MBBS Abroad For Indian Students At A Low Cost

The good news is that you can make it a hassle-free experience too because this guide on MBBS abroad for Indian students at a low cost

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May 25, 2021

If you’re planning to pursue medicine for your higher studies, I hope you know that it would typically take you about 4 to 7 years to complete your degree. Now that is a lot of time. How can you possibly make this a smooth and hassle-free journey for you? You can make it a smooth one by deciding to pursue MBBS abroad because of the quality education at top-notch universities that’ll give you a rewarding experience. The good news is that you can make it a hassle-free experience too because this guide on MBBS abroad for Indian students at a low cost is going to help you with the best study abroad countries offering medicine courses at affordable rates. 

Before we proceed any further, I’d like you to stop and take a look at the chart below for a moment. This is only the application cost that you’re looking at. For studying MBBS abroad, your expenses begin right from the moment you start applying to a medical school. There are so many costs that pop up and sometimes you may not even include them in your study abroad expenditure.

MBBS abroad for Indian students at a low cost

Source: USNewsRank

The total cost of just applying to a medical school is affected the most by the MCAT entrance examination fees, followed by travelling for interviews, and then the application fees as shown in the chart. Approximately, you will be spending an average of $ 8,500 only to apply. Imagine the expenses you will have to pay to begin your course and pursue it abroad. The importance of producing qualified doctors is recognized worldwide which is why there are many opportunities to pursue an MBBS abroad for Indian students at a low cost.

Are You Eligible?

The first step in understanding how to study MBBS abroad would be to check if you’ve met the requirements for the same. While this may largely vary from country to country and university to university, on the whole, make sure that you meet with the following to apply:

  • You should be a minimum of 17 years of age during your admission
  • You should have completed your higher secondary education from a recognized board
  • Your aggregate percentage should be no less than 50% in Physics, Chemistry, as well as Biology with English as the medium of instruction through your schooling period
  • You will be made to submit a medical certificate as proof that you’re not suffering from any contagious diseases
  • You are also required to qualify for the National Entrance Eligibility Test (NEET) both for studying in India as well as abroad.

Countries Offering MBBS Abroad For Indian Students At A Low Cost

In India, a majority of the students have been inclined towards MBBS making it one of the most sought-after degrees. There are approximately 50,000 MBBS seats in India with over 13 lakh NEET applicants. You either have to be a genius or a member of the SC/ST/ underprivileged sections to get a seat at government colleges. To top it off, most of the private medical colleges have skyscraping fees far beyond a normal middle-class student’s reach. So, how do you decide which is the best country? You need to be wise while you lay the groundwork for your medical career. Check out this list of countries offering MBBS abroad for Indian students at a low cost.


Known for its cheap fee structure, Russia has been attracting several Indian students every year assuring top-notch education at its universities. Moreover, medical universities in Russia are recognized by the Medical Council of India (MCI), the World Health Organization (WHO), and UNESCO. Apart from the low-cost tuition fee of the medical courses offered by Russia, the cost of living is also very low here as per European living standards. All of these factors make Russia one of the favourite choices to pursue MBBS in Europe.

MBBS Tuition Fees: Russia offers MBBS abroad for Indian students at an average cost of INR 3 lakhs to INR 8 lakhs per annum.
Duration: 6 years (including one-year internship)

Top Medical Colleges In Russia:

  • Altai State Medical University
  • Ulyanovsk State Medical University
  • Peoples Friendship University of Russia
  • Perm State Medical University
  • Bashkir State Medical University

Have you applied for international scholarships for Indian students yet?


In recent years, Ukraine has witnessed a massive increase in the international student count. It is not only known for providing MBBS abroad for Indian students at a low cost but is very well-recognized for its standard of education and infrastructure. The government of Ukraine is highly supportive of international students and they ensure that no student is deprived of any facilities throughout their studies in the country. It supports medical colleges in terms of financial support.

MBBS Tuition fees: Anywhere between INR 3 lakhs to INR 5 lakhs
Duration: 5.8 years (including internship)

Top Medical Colleges In Ukraine:

  • Bogomolets National Medical University
  • Ivano-Frankivsk National Medical University
  • Kharkiv National Medical University
  • Lviv National Medical University
  • Odessa National Medical University


The Philippines is a profitable choice for studying medicine. The entire course costs 25% less than the fees in India. The Philippines offers an MD (Doctor of Medicine) which is equivalent to an MBBS degree programme in India. Admission requires an undergraduate degree with credits in biology and related courses and a National Medical Admission Test (NMAT) score. The cut-off NMAT score, for international students, is usually higher than locals and is based on the medical school’s discretion. 

MBBS Tuition fees: INR 3 lakhs to INR 5lakhs
Duration: 5.8 years (Including internship)

Medical Colleges In The Philippines:

The following colleges in the Philippines offer MBBS abroad for Indian students at a low cost:

  • University of Philippines
  • Cebu Institute of Medicine
  • University of Northern Philippines
  • Pamantasan ng Lungsod ng Maynila College of Medicine
  • Saint Luke’s College of Medicine


Germany has the best colleges in the world with the usage of the most advanced treatments and technology. Many universities provide financial assistance to international students through scholarships. Students who pursue medicine in Germany will have global exposure and experience in the medical field. The best part – there are no hefty tuition fees. Most of the state-funded universities charge zero or a very nominal fee (max INR 40,000 per year).

Medical Schools In Germany

The following colleges in Germany offer MBBS abroad for Indian students at a low cost:

  • Ruprecht Karls University Heidelberg
  • Charite – Medical University of Berlin
  • University of Munich
  • Albert-Ludwigs-Universitaet Freiburg
  • Rheinische Friedrich-Wilhelms-Universität Bonn

Thank you for reading this blog on MBBS abroad for Indian students at a low cost. If you wish to read more about studying medicine abroad, these blogs might be of use:

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