Why Study in Australia? | Top Reasons to study in Australia

Top 5 Reasons To Study In Australia

When you’re researching overseas study destinations, Australia should feature high on your list. Popular cities like Melbourne, Adelaide and Sydney draw thousands of students from all over the world. So, what exactly makes Australia such a popular overseas study destination among students? We’ve come up with 5 points that we believe are the top reasons to study in Australia. 

World-Class Education | Top Reasons To Study In Australia

Top 5 Reasons To Study In Australia
The University of Sydney

One of the top reasons to study in Australia is the world-class education you will receive here. Despite having relatively cheap Australian Universities to study for international students, Australia offers a truly world-class education experience and regularly features in global rankings. For example, eight Australian universities placed in the top 100 in the latest QS World University Rankings, based on academic reputation, employer reputation and international student ratio. Several other Australian universities also feature highly on the Times Higher Education Rankings. The Shanghai Jiao Tong Academic Ranking of World Universities. 

Affordability | Reasons To Study In Australia

Affordability can be a make or break factor for most international students looking to study abroad. We’re glad to share that Australian universities are a lot cheaper than their counterparts in the US and UK. The same goes for the living expenses in Australia. Students who can’t afford the high cost of living in major student cities like London, Edinburgh or Glasgow, can turn to cities like Sydney or Adelaide. Moreover, the best courses to study in Australia or top courses to study in Australia. These courses are shorter, which helps students in saving money on living expenses. 

Unique Australian Culture | Reasons To Study In Australia

Australia is hands-down one of the most culturally diverse countries in the world. The rising number of international students every year contributes to the cultural diversity of the country. This means that international students can find some elements of “home” in restaurants, grocery shops, film festivals and food fairs. Australia is also home to some of the best student cities. As revealed in the QS Best Student Cities ranking, Melbourne was adjudged the 2nd best city. Sydney, Brisbane, Adelaide and Perth also score well in this ranking. One of the best reasons to study abroad in Australia.

Tremendous Work Opportunities 

One of the main reasons international students embark on their overseas education journey is to get ample job opportunities. And fittingly, Australia does not disappoint in this regard. The laws in Australia are framed to help students earn money while they study at university. As a result, students can work up to 40 hours per fortnight in Australia. This helps them pay for things like nights out with friends or short trips over holiday breaks. Students also have the opportunity to stay in Australia and work once they have graduated. Taking advantage of the post-study work visa. In order to grab this amazing opportunity, read this article on the top tips for part-time work in Australia.

Why To Study In Australia?

Top 5 Reasons To Study In Australia

And lastly, Australia is a beautiful country to spend the peak years of your student life. Australia’s beautiful white sand beaches and famous landmarks like Sydney’s Opera House are well documented. But apart from the world-famous tourist attractions, Australia has a lot to offer, especially in regional Australia. Australia is home to just about every type of landscape – from lush rainforests to vast dry deserts. The country also boasts a number of World Heritage sites. Like Queensland’s Great Barrier Reef and Uluru-Kata Tjuta National Park in the Northern Territory. You will enjoy long holidays as a student. Meaning you will have plenty of time to explore your new home! 

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Top 5 Reasons To Study In Australia

Why Study in Australia? | Top Reasons to study in Australia

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