List Of Best To-Do List App: Our Top Picks

to-do list app

It can be challenging to keep track of everything you need to do, whether you’re a student or a professional. You’ll become stressed and frantic if you let all of this information swirl around in your head. However, there is a solution: use an external system! When you move your to-do list from your head to the right to-do list app, you’ll free up your brain to focus on more important tasks rather than trying to remember what you were supposed to do.

Choosing the best to-do list app, on the other hand, can be difficult, which is why we’ve done the necessary work for you. The best to-do list applications are reviewed below, along with their pros. You can spend less time researching and more time being productive this way!

Todoist: Todoist has a simple interface but powerful tagging and natural language processing functionality.

Pros Of Todoist: 

  • Best for natural language processing: It categorizes tasks by due dates, tags, and projects. Todoist is the only app that comes close in this category.
  • Quick add from everywhere: Todoist allows you to add tasks from virtually any location that has an internet connection. Todoist has native apps for both Windows and Mac, a Chrome extension, and integrations with Gmail and Outlook, in addition to being available in all mobile app stores.
  • Good spot between power and flexibility: Todoist can be tailored to your personal workflow with projects, labels, filters, and priorities, all while remaining simple to learn and use.

to-do list app

TickTick: TickTick has a nearly identical interface to Todoist. It does, however, the to-do list app include some features that Todoist does not, such as a Pomodoro timer and calendar view.

Pros Of TickTick:

  • Plethora of delightful productivity extras: TickTick includes a Pomodoro timer that is linked to specific tasks. You can also add a new task to the beginning or end of a list, as well as set start and due dates. On mobile, it even has a habit tracker and a noise generator.
  • “Plan My Day” feature: It displays tasks with due dates to help you decide what to work on for the day.

Microsoft To Do: Microsoft To Do is an excellent to-do list app for use in conjunction with other Microsoft apps.

Pros Of Microsoft To Do:

  • Free: Microsoft To Do is the best free to-do list app we’ve talked about so far. No paid subscription is required for any of the more “advanced” features, such as reminders or calendar sync.
  • Subtasks work well: Subtasks in Microsoft To Do are converted into “Steps” (basically a checklist) for a parent task. Each task can have its own set of deadlines and notes.
  • “My Day” feature: This feature is related to other apps that organize your to-do list for the day into a single location. The difference is that Microsoft To Do’s “My Day” view starts with an empty list and allows you to manually add tasks to it.

to-do list app

Google Tasks: Google Tasks is a simple to-do list app that integrates seamlessly with other Google services (particularly Gmail and Google Calendar).

Pros Of Google Tasks: 

  • Google: The strength of Tasks stems from its integration with Google’s suite of apps. For example, using Tasks on mobile or the web for quick capture is ideal, especially if you receive a large number of tasks via Gmail.
  • Best Google calender view: It saves time while seeing, checking off, and updating tasks for each day. If you assign a time to the task, it will appear in your agenda and reserve that time for you.
  • Subtasks: Excellent for grouping similar tasks and scheduling them all in one afternoon. However, unlike more powerful apps, subtasks in Google Tasks do not function independently (for example, you cannot set due dates for subtasks).

Notion: Notion is a powerful app for maintaining your to-do list, writing documents, and organizing large amounts of data.

Pros Of Notion: 

  • Customizable layout: Notion allows you to format your to-do list in whichever way you prefer. Choose from a simple checklist to a multi-column board.
  • Powerful organizational features: While it appears to be simple on the surface, Notion’s combination of databases and filters allows you to create task management workflows suitable for large projects.

Things: Things is an excellent choice for a to-do list app that can assist you in managing large, complex projects.

Pros Of Things:

  • Intuitive to-do app: Things were created with the chaotic human brain in mind. For instance, allows you to drill down your life from high-level areas and projects to nitty-gritty checklists for items within tasks.
  • Task Templates: Task templates are an important but underutilized feature, particularly for those of us who have repetitive projects with similar needs every week.

The Takeaway

We hope this guide has assisted you in finding the right app for your to-do list needs. Above all, keep in mind that a to-do list app is only a tool. As a result, the best free to-do list app is one that helps you achieve your goals. Here are some of our blogs that might be of interest:

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to-do list app

List Of Best To-Do List App: Our Top Picks

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