List of Best Money Saving Apps For Students

best money saving apps

Saving more money is always a positive thing, whether one is involved in a small business or is just a customer. It implies that one has to put that much more capital into other essential items that will produce more profit from what one has. This involves greater financial independence and more possibilities for a company to expand. The issue is that deciding where to begin making improvements that will save money can be difficult to determine. The response would be to get assistance from apps designed to help one make smarter decisions about his professional and personal finances. Following is a list of best money-saving apps that can help one save some money:


Wallet, one of the top money saving apps is a financial planner that helps to creatively plan one’s budget and track expenditures so that he remains updated to meet savings or budget targets all the time. Simply prepare, manage the budget and receive a snapshot of all finances through different currencies, banks, or any other financial institution. Transactions are automatically and securely synced with the bank, correctly classified, and incorporated into one’s budget.

The wallet offers the flexibility to accomplish budget goals and enables the user to smartly handle any financial circumstances.


Digit, one of the best money saving apps does the thinking and acting for the user to save money. It can even do a better job. The user’s existing income and expenses are reviewed by this app. In an FDIC-insured Digit account, it then calculates what one can save and sets that balance aside.

Usually, about two and three days a week, the app goes through and performs this research. It gives users the chance to receive a savings bonus of one percent, paid every three months.


With Monefy, managing, and monitoring personal finance is now simpler. It is one of the best savings apps. One only needs to add each and every transaction in the app, and that’s it—no need to enter the purchase or bill’s full info. Just add the number and start monitoring expenditures like never before. By using savings apps, one can track his expenditures and compare them to their monthly income to create a monthly budget. It is bigger than a money tracker tool. It also synchronizes information in a safe way between different devices.


Chime, one of the best student money saving apps is a mobile banking app for Android and iOS. It includes an FDIC-insured spending account and debit card that helps in safely depositing funds, see transactions immediately, and monitor spending on the go. The mobile banking app also features an automatic savings account, allowing the user to start saving money without thinking about it by setting aside 10 percent of any paycheck that he deposits into Chime automatically. Each time the user uses the Chime debit card, he can also allow rounding-up on his transactions and have the difference transferred to his savings.


You can easily manage and monitor your savings goal, budget, and expenditure with Thriv, one of the best money saving apps. Installing this savings tracker app on your smartphone boosts your piggy bank. A savings planner, budget planner, money tracker, piggy bank tracker, and expense manager are all well known for this app. It still encourages you to motivate yourself to save money and manage your spending so that your financial goals can be met. It also warns you to save cash so you can stay on track to reach your goals. The app also provides you with a clear view of your savings progress record and calendar—a user-friendly and easy savings app.


This little powerhouse enables the user to keep track of his financial activity from all his accounts: checking, investments, retirement, name it! Any transaction is registered and classified automatically. Mint, one of the best banking apps to save money notices the trends of the user’s expenditures and generates a budget. In addition, it creates graphs on the iPad to give the user visual depictions of his net worth and cash flow. The app is password protected for those concerned about security, and there is a way to deactivate access from the phone via the Mint website. It’s a wonderful way to keep track of the overall financial wellbeing and be able to recognize possible issues. (Additionally, it’s free!)

You need a budget

The name says it all: YNAB, one of the best free money saving apps is a budget guide that is extremely detailed but simple to use. Four basic rules are used by the software: 

1) Give every dollar of work

2) Save for a rainy day

3) Roll with the punches

4) Survive on the income of last month. 

The goal of YNAB is to change the way the user handles money and to build finances that are stress-free. The app is complementary to the $60 program that one buys for his Windows or Mac and is intended to allow users to verify their on-the-go purchases and budgetary constraints.


Shopkick is now being used by over six million people to browse items, find inspiration, and find great deals at stores like Target, Macy’s, Best Buy, and more. By making transactions, inviting friends to play, and even just walking into the shops, users will gain points. Then, at partner shops, the points can be turned into gift cards. The slick new style is the icing on the cake-the fantasy of a shopper!


Ibotta enables shoppers to earn real shopping money. Start by reviewing the various deals in the product gallery and choosing the ones you are interested in. Pending cash is applied to your account every time you compete with a “task” (such as posting on Facebook, taking a survey, or watching a video), which can be accessed until you actually buy the product from one of the 50 Ibotta partnered retailers. Cash is placed into your PayPal account or converted into gift cards until the payment is checked.


For thousands of grocery stores and drugstores, SavingStar is a digital discount app that is connected to your individual store loyalty cards. (Yes, to get incentives, you have to have loyalty cards.) You pick the digital coupons that you want to use, and the reward is added to your loyalty card, and you get cash when you reach $5 in savings! To go into donations for the charity American Forests, you can also vote for your cash savings.

Clarity Money

Wise spending from unnecessary spending is explained by Clarity Money, one of the best money saving apps. By canceling subscriptions you are not using or simply don’t need, the free app does this. It also finds ways of negotiating the bills at a lower rate.

These best money saving apps even check what you’ve invested in, making sure you remain on budget. Plus, it recommends such credit cards that can suit your needs for lifestyle and credit, helping you to learn how to smartly use credit. In addition, since you’re creating a savings account with Clarity Money, you can create


On the credit and debit cards you connect to the app, Acorns rounds up your transactions. The difference is automatically transferred to your Acorns account. This account is part of the investing platform of Acorns. Then your cash reserves are invested in exchange-traded funds. Based on what you feel comfortable doing, you get the option of investing incautious or aggressive funds.

For up to four years, college students get to use Acorns for free. When your account is under $5,000 or a percentage charge for everything over that amount in your account, anyone else has to pay a monthly fee.


Instead of taking your money away, Wallaby, one of the best money saving apps makes you think more intelligently about credit cards and how to get the most from them. You will keep on top of what credit cards you can get, how to use them, and how to optimize all of the rewards that come with the credit cards you use, with a smart device app, browser extension, website, and wearable device app.

This savings app lets you know which credit card and which store offers you the most rewards for goods, services, travel, and more that you can translate into free cash. Wallaby also checks how much of your credit limit has been used.


Honey takes the trouble out of searching for coupon codes that save money for you. It can run on all your devices as a browser extension. Honey is always working to uncover those nice offers that you need to spend less on anything you purchase online.

The savings will appear when you go to check out what you’ve been searching for online, even adding the savings automatically, so you don’t have to. It works for an enormous number of brands and websites that you are most probably already using, so while shopping, you will never miss saving money again.

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best money saving apps

List of Best Money Saving Apps For Students

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