Student Bus Pass In The UK – Affordable & Hassle Free

Student Bus Pass In The UK

For students, living in the UK can be a little expensive and hence it’s better to save costs wherever possible. Most of us think of various ways of saving costs, and enjoy a few good deals on things! if there’s one thing we frequently avoid spending money on, is travel expenses. Travelling in the UK is costly hence going around the city by public transport is the best option. Buses are frequently the cheapest form of transportation and are typically used by students for local, quick trips. The student bus pass in the UK varies from city to city. Some locations allow you to purchase a ticket from the driver when you board, while others require you to purchase a ticket in advance from a machine. Some bus companies require you to have the exact fare when you pay on the bus, while others don’t, in short, you will find different bus companies operating in the same city with different rules. For example, to pay in London, you will either need a pre-purchased ticket, an Oyster card, or a contactless debit or credit card. At every bus stop in the town, the bus routes are frequently posted. An alternative is to use a navigation tool like CityMapper. 

Why Take A Student Bus Pass In The UK?

Getting a student bus pass in the UK is an efficient way of travelling. With an extensive selection of bus passes for students, you may get to travel for less money. You can use the bus to study, go to your part-time work, go out with friends, or even go exploring on the weekends once you purchase an unlimited travel pass in your area of choice. You only need a valid student ID card with a photo to obtain one of the convenient student bus passes. It’s that easy. You can choose a 7-day, 28-day or yearly student bus pass, depending on your usage. There are many options and ample space to reduce the cost of your bus pass.  

Here Are The Best Bus Passes For Students In The UK

Below are the details about the best bus passes for international students in the UK.


In several university cities throughout most of England, Scotland, and South Wales, Stagecoach provides transportation services. To travel in Stagecoach, you need a Unirider pass. It is a value-for-money student bus pass in the UK. Like other bus passes, you can reserve and purchase them online. The price varies by the city due to variances in single-ticket rates. A Stagecoach bus pass’s duration and the extent of the geographic area it covers differs considerably across the UK, in addition to its price and availability. According to their website, you can purchase a Unirider pass for four or 13 weeks in West Scotland. The cost of West Scotland’s four-week bus pass ranges from £48.40 for travel within cities to £101.30 for travel throughout the entire region. Whereas, compared to South Wales, a Unirider bus pass is available for every academic term, a bus pass would cost between £125 – £303.99. 

First Bus

A student may find First Group’s pink and white buses throughout the mainland UK’s university cities. There are typically annual, monthly, and term passes available. The cost of a student bus pass in the UK for this bus will depend on where you live and which region you want to travel to. However, in some areas of the UK, such as Aberdeen, Bradford, and Leeds, an annual or academic year bus pass costs about £340. One benefit of First Bus is that some tickets may be purchased with a little discount via their mobile app, which can be very helpful. Additionally, they provide special discounts on bus tickets in several UK locations. 

Arriva Bus 

Another significant bus company in many university cities in England and Wales is Arriva. They provide a Student Saver bus pass for students in the UK. Their annual student bus pass in the UK can cost around £120 – £170. It’s also important to note that not all of the student tickets listed on their website are accessible to college students. Make sure you are eligible for the lower rates before comparing their tickets to other bus companies, as some Arriva student tickets specifically state that they are for school students only and not for university students.

Some Useful Advice For The Student Bus Pass In The UK

  • When you board, be careful to tap your card on the yellow pad next to the driver.
  • Press the red button on the upright metal poles located throughout the car to signal the driver that you want to exit. At the following predetermined stop, the driver will let you out.
  • Above the timetable, each station has a 5-digit code in black. For service updates, enter this code into the TravelBot app.

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Student Bus Pass In The UK

Student Bus Pass In The UK – Affordable & Hassle Free

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