding and adapting to a new culture can be a significant aspect of an Indian student’s university experience in the UK. Fortunately, UK universities recognize the importance of cultural integration and offer programs and initiatives to facilitate a smooth transition.

  1. Orientation Programs: Many universities organize orientation programs specifically designed for international students, including Indian students. These programs provide essential information about the campus, academic requirements, and available support services. They also introduce students to their peers, helping them build connections and form a support network.
  2. International Student Societies: UK universities often have student societies or organizations catering to the Indian student community. These societies organize cultural events, festivals, and social gatherings, allowing Indian students to celebrate their heritage and share their experiences with fellow students.
  3. Language Support: Language barriers can pose challenges for international students, including Indian students. UK universities offer language support programs, such as English language courses and conversation groups, to help students improve their language skills and feel more confident in academic and social settings.

Mental Health Resources

The well-being and mental health of students are paramount concerns for UK universities. Recognizing the unique challenges faced by most Indian students in UK universities, these institutions provide a range of mental health resources and support services.

  1. Counselling Services: UK universities have dedicated counselling services that offer confidential student support. Indian students can access professional counsellors who are trained to address a wide range of concerns, including stress, anxiety, homesickness, and academic pressures. These services can be accessed through appointments or drop-in sessions, ensuring that support is readily available.
  2. Wellness Workshops and Programs: To promote mental well-being, universities organize wellness workshops and programs. These may cover topics such as stress management, mindfulness, and self-care techniques. Indian students can participate in these initiatives to enhance their emotional resilience and maintain a healthy work-life balance.
  3. Peer Support Networks: UK universities often establish peer support networks where Indian students can connect with other students who have faced similar challenges. These networks provide a safe space for sharing experiences and seeking advice, fostering a sense of belonging and reducing feelings of isolation.


For Indian students, selecting a UK university with a sizable Indian student body might greatly improve their entire study abroad experience. It offers a helpful community, cultural blending opportunities, and networking links. A globally recognized education and a route to success in both their personal and professional lives are provided to Indian students who study in the UK. Hope this blog helps you to assist with ā€˜UK universities with the most Indian studentsā€™.


Which is the best UK university with the most Indian students?

The University of Manchester, Oxford University, University of Cambridge is considered one of the best UK universities with the most Indian students. 

Which college in London has the largest Indian student population?

King’s College London has the highest number of Indian students among colleges in London.

Are scholarships available at UK Universities for Indian students?

Yes, a lot of UK colleges provide scholarships tailored to Indian students based on their academic achievement, aptitude for leadership, and other factors. 

How might studying in the UK advance the careers of Indian students?

By giving them access to a variety of businesses, a globally recognized degree, and networking opportunities, studying in the UK increases the employability of Indian students. 

Does the UK have any language requirements for Indian students?

Indian students must take standardized examinations like the IELTS or TOEFL to prove their English language competency at the majority of UK universities. 

Can Indian students who are studying in the UK also work part-time?

It is true that Indian students studying in the UK may work a part-time schedule of up to 20 hours per week during the academic year and a full-time schedule during the summer.

Thank you for exploring the world of “UK universities With The Most Indian Students“! We sincerely appreciate your interest in the experiences and choices of Indian students pursuing higher education in the United Kingdom. To continue indulging in fascinating articles like this one, here’s an engaging blog for you: 

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UK Universities With Most Indian Students

UK Universities With Most Indian Students