How to Earn Money Online with Google: Start Earning Now!

How To Earn Money Online With Google As A Student

Google. Oh, the Google! It baffles me to see how Google has emerged as the biggest tech giant in the world within just two decades. From a four-year-old toddler to a 70-year-old adult, everyone knows what Google is today. The word that was meant to be a noun is now widely used as a verb. Think about it. You start a company with some name, and then it becomes so popular that it is included in a language. We all say that ‘Oh you don’t know the way around this XYZ, just google it’. Now that it is so popular and an integral part of our daily lives, we might as well look at it from a monetary angle. Yes, Google can help you generate revenue which is probably why nowadays, how to earn money online with Google as a student is a big question in every young mind.  

how to earn money online with google

Google reaches almost every house and human. It knows a lot more about you than even your family members. The abilities of Google to infiltrate the widest available customer base and analyse each and every person’s likes, dislikes and activities are what make it the best platform to go in search of an online job. If you want the answer to the question – of how to make money online with Google as a student – here’s a complete list of all the absolute and practically genuine techniques that will help you earn fast money with Google – the tech giant. 

How To Earn Money Online With Google

Ways to Earn Money Online with GoogleMonthly Average Starting Salary (INR)
Register On Google AdSense10,000 – 20,000
Start A Channel On YouTube5,000 – 50,000
How To Earn Money Online With Google Blogspot15,000 – 25,000
Become A Search Engine Evaluator15,000 – 25,000
Get Your Opinions Valued On Google Opinion RewardsVariable
Help The World Navigate On Google Maps15,000 – 30,000
Sell Apps On Playstore30,000 – 50,000
Write & Sell Books On Google PlayVariable
SEO Consulting20,000 – 40,000
Get Started With Google Adwords25,000 – 50,000

Note: These salary figures as per Glassdoor & Indeed, are indicative & are subject to change based on location, experience, job responsibilities, & more.

#1 Register On Google AdSense 

The tips on how to earn money online with Google at home can never start with anything other than AdSense. A major chunk of the industries today are nothing else but advertising agencies. So let’s understand what this advertising platform of Google is all about. To be precise and simple, Google Adsense puts ads on your websites. The prerequisite here is that obviously, you need to have a website. Not just any ordinary website but one that constantly has substantially high engagement. 

Google pays billions of dollars each year in this vertical. Once your website has a commendable number of visitors, then all you need to do is register on Google AdSense.  The Google team will then evaluate the quality of your website, and check its reach and engagement following which the advertisements will start appearing on your website. Even a few advertisements will fetch you a good sum of money. Just stay regular and keep adding quality content to your website.

Patience is the key that can help make money with Google online. However, once you reach the desired level your profits rolling in will see no boundaries. When it comes to registering on Google AdSense, keep in mind that there are requirements that you need to meet. So make sure you read all the terms & conditions.

How To Register?

  •  Visit to access the Google AdSense website.
  • Choose the ‘Sign Up Now’ option.
  • Enter the URL of your website or blog and choose a language for your content.
  • Choose the ‘Continue’ option.
  • Enter your email address and, if you don’t already have one, create a Google account.
  • Follow the on-screen directions to enter your contact and personal information, such as your name, address, phone number, and payment information.
  • Accept the terms and conditions of AdSense and submit your application.
  • Google will assess your application and may approve your account within a few days.
  • Once authorised, you may access your AdSense account and produce ad codes for your website or blog.

Note: AdSense doesn’t work on a WordPress blog. If you wish to implement ads on your WordPress blog, then do try WordAds. Another way is to use Ad Creator.

how to earn money online with google

#2 Start A Channel On YouTube

I don’t think YouTube needs an introduction. Everyone knows about it and regularly uses it but, does everyone know that it is one of the most genuine ways to make money online today? For once I can buy that you have uninstalled social media apps, but I don’t think staying out of touch with YouTube is possible. At times I wonder if there’s anything at all that you cannot find on YouTube. The hours uploaded per minute of videos on YouTube are ever-increasing and sure to continue in the same fashion for the next decade. 

So, earning money from YouTube is easy. Your hobby or passion is the answer to – how to earn money online with Google as a student. Create a YouTube channel. Record the thing you enjoy doing the most and see if people out there like it. Let’s say you love going on road trips on bikes. Just get a GoPro camera and record your journey. I am sure if you keep in mind basic things about vlogging then there’s a huge fan base you can reach out to in this domain (including me). Cooking, reviewing, and reaction videos are going popular at unimaginable speeds. Once you hit a good number of views and subscribers, you’re sure to start earning volumes. 

Bonus Tip: Learn Video SEO for better results. 

How To Start A Channel On YouTube?

  • Sign in with your Google account to YouTube.
  • Choose a personal or brand channel by clicking “Create a channel.”
  • Add a profile image, cover photo, and description to your channel.
  • Make and share your first high-quality video.
  • Add relevant tags, titles, and descriptions to your video to improve its searchability.
  • Spread the word about your channel and videos on social media and other websites.
  • Create and share high-quality material on a regular basis to expand your following.

Ensure that you are regular at providing insightful videos to the community. That’s it; after that, you’re ready to rock. YouTube is the best platform to arrive at a solution – how to earn money online with Google as a student for free. 

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#3 How To Earn Money Online With Google Blogspot

If you have even a slight experience in writing or if you are good at it then Google Blogger could be the perfect way to go. It is quite popular amongst professional bloggers. Are you thinking about what topic to choose? Your expertise is the solution. It is the solution for probably all the answers to – how to earn money online with Google as a student. There are no restrictions on the list or the number of topics. Spill your heart out and write about anything from fashion to politics. Just make sure you write flawlessly and attract maximum viewership. Once you have regular viewership, options to monetise your blog are countless. 

How To Get Started With Google Blogging?

  • Sign in using your Google account at
  • To start your blog, click “Create New Blog.”
  • Pick a title and URL for your blog that represent your topic.
  • Pick a template for your blog or create your own.
  • By choosing “New Post,” you may create your first blog post and write your content.
  • Make your blog more appealing and interesting by adding pages, links, images, and other features.

This is all! After your blog is up and running, you can begin writing and posting content on & around your chosen subject. Remember to make your content current, entertaining, and new for your audience.

#4 Become A Search Engine Evaluator 

If you enjoy researching and can spend hours on the internet, then this job could be a cherishing experience for you. This is an online Google job that requires you to evaluate ads, web pages, websites, etc. This will help the company in getting a better understanding of whether the search engine is finding relevant things or not. The average payment of a search engine evaluator is $12 per hour. The better you perform, the higher you’ll be paid, and the faster you will learn about how to earn money online with Google. 

How To Get Started?

  • Research companies offering search engine evaluator jobs.
  • Check the job requirements for each company.
  • Apply and take the required exam.
  • Complete any necessary training and certification.
  • Work on projects as assigned and provide accurate feedback.
  • Follow guidelines, maintain good communication, and be open to feedback.

#5 Get Your Opinions Valued On Google Opinion Rewards

Doesn’t matter if your friends don’t pay heed to your reviews. Google is willing to do that and even literally ‘pay’ you. All you need to do is download the Google Opinion Rewards App from Playstore and register yourself. The App will seek reviews from you regarding the places you visit, the products you buy and other things. Once you add a few reviews, money will be credited to your PayPal or Google Pay account. Keep in mind that this is more of a passive income. This method remains a lesser-explored option amongst all other options on – how to earn money online with Google without investment – but it is worth exploring. 

How To Register?

  • Download the Google Opinion Rewards app from the App Store or Google Play Store.
  • Open the app and sign in with your Google account.
  • Fill in your basic information, including your name and address.
  • Answer some initial survey questions to help Google match you with relevant surveys.
  • Wait for survey invitations to be sent to your phone. When a survey is available, you will receive a notification on your phone.
  • Complete the survey and earn rewards, which can be redeemed for Google Play credit.

#6 Help The World Navigate On Google Maps

Wondering how to earn money online with Google as a student easily? Well, Google Maps is used all over the world. You can add location reviews, and photos or even provide location information for the ones that have inadequate information. This way you help Google in providing accurate data regarding places. Indirectly, helping your own community. Google will happily reward you with money for this critical information. Initially, the earnings will be slow, but with time you will witness huge profits. 

How To Earn Via Google Maps?

  1. Sign up for the Google Local Guides program, which rewards users for adding and updating information about local businesses and landmarks.
  2. Start exploring your local area and adding details about places you visit, including photos, reviews, and ratings.
  3. As you contribute more content, you will earn points and move up through the Local Guides levels, unlocking perks like early access to new features and events.
  4. Check the “Your Contributions” section of your Google Maps profile to see your progress and track your points.
  5. Some businesses may offer promotions or discounts to Local Guides who provide valuable information, so keep an eye out for these opportunities.
  6. You can also earn money through Google’s Local Guides program by participating in the Local Guides Connect program, which offers paid opportunities for contributors to help improve Google Maps’ data and features.

#7 Sell Apps On Playstore 

This idea can be particularly useful if you are a technical student. Knowledge of application building and a brilliant idea to make money online for students, and all you need is to get started. List the app as a ‘paid’ one from the beginning, and it will continue to get you a side income as the number of downloads shoots. That’s it for this blog. Remember that the power of faith is ubiquitous. There are limited things in the world that win the trust of such a large number of people. Google is among them. Make the most of it.

How To Sell Apps On Playstore?

  1. Create a Google Play Developer account by registering with your Google account and paying a one-time fee of $25.
  2. Develop your app and test it thoroughly to ensure it meets the quality standards set by Google.
  3. Prepare your app for release, including creating a listing with a description, screenshots, and video to showcase your app’s features.
  4. Set the price for your app, decide whether to offer in-app purchases or subscriptions and choose the countries where you want to make your app available.
  5. Publish your app on Google Play, and promote it through your website, social media, and other channels to attract potential customers.

#8 Write & Sell Books On Google Play

Writing & Publishing eBooks could serve as a great way to exhibit your writing abilities while also making money. Google Play Books is a major eBook publishing platform that allows authors to access a worldwide readership. Whether you are an experienced writer or just starting out, publishing on Google Play Books is a simple process. All you need is a well-written book, a Google Play Books Partner Center account, and the intent to promote your eBook to potential readers. You can make money through sales while also reaching a huge following of readers who prefer to read books in digital format.

How To Write & Sell On Google?

  1. Write your book and ensure that it is well-edited and formatted for eBook publishing.
  2. Create a Google Play Books Partner Center account and sign in.
  3. Enter your book’s metadata, including title, author, description, and cover image.
  4. Upload your eBook file in either EPUB or PDF format.
  5. Set the price and royalties for your eBook, and choose the countries where you want to sell it.
  6. Submit your book for review, and make sure it meets Google’s content policies and quality standards.
  7. Once approved, your eBook will be available for sale on Google Play Books.

#9 SEO Consulting

SEO (Search Engine Optimization) is an important factor in every successful website, and if you understand it well enough, it is one of the best ways to earn money online. Although everyone wants to adopt an SEO strategy, relatively few companies have the requisite expertise. If you have those skills, you may provide them to other companies and websites. SEO consultancy may be a profitable business, but only if you know what you’re doing.  You may not be familiar with SEO, but you can learn it very quickly. There are several resources accessible, but as with other things, you must invest time.

How To Get Started?

  1. Learn the basics of SEO and stay up-to-date with the latest trends and best practices by reading industry blogs, attending webinars, and following thought leaders on social media.
  2. Build your own website and practice implementing SEO techniques on it to improve its visibility in search engines.
  3. Start offering your services to friends, family, or local businesses for free or at a reduced rate to gain experience and build a portfolio.
  4. Create a professional website that showcases your services and expertise, and start promoting it through social media, online directories, and networking events.
  5. Offer free SEO audits or consultations to potential clients to demonstrate your knowledge and expertise, and use these opportunities to upsell your services.
  6. Build long-term relationships with your clients by delivering results, providing excellent customer service, and staying up-to-date with the latest SEO trends and techniques.

#10 Get Started With Google Adwords

How to make money with Google Ads? Google Adwords is comparable to Google Adsense, however, it is designed specifically for advertising. You will not earn money directly from Google Adwords, but using Adwords properly will help you improve your page visits.

More visits = more revenue, therefore this is an excellent approach to employ. The key feature of Adwords is that it displays your adverts to internet users who are already looking for your product, service, or website but are unaware of it. You will be able to attract your target audience for your website more effectively if you use Google Adwords.

How To Create Google Ads?

  1. Go to the Google Ads website ( and click on the “Start Now” button.
  2. Sign in with your Google account or create a new one if you don’t have one already.
  3. Enter your business information, including your website and time zone.
  4. Create your first campaign by selecting your advertising goals, campaign type, and settings.
  5. Choose your target audience, including demographics, locations, and keywords.
  6. Create your ad group by writing your ad copy and selecting your keywords.
  7. Set your budget and bidding strategy, and choose where you want your ads to appear.
  8. Review your campaign settings and make any necessary changes.
  9. Enter your billing information and submit your campaign for review.


1. How can you make money if you are a student?

There are several ways to earn money as a student. You could sit at your own comfort and make money by Registering on Google Adsense, Start your own channel on YouTube, be a Google Blogger, or even Sell Apps on Playstore.

2. Which is the best website to earn money for students?

SwagBucks, ySense, NeoBux, InboxDollars are amongst the best websites to earn money. You could explore these websites and choose the one that best fits your interests and make money by following the feew simple steps stated.

3. How can a student earn money from Google?

Registering on Google Ads is the easiest way to make money. That aside, creating a YouTube channel of your own, or answering surveys to get Google Opinion Rewards are other means to earn from Google.

4. How can a student earn fast money?

Getting on social media, becoming an Instagram influencer or having your own personal blog are some of the best ways for students to earn fast money online.

Thank you for reading this blog on –  How to earn money with Google As A Student. If you enjoyed reading this blog, then do check out our following blogs as well. 

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How To Earn Money Online With Google As A Student

How to Earn Money Online with Google: Start Earning Now!

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