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Tips For Part Time Work In Australia

Tips For Part Time Work In Australia

So you’ve coughed up a significant amount of money to pursue your overseas education in Australia. But as you edge closer to the end of your studies, you realise that your bank account does not look the same as it did before. To make up for this glaring deficit, you think about taking up part time work in Australia. However, getting part time work in Australia is easier said than done. But don’t worry, we have a few tricks up our sleeves that will significantly bolster your chances of getting part time work in Australia.

What Is Part Time Work In Australia?

Part time work in Australia is when a student works up to 20 hours a week and gets hired for late shifts, weekend work or jobs during holiday seasons. During full-time job interviews, students who have part-time work experience have an edge over students who have no work experience at all.

Difference Between Casual And Part Time Work In Australia

The following are the major differences between casual and part-time work in Australia – 

Casual work

  • No guaranteed hours of work.
  • Irregular working hours.
  • No annual or paid sick leaves.
  • Can end employment without notice.

Part-time work

  • Work for an average of 20 hours a week.
  • Regular working hours each week.
  • Entitled to some benefits similar to full-time employees.
  • Can be a permanent employee or fixed-term contract.

Top Tips For Part Time Work In Australia


LinkedIn is an excellent source to find jobs in Australia. Whether you’re looking for an internship, part-time job or a full time position, LinkedIn can help you out. Large companies and startups regularly advertise jobs on LinkedIn, so keep your eyes peeled for such opportunities. 

Job Recruitment Sites

One of the most popular websites to scout for jobs is SEEK. SEEK is an online portal where students can find jobs in various sectors. However, if you are an international student, browse through jobs that do not have any visa restrictions. Some jobs mandatorily ask for proof of Permanent Residency or citizenship. The most popular jobs for international students on SEEK are call centre jobs, jobs involving sales, telemarketing or debt collection. 

Your University’s CareerHub

Even though your university does not guarantee placements, students can still use the assistance of their universities while finding part time work in Australia. There’s a good chance your university in Australia will have a portal like CareerHub which advertises jobs on and off campus. These part-time jobs are targeted especially at students. Use the filter to identify part time work for international students. 

Reach Out To Your Friends

Finding part time work in Australia via reference is the easiest and quickest way of finding a part-time job. If you know a friend who already has a job, ask them about openings at their workplace and apply there. Your friend can even follow-up on your application if you haven’t heard back from the company in a while.

Carry Your Resume With You

Oftentimes, you will find a retail store with the sign “We Are Hiring”. It’s during times like these where you wish you had your resume with you. When looking for part time work in Australia, it is advisable to carry your resume with you so that you can walk in stores and simply drop it off to the concerned person. 


Now Gumtree may not be the most reliable platform to find jobs but it’s worth giving it a shot. Students often fall for bogus job offers, so make sure to be extra vigilant while searching for part time work on Gumtree.

Cover Letter

If you are applying for the same type of jobs, it’s smart to make a template of the cover letter. This is because most of the time, the main content is the same. You will save a lot of time by creating a template of the cover letter. Also, make sure your cover letter is no longer than 1 page. Having an excessively long cover letter can deter prospective employers.

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Tips For Part Time Work In Australia

Tips For Part Time Work In Australia