Cost Of MBBS In The UK

Cost of MBBS in the UK

Of all the other courses, MBBS is one of the most preferred courses in the UK. The 2nd highest Nobel prize in medicine is claimed by medical colleges in the UK and every other year, the influx of foreign students grows. MBBS in the UK is the right choice for you if you dream about a future in medicine. 

For Indian as well as foreign students, learning medicine in the UK is the most competitive path. However, the level of education offered by the United Kingdom’s universities is much higher than any other university in the world. In this blog, we’re going to learn about the cost of MBBS in the UK:

mbbs in uk

Firstly, why pursue MBBS in the UK?

The UK is well-known around the world for its exemplary medical education. Studying MBBS in the UK offers students several valuable career guide opportunities, including foreign exposure, the best level of education and the latest exciting medical technologies and modern techniques. Students can earn a medical graduate degree with globally recognised qualifications. Medical students in the UK have an opportunity to clear world-renowned MRCS/MRCP diplomas and the experts of National Health Service hospitals provide professional training.

It is equally important to note that medicine courses in the United Kingdom are one of the most competitive and the cost of MBBS in the UK is quite expensive. This is because most medical schools offer a theoretical degree, but they often have close ties with nearby clinics, medical and health facilities. Students get hands-on training in the medical field, aside from the outstanding academic level of the degree, which proves useful at the time of finding a placement. Furthermore, almost all UK medical schools give scholarships to qualified candidates, which is another explanation of why it is such a popular course for International students.

Cost of MBBS in the UK: Fees Structure

The MBBS cost in the UK varies a lot. Undergraduate UK MBBS fees varying from $13000 to $50000 are charged by the leading medical colleges in the UK. Other medical degrees apart from MBBS also cost the same in the UK

EU and UK students pay about £ 9,000 a year at famous medical schools in London, such as Bristol University MBBS, which is the standard rate for local students. For the first two years, UK MBBS fees for international students are set at £ 17250 a year for all the candidates. This comes to an average of £ 35,500 for the years that follow. These are the MBBS cost in the UK.

Cost of MBBS in the UK : Accommodation Costs

mbbs in uk

Living expenses in the UK for foreign students require accommodation charges. Most universities in the UK grant you the opportunity to live on-campus. These residence halls are within walking distance of the campus which can help you save money on travel. The average cost of living in a  University Residence is between £ 515 – £ 700. You can also prefer to reside with a roommate or occupy a private home. Other advantages of staying on campus are that the expense of food and electricity is often included in the cost. This means you are relieved from the worries of shopping for power, petrol, and water for cooking, heating, and paying bills. Usually, living in a university residence is costly compared to living in a private student accommodation. This can also increase your cost of studying MBBS in the UK.

Private housing, if you choose, is the best to observe freedom in its true sense. The cost of living at a private housing is somewhere between £ 505 –  £ 848. The extra charges of utility bills will be around £ 45. 

For the best private student accommodation at affordable prices, there’s no better place than UniAcco.

Scholarships for Studying MBBS in the UK

Check out these scholarships that can cover your cost of MBBS in the UK. These scholarships can help you lower the cost of studying MBBS in the UK –

Chevening Scholarship

This is a foreign student scholarship initiative for those who have outstanding academic results and great leadership skills. Chevening scholarship also offers you to study 1 year post-graduate degree course with any university. The amount of the scholarship is 18,000 GBP.

Global Health Future Leaders Scholarship

This medical science scholarship is given by Liverpool School of Tropical Medicine to students from developing countries. The scholarship is for candidates who are currently taking degree courses such as Tropical Medicine & Hygiene in the area of medicine. This initiative would offer you two PG courses in Medical Science that are completely funded. Partial course fees of up to GBP 2,500 can be paid in this scholarship.

The UniAcco Fly High Scholarships

The intention behind the UniAcco Fly High Scholarship is to help international students study in the UK. UniAcco, one of the leading student accommodation platforms in the world, does not want talented students to shelf their dreams of studying abroad because of limited financial resources. This is why we’re helping students find education loans and scholarships. We want to enable committed and passionate students to achieve their academic goals by lightening the financial burden that comes with studying abroad. The 3 scholarships under the Fly High Scholarship banner are –

Hull York Medical School International Scholarships

Hull York Medical School scholarship helps to support international students to undertake their medical science professions. The sum of this scholarship is around GBP 8,737. For anyone taking the MBBS course in the UK, this scholarship is applicable.

Faculty of Medicine Scholarship

The Imperial College of Research, Technology & Medicine has taken this initiative. For students studying MBBS in the UK, this scholarship is valued at GBP 1,000 a year that can cover your cost of MBBS in the UK to an extent.

Rhodes Scholarship

In the ranking of most competitive scholarships in the UK, it ranks second. The package pays all college or university tuition, personal stipends and a travel fare to Oxford for an economy class. The expense of a student’s return fare to his or her home country is often included.

Main steps for applying in the UK for a medical degree

Step 1Review Conditions for Eligibility

Before joining a degree program, the student should have entered 18 years of age. Medicine is a highly competitive speciality that demands high grades, especially in the fields of science. Chemistry is almost always necessary and a required prerequisite is the biology scores.

Many medical schools demand that you take exams such as the UK Clinical Aptitude Test (UKCAT) or the BioMedical Admissions Test (BMAT). It depends on which exam scores are asked by your college.

Step 2Registration for BMAT or UKCAT

The BioMedical Admissions Test (BMAT) is an applicant’s subject-specific entry test for nursing, veterinary medicine and other related courses. For several UK medical and dental schools, the UK Clinical Aptitude Test (UKCAT) is part of the screening method to enable them to choose among the best candidates to apply for the course.

Step 3IELTS Exam Registration

To gain entry to UK universities, the International English Language Testing System (IELTS) is mandatory. The exam assesses the ability of test-takers to communicate in the four language skills – listening, speaking, reading and writing. You can take the IELTS exam with the British Council up to once a week. 

Step 4Necessary Documentation

Certified copies of Class X and XII academic transcripts or mark sheets or any other diploma. Academic reference letters from professors who, most recently, have trained you.

If you have job experience, letters of reference from the employer or manager, who can comment about your technical qualifications,

Statement of Purpose

Student CV

Photocopied IELTS/UKCAT/BMAT score reports

Financial documents

Step 5Complete UCAS Application 

Applications are made through UCAS that is the Universities and Colleges Admissions Service. It is a standard application form that submits your application to the schools of your preference. As medical colleges do not allow late applicants, the UCAS application form should be complete and correct on time. A personal statement and an academic letter of reference would also be needed.

The college will email you after this if your application is shortlisted. You will be contacted by the institution and they will give you a letter of approval if chosen.

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Cost of MBBS in the UK

Cost Of MBBS In The UK

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