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Technological University Dublin

The technological University Dublin ranks at 801 in the World’s University Ranking by the Times Higher education. This massive university was founded on 1st January 2019. For students who wish to study abroad, especially in Ireland, the university of technology Dublin has a lot to offer. Especially the living experience and the life at the university is something that it is famous for. 

As we know Irelands is amongst the top countries for study abroad options. Here the quality of life is rich with safety, peace, and steady development. The country displays an appealing blend of astounding landscapes, rich culture and welcoming people. The Irish people are very proud of their culture, as they should be. International students enjoy full support and guidance from their university. Especially for the technological University Dublin, the place has some of the best student accommodations nearby and in-campus, social life, restaurants, bars, and more!

Why Study At Technological University Dublin?

Although there are uncountable reasons why one must study at the Dublin technical university, below I will present you some of the top reasons why students from all over the world choose this university

Ireland’s First Technological University

Yes, before the establishment of TU, different institutes provided limited technical subjects and courses. The technological university Dublin courses converge’ everything from arts, science, business, engineering, and technology. When the former Dublin Institute of Technology, Institute of Technology Tallaght, and Institute of Technology Blanchardstown joined together. It gave rise to Ireland’s first Technological University now called TU Dublin with almost 28,500 students.

Inclusive Experience

The university presents an inclusive experience with an open learning environment. It is one of the biggest third-level educationists in Ireland. The technological university of Dublin courses offer pathways to graduation, foundation, undergraduate, and PhD for students all over the world. TU Dublin is a publicly funded member of the European University Association. Apart from this, the surrounding areas of Dublin are all-inclusive, so even if you are from an indigenous country, you will be served well in varieties of restaurants, cinema halls, and malls all around Dublin.

Internationally Committed

The technological university Dublin has all the degrees recognised internationally. It is an autonomous university with a doctorate-awarding institution. Undoubtedly, TU Dublin is very proud of its outstanding & well-deserved reputation. The university offers multiple exchange programmes and international partnerships in most disciplines. In 2020, the EUt+ Consortium (TU’s European partners) and  technological university Dublin were chosen by the EU Commission to establish the European University of Technology


Over 200 Programmes | Technological University Dublin

The technological university Dublin’s acceptance rate is high when it comes to international students. Today students from 85 countries come to the Dublin technical university to pursue their careers amongst the 200+ programmes offered by this university. Arts, Build Environment, Technology, Humanities, Sciences, Business, Engineering, Tourism, Food, and sports are some of the courses in its plethora of other disciplines. It is also the only university in Ireland that provides specialised courses in Optometry, Transport & Logistics, Human Nutrition, Tourism Marketing, and Environmental Health amongst many others. 

Foundation Level To PhD

The technological institute Dublin courses range from foundation level, an undergraduate programme to PhD. It welcomes student applications in any stage of their studies. If you wish to transfer from another institute then the university also offers you an advanced entry in years 2 and 3 of their undergraduate programme. 

Practical Knowledge

Technological institute Dublin practices applying theory to real-world challenges. There is a great emphasis in the university on practical knowledge. The curriculum is designed in such a manner that the student can apply their theory-based understanding to real-life challenges by using problem-based learning methods, work-placement opportunities, active citizenship, active learning, project work, contemporary practitioners

A Vibrant Student Life

Apart from the rich academic learning, TU Dublin has a wide range of clubs and societies. The students get plenty of opportunities where they can enjoy vibrant campus life. The international office staff in the university is in charge of taking care of foreign students. It ensures that the students are supported in their time on TU. The cost of studies is considerable when compared to countries like the USA and Canada. 

Campus All Across The Capital City

The technological university Dublin campus spans over the three most populated centres of Ireland’s Capital City i.e, Dublin. All of which is easily accessible for students using public transport. The Blanchardstown campus has been committed to economic growth over the last ten years. In this developing suburb of Dublin which is now the commercial and industrial hub for Fingal country. There are large scale centres of retail, IT, pharmaceuticals, distribution, and service companies. 

With the increasing globalisation, Ireland has become an iconic melting pot for multinational and multilingual people. The country provides opportunities for careers in domestic and international firms. The technological university Dublin acceptance rate shows how thousands of international students come here each year and make a successful career for themselves. If you wish to study in Ireland then TU Dublin is the right place for you. Good luck! 

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Technological University Dublin

Student Guide to Technological University Dublin 2024 – UniAcco

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