Insider’s Guide for Student Tips in Ireland: Tips and Tricks

Tips For International Students In Ireland

International students in Ireland are guaranteed to have a great time, as Ireland is full of rich history, fascinating people, and world-class universities. But it is a good idea to have a plan in mind before leaving on a plane to Ireland. This is why we’re sharing with you our top tips for international students in Ireland so that you can have a pleasant stay in Ireland.

Open A Bank Account Before You Reach Ireland

Tips For International Students In Ireland

We live in a world where everything is so connected that we can make things happen with just a few clicks of our mouse. Indian banks have branches all over the world, so there’s a great chance you can open a bank account in Ireland from your home country itself. Ireland international students can approach their bank and check if they have branches in the country. If they do, quickly initiate the account opening process by submitting all the required documents. By opening your bank before reaching Ireland, you’re essentially saving yourself the trouble of running around in a new country, trying to get your student bank account up and running.

Learn Irish Slang

A quality tip for international students in Ireland is to learn their slang! You will notice that the Irish have distinct verbiage in their speech. They speak English but it’s easy to get lost in conversations if you are not fully familiar with the local slang. So, learn Irish slang in order to blend in well with the locals. Plus, it’s super fun to say slang words like ‘Banjaxed’ (broken) and ‘Gammy’ (useless). 

The Irish Weather | For Ireland International Students

Tips For International Students In Ireland

The Irish weather is unlike anything you’ve ever experienced. An international student studying in Ireland can expect four seasons in the space of a couple of hours. So while packing, make sure you carry clothes for cold days, warm days, and wet days as you will be guaranteed all three during your time in Ireland. When the weather does decide to cooperate, you can expect a mild, temperate climate with summer temperatures ranging from 16-22 degrees Celsius. A tip for international students in Ireland is that winters in Ireland don’t drop to freezing temperatures but can get quite cold. 

Get Yourself A Student Travel Card

One of the best things you can do as an Ireland international student is to get a Student Travel Card. If you’re going to be travelling to university or exploring Ireland, a student travel card will get you discounts on your travel throughout Ireland. We also recommend that you get a student leap card, which will get you great discounts on mobile plans, travel, and shopping, including 10% off at Boots, free €5 meals at McDonald’s.

Plan Your Budget | For Students In Ireland

Budgeting a skill an international student in Ireland must develop. Managing your finances well will help you enjoy your experience to the fullest. If you’re looking for education loans that take care of not just your tuition fees but also living expenses, head over to UniCreds. One of the biggest expenses as a student in Ireland will be accommodation. UniAcco has a great selection of student accommodations in Ireland that are located close to top universities. Apart from accommodation, grocery shopping will claim a sizable chunk on the monthly budget for students in Ireland. Shop around your locality and keep an eye out for deals and special offers. The most popular supermarkets in Ireland are –

  • SuperValu
  • Dunnes Stores
  • Tesco
  • Lidl
  • Aldi

Cost Of Studying In Ireland For International Students

It’s important to know the cost of studying in Ireland before making a decision on which country to study in. For international students studying in Ireland, the exact tuition fee will depend on the type of course and university you choose. But broadly speaking, you will need roughly between $11,896 and $29,742 per year. UniCreds, a student loan marketplace, can help you find a reliable student loan that can you repay with ease. Opting for courses like in the field of humanities or arts tend to be cheaper than those in medicine, engineering, business. 

Looking for affordable student accommodation near your choice of university? All you have to do is fill the form on this page!  

Ireland Is A Land Of Magic

A country that is filled with fascinating landscapes, appealing history, and charming scenic beauty. From Giant’s Causeway to Blarney Stone, from Cliffs of Moher to the Famine Ship in Dublin, the place will never cease to amaze people from all around the world. For students who love to travel, this place has an array of stories and mystical tales to offer. Learn about Irish history and folklore. Travel throughout the country to see this beautiful countryside. Ireland is filled with wonderful literature and art. Research away all the good places to hike, camp, and road trip with your friends. These Ireland tips will make your stay in the country a wholesome experience. 

Make This Experience Your Own

This is your experience, and you have control over it. For International students, Ireland has a lot to offer. Don’t miss out on this, say yes to everything that adds up to your experience, Keep trying new things and Ireland will end up being everything you ever wanted it to be and more!

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Tips For International Students In Ireland

Insider’s Guide for Student Tips in Ireland: Tips and Tricks

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