Oxford vs Cambridge: Which Is Better? 

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The United Kingdom is home to two of the world’s most well-known universities: the University of Oxford and the University of Cambridge. Though each of these educational institutions is prestigious on its own, they are frequently compared in terms of academic achievement, course offerings, and overall campus experience. This article will compare the two universities, Oxford vs Cambridge comprehensively, taking into account factors such as university rankings, educational and living costs, and academic opportunities.

Is Oxford better than Cambridge? You can’t really go wrong either way when you choose to study at either one of these schools—both have stellar reputations and offer a wonderful education. This comparison may be useful, especially given the popularity of these universities among prospective college students today. Hopefully, this article will also assist students in determining which university is better Oxford or Cambridge in order to meet their needs.

A Long-Standing Rivalry Between Oxford And Cambridge

Oxford vs Cambridge has been a recurring theme since the 12th century.  As the only two universities at the time, each had its fair share of students and intellectuals who lived on campus. The academic duopoly would go on to redefine how education was administered in the United Kingdom, with some ancient traditions still practised today. 

Despite their rivalry, Oxford vs Cambridge, the two universities have a lot in common which makes it difficult for the candidates to determine which university is better Oxford or Cambridge. The universities of Oxford and Cambridge are self-governing entities, each with its own buildings, independent income, and distinct identity. According to the metrics of the three major ranking outfits, Times Higher Education, Quacuarelli Symonds (QS), and Shanghai Ranking, both universities have their own esteemed publishing houses, use similar teaching methods, and have roughly the same level of prestige and prominence as the two top universities in Europe.

Oxford vs Cambridge

Cambridge University Vs Oxford University: Which Is Better?

When we consider Oxford or Cambridge, which is better, there’s no denying that both universities have world-class institutions, with a reputation for excellence that dates back centuries. They are both highly selective universities, admitting less than half of the students who apply each year.

The two universities, Oxford vs Cambridge also share a similar mission: to deliver research-led teaching at the highest level possible within an environment that encourages academic excellence. If you’re trying to decide between Oxford and Cambridge, which is better keep in mind that numbers and statistics don’t tell the whole story. Conduct your research to find the best course and college for you.

Cambridge University Vs Oxford University: Know The Similarities And Differences!

The Universities of Oxford and Cambridge, collectively known as Oxbridge, are the UK’s oldest universities. They are both over 800 years old and steeped in tradition.



  • In their first year at Oxford, students are guaranteed to live with their college. Some colleges provide housing for the duration of their degree, but many students prefer to arrange their own elsewhere in the city.
  • Throughout their studies at Cambridge, students live in the designated accommodation of their college. The majority of student housing is on-site or nearby.

Facilities And Services

  • Both universities, Oxford vs Cambridge, provide comparable services. Hundreds of clubs and societies, competitive and recreational sports, active student unions, financial aid, and strong academic and pastoral support networks are all part of this.
  • Some colleges at both universities would prefer that full-time student should not undertake part-time work during the school year. 


  • Oxford is about 60 miles north-west of London and takes about an hour to reach by train. Cambridge is about 60 miles north of London and takes less than an hour to get there.
  • Both universities, Oxford vs Cambridge, are small and beautiful towns that are easy to get around on a walk or by bicycle. Oxford is known for being larger and more lively than Cambridge. Cambridge is thought to be more peaceful and picturesque.

Cambridge University Vs Oxford University: Which Is More Selective?

Both Oxford and Cambridge are very selective universities. The acceptance rate at Oxford is 19%, while that of Cambridge is 20%. One important thing you should know is that the GPA requirement at Oxford is lower than that of Cambridge, which means that you need a lower GPA to be accepted at Oxford University than at the University of Cambridge.

While wandering, is oxford better than cambridge university it is important to note that although both universities require high scores on standardized tests, there are some differences between them:

  • At Oxford, applicants who have taken the SATs need an average score within a certain range; while at Cambridge they need to achieve a minimum score .
  • On the other hand, applicants who have taken the ACTs, must have achieved a minimum score—but again with more flexibility than SATs scores.


Whether you choose one over the other will ultimately depend on your own personal preferences and priorities. If you’re looking for a larger, more diverse community or want an education that appeals more directly to your interests, then Oxford is probably a better fit for you. If tradition or prestige is important to you, Cambridge might be more appealing because it has been around longer than any other university in Europe! We hope that this guide Oxford vs Cambridge has helped you!  Read some of our blogs that might interest you as well:


Q1. Which is better: Cambridge or Oxford?

Ans: Both Cambridge and Oxford are prestigious universities with unique strengths; the choice depends on your preferred program, campus, and academic environment.

Q2. What are the main differences between Cambridge University and Oxford University?

Ans: Cambridge and Oxford have distinct course offerings, campus layouts, and historical traditions, making the decision a matter of personal preference.

Q3. Cambridge University vs. Oxford University: Which has a stronger reputation?

Ans: Both universities have strong global reputations, and their standings vary by different academic disciplines and research areas.

Q4. Is student life better in Oxford or Cambridge?

Ans: Both Oxford and Cambridge offer exceptional student experiences, but the preference for student life depends on individual preferences, course offerings, and campus culture.

Q5. How should I choose between Cambridge and Oxford for my studies?

Ans: Consider factors like the course you want to study, campus atmosphere, and location to decide whether Cambridge or Oxford is the better fit for your academic goals.

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list of universities in the UK

Oxford vs Cambridge: Which Is Better? 

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