How To Get A Guarantor For A Student In The UK? | A Guide

A lifelong wish for many, the reality of heading to study in a foreign country is truly the stuff of dreams for hundreds of students across the globe. While the thought of the journey seems incredibly thrilling, there is a lot that needs to be done before you get on that flight. While there is an exhaustive list of things waiting to be checked off regarding your travel prep, there is one item of great significance that slips the mind of many students. That is of the service and how to get a guarantor.

What Is A Guarantor?

Before we dive into the concept of a sponsor, let us give you some context. When you go off to university, you will be staying at either a private or on-campus student housing facility. Your choice of accommodation will have to be well thought out and will depend on a variety of factors and what feels most comfortable for you. Nowadays, many students choose private accommodations because they offer a wide variety of living spaces and better facilities along with a city-centre location as opposed to their on-campus counterparts. 

Upon securing your choice of rental, you will be required to sign some tenancy documents and that is where the concept of a sponsor comes in. A guarantor is essentially a person who will agree to pay your rent and meet your other commitments with regard to your tenancy in case you default on your payments and/or commitments. A UK guarantor service will be required to sign an agreement detailing the above requirements, will consent to a credit check being carried out against them and will furnish all the required documents with regard to their annual income and their private home. 

Students who have opted to stay at private accommodations are constantly on the lookout for a sponsor while the search for students who have chosen to stay at on-campus housing facilities ends much sooner since universities provide in-house guarantor services. 

Features Of A Guarantor

  • They are liable to pay your rent. The main requirement of a guarantor is that they have to pay your rent and meet other commitments detailed in your tenancy agreement in case you default on any of them. The landlord has a right to contact the sponsor if the student is unwilling or unable to pay the rent as mentioned in the agreement. 
  • A guarantor protects the interests of the landlord. The services of a guarantor act as a cushion against unforeseen setbacks on part of the student and protects the interests of the landlord or the accommodation agency. Owning and maintaining a student accommodation facility is expensive and even more costly are the overheads they incur. In case a student defaults on their payments, it can cost the agency a hefty sum. These financial setbacks are eliminated in the case of a sponsor. 
  • Guarantor has to be a UK resident. If you are renting a property in the United Kingdom, you have to mandatorily avail of a UK guarantor service. This entails that your guarantor has to be a UK resident. As a part of that, they have to submit documents which show that earn income in the UK and even property ownership documents with respect to the UK. 
  • Opt for properties with university partnerships. There are many universities all across the UK that have partnerships with private accommodations. In this case, the hunt for a sponsor ends here because universities themselves act as a guarantor for students.

How To Find A Guarantor

The most obvious answer to finding a guarantor is very simple; ask a parent, family member, close relative or a friend in the UK to act as your guarantor. 

But this might not work out for you if you are an international student with no close contact in the UK. In this case, you might have to look for a person who declares income in the UK and might be able to furnish property ownership documents in the country. 

There are several agencies which assign you consultants who can act as your guarantor too. You can either avail of their services in person or book yourself an agent online. Another way to get a guarantor is opting for a university that has a partnership with private accommodation properties. In this case, the university poses as your guarantor. 

Documents Required By A Guarantor

  • Photo ID
  • Document acting as a proof of address (electricity bill etc.)
  • Employment contract
  • Proof of income (salary slips etc.)


1. What is the role of a guarantor when studying abroad?

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2. How does having a guarantor benefit landlords and accommodation agencies?

A guarantor safeguards the interests of landlords and accommodation agencies by ensuring they receive rent payments and are protected from potential financial losses due to student defaults.

3. Why is a UK guarantor required for renting in the United Kingdom?

For renting in the UK, a UK resident guarantor is mandatory. They need to provide evidence of UK income and property ownership to assure financial responsibility..

4. What is an alternative option for international students without UK contacts to find a guarantor?

International students without UK contacts can seek individuals who declare UK income and possess property ownership documents in the country. They can also explore agencies or university partnerships for potential guarantor options.

5. What are the essential documents required from a guarantor?

Key documents needed from a guarantor include a photo ID, proof of address, employment contract, and proof of income such as salary slips.

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How To Get A Guarantor For A Student In The UK? | A Guide

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