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Written by Muskan Behune

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February 18, 2021

Australia is renowned for having a coffee culture that is refined. It’s not shocking that the coffee scene continues to expand with an abundance of independent cafes spread throughout the country. Perth is host to a number of must-visit cafes with a passion for premium coffee and a devotion to utilizing new, organic products. Let’s have a look at some of the best cafes in Perth:

Little Loaf Bakery

This offshoot of popular bakery North Street Store is located in the old Wild Bakery premises, around the corner from pizza restaurant l’Antica. But behind the limited supermarket façade is a massive bakery pumping out award-winning bread. If you’re not searching for a loaf to carry home (but let’s face it, the real way to do it is to have a little of everything), there’s a selection of cookies, pastries and continental rolls to pick from. The coffee is sweet and efficient here, too, a quick way to get through the carbs.

Dumbo Gelato

An interesting addition to the Scarborough Esplanade is this enjoyable Australian-style gelateria. Dumbo’s gelato-making process is traded by Italian-owners Kane Hipper and Stevie Gale who even spent three weeks training at the renowned Carpigiani Gelato University in Bologna to nail their technique and the flavors are entirely Australian. Milo milkshake, lamington, and even vegemite and cheese were only a couple of the varieties that we tried the last time we visited. Half of the collection, including a delicious riff on a Bounty chocolate bar, is also vegan. This is one of the most popular cafes in Perth and the coffee offerings are overseen by Someday Coffee Co.

Sayers Sister

The kind of cafe that makes you feel like you’ve just walked into your own house is Sayers Sister in Northbridge. There are cozy wing-backed armchairs to help you relax, while high ceilings, concrete floors and plenty of exposed brick walls offer a country-home look to the place. The centerpiece is the communal table, which functions as consumer seating, a service room, and a showcase for the overflow of homemade cakes on sale. All the breakfast classics are served on the menu, making this a strong all-round cafe choice while in Perth.

La Veen

La Veen regularly pumps out some of the finest coffee on the west coast that coffee lovers rejoice. Located within a heritage-listed building at the end of King Street in the Central Business District of Perth, the cafe features high ceilings, warm wooden furniture, and wide windows that allow in a lot of the sunshine weather in Perth. The emphasis is on all things coffee; the ultimate filtered coffee, from espresso to cold brews. The baristas are enthusiastic about their art here and will gladly tell you about your drink of preference. If you’re hungry, a number of breakfast dishes such as avo smash, acai bowls, and plenty of eggs, of course, are also available in this one of the best cafes in Perth. Sign up for one of their courses if you want to learn the art of coffee from the convenience of your own home. You’re going to learn how to prepare your best coffee and the history behind it.

Pixel Coffee Brewers

Pixel Coffee Brewers, based in Leederville, a city renowned for its abundance of great cafes, restaurants and bars, stands out from the crowd. The fact that it is run by two former state barista champions is enough to convince you that an outstanding cup of coffee would be offered to you. And if that doesn’t satisfy you, then maybe there’s a huge crowd waiting for their daily fix before they go to work. In a comfortable and minimalist setting, with sparkling white and emerald tiles, gentle wooden furnishings and ample greenery and flowers, food and beverages are served. Try a small breakfast or lunch filling and go for one of their bright acai dishes, topped with colorful flowers and fruits.


Run and managed by a mother and son pair, Satchmo is an eccentric and charismatic little cafe in northern Perth. An intriguing combination is produced by a curious blend of the Jewish roots of the founders and the jazzy sound of a French Quarter cafe in New Orleans. Unless the mother is back cooking up luscious typical Jewish dishes blended with the flair and spirit of the deep south of America, you will spot the son running the coffee machine. Satchmo has become one of the famous cafes in Perth, thanks to its unusual mix. Drop by and enjoy in the distance the sounds of the retro records spinning or see the live jazz band play every Sunday, making it a perfect venue for an upbeat brunch.

Architects and Heroes

In Subiaco, a suburb renowned for its thriving dining scene, Architects and Heroes is an alternative but unpretentious coffee house and draws a devoted following of breakfast and coffee fanatics. Espresso cups are filled with Code Black beans from Melbourne, while an all-day breakfast menu offers dishes such as pancakes, English muffins and a selection of tasty bagel choices. Art is enjoyed here, and behind the baristas, a huge mural featuring Galileo and other popular characters can be seen. You can also leave with some merchandise bearing their trendy emblem, if you are a fan of the venue.

Standing Room Only

As the name indicates, the simplicity of Italian cafes is expressed by Standing Room Only in Piccadilly Arcade: order your coffee, drink it whilst standing at the bar (if there is room), and go on as soon as it is over. Coffee geeks from across Perth will inform you that for a quality cup of coffee, this is one of the best cafes in Perth, so drop in as you enjoy the sights of the Central Business District of Perth and catch one to go.

Bread in Common

Bread in Common is one of the renowned cafes in Perth for its seasonal menus and artisanal bread, part rustic bakery and part all-day eatery. Located in the buzzing port town of Fremantle, a fast ferry trip from the Central Business District allows it readily available. In this trendy cafe/restaurant, which has an exposed brick and industrial-style interior, natural light streams into it. You will be greeted by the scent of fresh bread when you walk into this trendy place. A range of mouthwatering sandwiches served with a number of sides such as chorizo, house-churned salted butter or local cheeses are baked everyday in the craft breads. More hearty meals celebrate the best of seasonal produce for lunch or dinner, offering oysters, chargrilled kangaroos, and lamb ribs.

Gordon Street Garage

This large cafe stretches across two storeys in Perth’s Central Business District and is situated within an old auto workshop that was once a chocolate factory. The interior pays homage to its roots; the emblem of the chocolate company is still on the wall, and old equipment from the workshop is spread around the building. But the interior of Gordon Street Garage is still industrial cool, with upholstered benches and colourful tiles providing a European feel. On-site, tiny batches of coffee beans are roasted, contributing to delicious coffee. Until transitioning to Australian / Italian menus for lunch and dinner, the menu offers all the classic breakfast choices.

Toastface Grillah

The Toastface Grillah cafe has taken Perth by surprise, nestled on a narrow laneway in the Central Business District. This is the perfect way to treat a hangover after a night out in the capital, serving up delicious grilled sandwiches and coffee. Here, with graffiti art on the walls, ’90s hip hop blaring from the speakers and a serious attention to premium toasties, there is an undeniable alternative feel. The original location in the Central Business District has been so popular that a bigger and improved variant of the hip cafe in neighboring Wolf Lane has recently been launched by the developers.

These are all the must visit cafes in Perth you can’t afford to miss!

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