Tips To Make Money In Australia

Tips To Make Money In Australia

How to make money online in Australia? How to work from home and make money in Australia? How to make money as a student in Australia? How to earn money from surveys in Australia? are just some of the questions asked by students who want to study in Australia. So here is our answer! These are some of the best ways students can make money in Australia. Most of these ways will also enable you to earn money online in Australia. The first and foremost tip is to make the most of the best paid survey sites in Australia. We will come to it shortly.

Watch Videos With Swagbucks

Wondering how to earn money online in Australia? Imagine you make money online in Australia by simply watching videos! Swagbucks is an online survey site that offers way more than just surveys. You can earn points by watching videos and making their search engine your default search engine. There are many avenues to make money on Swagbucks that includes referring friends, taking surveys and even shopping via their cashback offers. What’s more, you receive a $5 gift card when you sign up. This is one of the top-notch ways to make money online in Australia.

Earn Money From Surveys In Australia | Best Survey Sites To Make Money in Australia

Wondering which are the best survey sites to make money in Australia? There are a ton of online survey sites in Australia, but if you want to make money in Australia, the best survey sites are Opinion World, Pureprofile and Octopus Group. Regular survey takers are paid cash directly to their bank accounts or via PayPal. These are some of the best paid survey sites in Australia.

Participate In Polls With Toluna

Toluna is a great way to earn money as an Australian student as you simply have to take part in online polls. This platform also allows users to make money by participating in traditional online surveys. They pay cash rewards via PayPal or give out vouchers of your choosing.  What could be an easier way to make money online in Australia! This is one of the best survey sites in Australia.

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Become A Virtual Assistant

Besides being a part of paid online surveys in Australia, due to quarantine restrictions, more and more students are signing up to become a virtual assistant. Working as a virtual assistant allows students to work from the comfort of their own homes. This type of job is a great side hustle for administrators, personal assistants and executive assistants. All you require is your existing skill base, a computer and a stable internet connection.  Becoming a virtual assistant is another great way to earn money online in Australia.

Become A Transcriptionist

A transcriptionist is someone who listens to recorded or live audio files and converts them into text format. Students can earn between $0.36USD and $0.45USD per audio minute of transcription. Since most students have no problem typing at the speed of light, becoming a transcriptionist can prove to be a profitable side hustle. Plus a fantastic way to make money online in Australia.

Rent Out Your Car

car rent

This one is a bit far-fetched as most international students do not have the luxury of driving their own car in Australia. But of the offset that you do, you should consider renting out your car. A company called Car Next Door lets you rent out your car to people in your community when you’re not using it. You are fully insured for each trip, with 24/7 roadside assistance, and drivers are screened with ID and credit history checks. There have been users who have made upwards of $40,000 by sharing their unused van on Car Next Door. 

Participate In Focus Groups

Many market research companies rely on focus groups to test their products and services. Participants can earn from $50 to hundreds of dollars per session depending on the length of the interview or survey, and some focus groups are conducted online or over the phone from the comfort of your own couch. Register with sites like Askable or Paid Focus Groups to kickstart your focus group spree.

Deliver Food

Many food delivery companies like UberEats, Deliveroo and Menulog are always on the lookout for delivery agents to deliver food to their customers. A big plus about this job is that they are flexible. You decide when and how much you work. Food delivery is an easy way to earn extra money because there is a high demand for it in the evenings, when you’re free from university work. 

Be A Secret Shopper

Enjoy shopping? Then this is the best way you can make money in Australia. Mystery shoppers or secret shoppers go to different stores and report back to the company on the service they received. All you need to have is a good memory and writing skills, as you will be required to remember everything about the experience (including the name of the person who served you, how you were greeted, and how long it took to be served) and write up a report, usually within 24 hours. The best mystery shopping agencies are Retail Mystery Shopping Australia or The Realise Group.

Teach An English Course

Teaching English courses is the preferred side gig for most Australian students because of the favourable time difference with China (currently two hours behind AEST). Students can earn up to $25USD per 40-minute lesson and work as much as suits them. In order to teach, you will need to be a native speaker with a degree and have some sort of teaching experience. 

Start A Blog

car rent

If you have a penchant for writing, then it makes sense to start a blog. You can use, which is a free site and has many tools to edit and polish your blogs. Regular bloggers stand a chance to earn up to $7500/AUD per month.

Work At A Market Stall

Farmers and craft markets are quite popular in Australia. They are typically held on weekends, and stallholders often need people to help with setting up their stalls, selling their products and packing everything all up at the end of the day. To get started, all you require is good customer service skills and a smile. Check for listings on sites like Gumtree and Airtasker.

Lastly, out of all the suggested ways, the best way is to earn from online surveys for money in Australia. There are a lot of paid online surveys in Australia. Make the most of them. A few more best survey sites to make money in Australia are Respondents, YouGov and Valued Opinions.

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Tips To Make Money In Australia

Tips To Make Money In Australia

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