Case Study – The One Month Long Student Accommodation Search

The One Month Long Student Accommodation Search

UniAcco’s Case Study series is designed to provide our readers with detailed insights on how UniAcco’s skilled property consultants tackle the most difficult cases. Students who wish to secure accommodation in the UK, often have several requirements which they expect their student accommodation to fulfil. UniAcco has an inventory of 350,000+ rooms across the UK so students need not worry about not being able to find their ideal accommodation. Let’s take a look at UnAcco’s 6th case study – The One Month Long Student Accommodation Search

Overview | Case Study

This case study features Priyanka, one of the superstars in our property consultancy team and a student who was visiting the UK for the first time. The student spent one month looking for an accommodation that met her criteria. She always faced difficulties in securing a guarantor and couldn’t find any accommodation sites that allowed monthly payments. 

Case scenario | Case Study

The student was scared because she was all alone in a whole new country. She was searching for her ideal student accommodation for 1 month but to no avail. It was also crucial to her to find an accommodation that accepts monthly payments. Being in a new country for the first time, it was important for her to feel comfortable while communicating with anyone associated with the accommodation process.


Most student accommodation properties in the UK do not allow monthly payments without a guarantor. So finding her a quality accommodation that allowed this was the main challenge. There were also other challenges like price, distance to university and amenities. 


The One Month Long Student Accommodation Search

The student was not optimistic about finding an accommodation because she spent one month trying to find one that met her requirements. But after a couple of conversations with Priyanka, she felt comfortable and was starting to think that she would find her ideal accommodation on UniAcco.

The student told Priyanka about her predicament about not having a guarantor and the ability to afford only monthly payments. Priyanka knew she had a tall task ahead of her but was committed to finding her student a great accommodation near Keele University, Newcastle Under Lyme. 

To the dismay of both Priyanka and the student, there was no student accommodation in Newcastle Under Lyme that allowed monthly payments without a guarantor. But Priyanka did not give up. As with all UniAcco property consultants, Priyanka wanted to exhaust every possible option before calling it a day. 

Priyanka proceeded to contact the central management team of the property and spoke to them in length about allowing her student to pay rent in monthly instalments. After back and forth negotiations that ran across several days, Priyanka finally managed to get her student the deal she was longing for since day 1. When Priyanka conveyed the good news to her student, she was in disbelief. She confessed that she didn’t think UniAcco would manage to pull this off, based on her experience with other accommodation platforms. She thanked Priyanka profusely for not giving up on her and being so supportive throughout the whole process. 


The student can now hop, skip and jump to Keele University! Her spacious studio room is filled with modern amenities and more importantly, allows monthly payments. 

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The One Month Long Student Accommodation Search

Case Study – The One Month Long Student Accommodation Search

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