The Cost of Studying In Australia

The Cost of Studying In Australia

Written by Pierre Noronha

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January 22, 2021

Australia is solidifying its reputation of being an integral part of the ‘Big 4’ countries that see a regular influx of international students every year. Australia, along with the US, Canada and the UK, is always on the wishlist of students who wish to study abroad. The ‘Down Under’ has recorded a double-digit growth of 11% in the number of incoming students as compared to last year, and it shows no signs of slowing down. This statistic shows that students are truly interested in studying in Australia, mainly because of Australia’s steady innovation, excellent faculty, and quality education. But despite all the rosy aspects of studying in Australia, the living cost in Australia for international students is relatively high, especially in major Australian cities like Sydney and Melbourne. This article will attempt at shedding some light on the educational system of Australia while also answering some important questions like “How much does studying in Australia cost?”

Study In Australia Cost

We will focus on all the major components of studying in Australia. This includes the cost of tuition, accommodation and other miscellaneous expenses. 

Cost Of Tuition In Australia

There are various aspects that will determine the cost of tuition in Australia. One of the main factors that will ascertain how much money you will pay for your education in Australia is your nationality.

As with any other educational system in the world, the cost of tuition for domestic students is lesser than the cost of tuition for international students. However, with a myriad of scholarships and fellowships available, international students can massively reduce their study in Australia cost or education cost Australia.

According to StudyMove, the average cost of university in Australia for an undergraduate course for an international student is AU$30,840 (~US$22,170), whereas the average cost of a postgraduate course for an international student is AU$31,596 (~US$22,700). 

The Government of Australia had revealed that the average cost annual tuition fees for international graduate students as – 

  • Master’s degree – AU$20,000 (US$14,400) to $37,000 (US$26,600).
  • Doctoral degree – AU$14,000 (US$10,060) to $37,000 (US$26,600).

Note – The aforementioned figures do not include costs of high-value courses like veterinary or medical degrees. 

Domestic students who wish to pursue higher education in Australia enjoy the added benefit of cheaper tuition fees. By successfully applying for a Commonwealth supported place, students pay substantially lower tuition fees, as the government largely subsidises the study in Australia cost for them. This benefit, however, is applicable only on public universities in Australia and some, but not all, private ones.

The average cost of tuition for domestic students at the cheapest university in Australia ranges from AU$19,000 per year for a Master of Psychiatry course, up to AU$57,000 for a Doctor of Veterinary Medicine course. Commonwealth support is available for some graduate programs, so make sure to check with the university.

Cost of Accommodation In Australia 

The second major expense of study in Australia cost is Accommodation. Australia offers international students a phenomenal standard of living. However, this translates to a rather higher cost of living, especially in major Australian cities like Melbourne, Sydney and Adelaide. 

You need to decide whether you want to live on-campus or off-campus. 

On-campus has the obvious advantage of being in close proximity to the university. Moreover, this type of accommodation is ideal for first-year students who wish to socialise with their peers. However, the drawbacks of on-campus accommodation include higher rent compared to off-campus accommodation, limited variety of room types and additional bills for utilities. 

Off-campus accommodations are located outside the university campus, although you can find many accommodation options located close to your university on UniAcco. Off-campus private accommodation allows students to choose from a variety of room configurations, amenities and locations. This type of accommodation works out cheaper and has the perk of all-inclusive utility bills.

Here are some of the best off-campus student accommodation options available in major Australian cities –


Macquarie University Village

Macquarie University Village is one of the best student accommodation in Sydney that offers students a variety of room configurations. There are spacious 1, 2 and 5-bed apartments to choose from. Irrespective of your room choice, you can expect to find a bed, a wardrobe and WiFi in every room. As you would expect, Macquarie University Village is located very close to Macquarie University. 

Address –

122 Culloden Rd, Marsfield NSW 2122, Australia

Room types –

1, 2 and 5-bed Apartments 

Accommodation amenities –

A fridge, an electric stove, WiFi, a microwave, a laundry room, all-inclusive utility bills, CCTV security, 24/7 dedicated support, a communal area, a study area and a lounge.

Nearest affordable universities in Australia-

  • Macquarie University
  • Morling College

Nearest public transport stations –

  • Macquarie Park bus stop.
  • Macquarie Centre train station.

Price range – 

$206.75 – $452.25/week


Student Village Melbourne

Student Village Melbourne offers students the chance to live in ultra-modern studio rooms and apartments. All of the amenities you could possibly dream of are available here. Find televisions, microwaves, social events and much more at Student Village Melbourne. This student accommodation in Melbourne is located near top universities like the University of Melbourne and Victoria University. 

Address – 

108-128 Leicester St, Carlton VIC 3053, Australia

Room types –

  • 1-Bed apartment
  • 4-Bed apartment
  • Studio apartment

Accommodation amenities – 

WiFi, all-inclusive utility bills, a microwave, an electric stove, a fridge, a laundry room, parcel receipt service, CCTV security, a communal area, a study area, social events, a basketball court and 24/7 dedicated support.

Nearest universities –

  • The University of Melbourne
  • Melbourne Institute of Technology
  • Australian Catholic University

Nearest public transport stations –

  • Melbourne Central bus stop
  • Flagstaff train station

Price range –

$338 – $514/week


UniLodge on Waymouth

UniLodge on Waymouth is one of the few student accommodation in Adelaide that offers students fully-furnished studio rooms. Students can choose from UniLodge on Waymouth’s Single Studio Apartments, Double Studio Apartments and Twin Studios. All of these rooms come with a single bed, a private bathroom, a private kitchen and a private room. This student accommodation is ideal for students enrolled at Carnegie Mellon University and the Australian Institute of Business (AIB). 

Address – 

304 Waymouth St, Adelaide SA 5000, Australia

Room types –

  • Single Studio Apartments
  • Double Studio Apartments
  • Twin Studios

Accommodation amenities – 

A television, a sofa, an AC, WiFi, a bookshelf, CCTV security, an electronic key fob entry system, specially-abled access, an on-site gym, a communal area, a study area, a coffee machine, bike storage, 24/7 dedicated support, a BBQ area, car parking, contents insurance, an elevator, a games room, a garden, vending machine and parcel receipt service.

Nearest universities – 

  • Carnegie Mellon University
  • Australian Institute of Business (AIB)
  • University of South Australia

Nearest public transport stations –

  • Stop School Adelaide High West Terrace bus stop
  • Victoria Square train station

Price range –

$285 – $375/week


Unilodge Twelfth Avenue

Unilodge Twelfth Avenue has a selection of spacious apartments and studio rooms. This student accommodation in Brisbane also offers students access to amazing communal amenities like an on-site gym, a games room, a BBQ area, social events and so much more! Moreover, universities like the University of Queensland and Brisbane Boys’ College are located just 10-minutes away from Unilodge Twelfth Avenue.

Address – 

42 Twelfth Ave, St Lucia QLD 4067, Australia

Room types –

  • Private 1 Bedroom Apartment – Granny flat
  • Studio apartment with private ensuite

Accommodation amenities – 

A couch, WiFi, wooden flooring, an electric stove, a television, bookshelf, an AC, car parking, an on-site gym, a garden, a games room, a communal area, a study area, a BBQ area, social events and an electronic key fob entry system. 

Nearest universities – 

  • The University of Queensland
  • Brisbane Boys’ College

Nearest public transport stations –

  • Carmody Road bus stop
  • Toowong train station

Price range – 

$345 – $445/week

Study in Australia Cost of Living

In order to study in Australia, you will be required to prove you have the means to support yourself while in Australia. Currently, you will need to prove you have AU$20,290 (~US$14,600) for living costs per year, and if you are with a partner, then you will need to add AU$7,100 (~US$5,100) to this figure. Apart from proof of funds, you will also need to prove you have a return airfare for yourself and every family member you take along with you. 

Other expenses (weekly) that you need to take care of while studying in Australia are as follows –

  • Groceries and eating out – $80 to $280 per week (~US$57-201)
  • Gas, electricity – $35 to $140 (~US$25-100)
  • Phone and Internet – $20 to $55 (~US$14-40)
  • Public transport – $15 to $55 (~US$11-40)
  • Car (after purchase) – $150 to $260 (~US$108-187)
  • Entertainment – $80 to $150 (~US$57-108)

All in all, you will need just around AU$350 (~US$268) per week just for miscellaneous expenses. 

Cost of An Australian Student Visa

The student visa Australia cost is (subclass 500) AUD620. Additionally, you will also be required to pay for Overseas Student Health Cover (OSHC) for yourself and any accompanying family members. A standard undergraduate student OSHC costs around AU$2,149.10 (~US$1,550). You may choose to use the OSHC your university recommends or any other provider you prefer, just make sure it is a government-approved provider.

We hope that you now know how much it would cost to study in Australia. For more information on the higher education system in Australia, read our blogs – the best universities in Australia and the complete guide to studying in Australia as an Indian student.

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