Physiotherapy Salary UK In 2024: Highest-Paying Jobs And Specialisations

physiotherapist salary uk

Statista, a leading data and research platform, states that around 66 thousand physiotherapists are employed in the United Kingdom until 2023. This figure indicates a significant increase in the number of practising physiotherapists in the UK compared to 2010 when around 44 thousand physiotherapists were employed in the country. Thus, the demand for physiotherapists in the UK has increased, attracting higher pay scales for these healthcare professionals. In this guide, we’ll discuss physiotherapist salary UK, jobs in the field of physiotherapy and their average salaries. 

Average Physiotherapy Salary UK

The average salary for physiotherapist UK ranges between £27,000 to £35,000 per year. However, this greatly depends on the experience level, the city they are practising in and the employer. Most of the physiotherapists work in the National Health Service (NHS). Experienced private physiotherapists can earn between £34,000 to £60,000 per year. 

Physiotherapy PostAverage Salary in GBP
Entry Level Physiotherapist£27,400 – £33,400
Mid-Level Physiotherapist£34,200 – £48,400
Senior-Level Physiotherapist£42,300 – £66,000

Why Become A Physiotherapist In The UK?

Specialised Roles In Physiotherapy In The UK

Physiotherapy is a diverse field that includes specialised roles catering to the unique needs of patients. For individuals recovering from a sports injury, suffering from a frozen shoulder to back pain and more, healthcare experts in the physiotherapy field are here to help. Here is a tabular representation of the physiotherapy salary UK for different specialised roles in the stream:

Specialisation/RoleAverage Salary Per Year
Pain Management Specialist£68,630
Neurological Physiotherapist£47,029
Women’s Health Physiotherapist£45,259
Paediatric Physiotherapist£42,167
Sports Physiotherapist£38,680
Hand Physiotherapist£20,500

However, it is important to note that the average salary for physiotherapy jobs in the UK can be influenced by various factors, including the level of experience and the employer (for physiotherapists in the private sector). 

Institutions That Hire Physiotherapists In The UK 

In the UK, several institutions actively hire physiotherapists across various healthcare settings. These institutions offer employment opportunities for physiotherapists, with average salaries ranging from £27 per hour to £83,711 per year, providing a diverse range of career options in the healthcare sector in the UK.

  • National Health Service (NHS)
    • Average Salary: £39,310 per year
  • Sanctuary Personnel
  • Average Salary: £27 per hour
  • NHS England
    • Average Salary: £35,753 per year
  • Connect Health
    • Average Salary: £54,692 per year
  • Homerton University Hospital
    • Average Salary: £33,515 per year
  • Pure Sports Medicine
    • Average Salary: £65,867 per year
  • Ascenti
    • Average Salary: £30,288 per year
  • Vita Health
    • Average Salary: £34,574 per year
  • King’s College Hospital NHS Foundation Trust
    • Average Salary: £33,346 per year
    • Average Salary: £37,693 per year
  • Epsom and St Helier University Hospitals
    • Average Salary: £40,361 per year
  • Central London Community Healthcare
    • Average Salary: £33,817 per year
  • Ten Health & Fitness
    • Average Salary: £37,970 per year
  • Barts Health NHS Trust
    • Average Salary: £83,711 per year
  • London North West Healthcare NHS Trust
    • Average Salary: £36,285 per year
  • St. George’s Healthcare NHS Trust
    • Average Salary: £34,664 per year
  • Nuffield Health
    • Average Salary: £34,638 per year
  • Maxxima
    • Average Salary: £27 per hour
  • Barnet and Chase Farm Hospitals NHS Trust
    • Average Salary: £40,611 per year

Regional Variations In Physiotherapist Salaries In The UK

The physiotherapy starting salary UK is also greatly determined by the location in the country. Several metropolitan areas in the UK can offer higher salaries and fees for independent practitioners. Let us learn more about the average wages of physiotherapists in the UK in popular cities:

LocationAverage Salary Per Year

Physiotherapist Salary In The UK For Different Bands

Physiotherapists in the NHS receive their salaries through a banding system. The level of expertise and experience generally determines this. Here is an overview of the average physiotherapy salary in UK for different bands: 

Band TypeAverage Salary Per Year
Entry-Level Physiotherapist (5 Bands)£25,542 – £31,220
Mid-Career Physiotherapist (6-7 Bands)£32,164 – £45,407
Experienced Physiotherapist (7-8 Bands)£39,731 – £62,435

Physiotherapist Salary In The UK Vs Salary In India

Physiotherapists aiming to practice in India or the United Kingdom will require an evaluation of the average salaries in both countries. Physiotherapy as a profession is advantageous in India and the United Kingdom. Here is a comparison of the average wages per year of physiotherapists in India vs the UK:

Specialisation/RoleAverage Salary Per Year (UK)Average Salary Per Year (India – INR)
Pain Management Specialist£68,6307,253,341
Neurological Physiotherapist£47,0294,970,717
Women’s Health Physiotherapist£45,2594,783,637
Paediatric Physiotherapist£42,1674,456,586
Sports Physiotherapist£38,6804,088,049
Hand Physiotherapist£20,5002,166,757

Benefits Of Becoming A Physiotherapist In The UK

Physiotherapy is a thriving profession in the healthcare industry. With the UK’s strong healthcare sector, there is abundant leverage for physiotherapists. Here are some of the key benefits of pursuing a career in physiotherapy in the United Kingdom:

  • It is a life-changing opportunity to contribute towards an individual’s better health and way of living. 
  • There is abundant job security due to the high demand for physiotherapists in the UK across the NHS, private practices, and sports organisations.
  • The high demand for physiotherapists attracts higher salaries and earning potential.
  • Potential for self-employment and entrepreneurship by starting your physiotherapy practice.
  • Work-life balance is important as there is scope for relaxation and leisure time outside of working hours. 

Thus, physiotherapy is a highly regarded profession that is in essence, the need of the hour. The competitive salaries and the rising demand for skilled professionals in the healthcare sector make the UK an attractive destination for people considering a career in physiotherapy. 


1. What is the average salary of a physiotherapist in the UK?

The average salary for physiotherapists in the UK ranges between £28,000 and £35,000 per year, depending on specialisation, location, and experience.

2. Is physiotherapy in high demand in the UK?

With a blooming healthcare sector and the need for skilled professionals, physiotherapy is a thriving profession in the UK.

3. Is Physiotherapy a good profession in the UK?

Yes, healthcare professionals looking for a stable career in the UK can opt for physiotherapy. 

4. Which are the best universities for physiotherapy in the UK?

The University of Birmingham, Cardiff University, and Robert Gordan University in the UK are popular for physiotherapy courses.

5. Which English language test is needed to study physiotherapy in the UK?

IELTS and TOEFL are most commonly needed to study physiotherapy programmes in the UK.

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physiotherapist salary uk

Physiotherapy Salary UK In 2024: Highest-Paying Jobs And Specialisations

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