10 Best YouTube Channels for students you need to check right now

Best YouTube channels for students

Written by Muskan Behune

The name is Muskan, so probably was destined to spread smiles wherever I go. Writing is something which has grown on me with each passing day. Follow your passion in saying is a cliché but in doing is serious fun. So here I am to engage with my passion and maybe spread some smiles along the way.

October 2, 2020

In this technology-oriented world, learning is no longer confined within textbooks and classrooms. Videos are now used as the most popular technique of teaching and engaging students with more and more interactive content that makes learning fun. A video is a dominant tool for distance learning, and it’s absolutely safe to say that educators have never had a number of videos at their fingertips than they do today.

Let’s have a look at the best YouTube channels for students that will make learning fun and will help you to improve your knowledge at the same time.

  1. TED-Ed

A learning-focused side shoot from the very popular TED talks, TED-Ed combines professionals in animation and education for creating engaging and really interesting videos on an array of curiosity-fueled topics. Since the beginning, Ted-Ed has equipped a broad range of classes, from mathematics to visual arts, health sciences, and entrepreneurship. Every video features interesting animations, with teaching practiced in a fun way with the use of intriguing examples.

Standout videos: 

Can You Solve the fish riddle? -These detailed, involved, and brain-bending riddles for students are made more intelligible with the help of animated explanations.

TED-Ed first 360° video – Another highly engaging video about exploring the cave paintings and you can watch How Aspirin Was Discovered and What Makes a Poem … a Poem? if you’re curious to know about the facts.

  1. Veritasium

These videos don’t simply describe but they actually demonstrate fascinating and unique science in action. Their video starts with interesting questions, then digs in. They provide an insider look at innovation and science and different areas of interest. Every video incorporates presentations, interviews, and tours to provide you with a 3-D look at the subject matter.

Standout videos: 

Misconceptions – A series of common misconceptions are revealed and exploded.

Science Experiments – Actual experiments with supportive evidence, motion graphics, and super-slow-mo video.


Fascinating human-interest fictions that influence towards the unusual, phenomenal, and out of the ordinary. THINKR denotes itself as “smart entertainment,” but the cases are wide-ranging, from profiles of an inventive science class in a high school to consultations with Weird Al Yankovic.

Standout videos:

Prodigies– A look at the Science genius program, merging science and hip-hop.

Bookd – Stars, Authors, and other remarkable personalities get classical and react to a series of popular books.

  1. SciShow

Hank Green, Celebrity YouTuber, and colleagues cover fun science topics modified according to the concerns of their enormous YouTube audience. In general, the channel is a little talking-head heavy and covers subjects such as astronomy, chemistry, etc. Nonetheless, many other videos dive into a diversity of pop-science topics.

Standout video:

Quick Questions – Short videos with a lot of information packed in it, these videos explore day to day science-related phenomenons.

  1. Numberphile 

Numberphile is formed by and for people who absolutely love math, which is one of the major reasons why these videos are the best for students. Much of the math can be a bit esoteric for people. However, the friendly hosts take several off-the-beaten-path math topics that are quite interesting and engaging for viewers

Standout Video:

Dice – You’ll get to see everything you’ve ever speculated about dice and probability.

  1. The Brain Scoop

YouTube star Emily Graslie provides dispatches on a diversity of natural science topics. Topics cover a spectrum of science content, and few videos have a definite gross-out factor. But the tone of videos given by Graslie is friendly and personable that may resonate with some younger students.

Standout video:

In the Lab – A behind-the-scenes (what you call BTS) video at what goes down in the Field Museum’s lab and they talk about staining and clearing fishes.

  1. Above the Noise

Above the Noise provides an investigative dive, a brief one to be precise. They are behind a range of trendy and newsworthy topics, from information technology and climate science, economics, and much more. Any video you will watch dives into a definitive, thought-provoking topic.

Standout Video:

Is Video Game Addiction Real? — A discussion on the controversy about very familiar Video Game Addiction and Gaming Disorder.

  1. The Art Assignment

A fascinating look at modern art, and also art history with a contemporary lens. The best of the videos are shot in the most unique locations and bring art into your classroom from all over the world.

Standout video:

Assignment Episodes – Sixty and still counting episodes highlighting several amazing artists and their art, each including a relevant assignment for the viewers.

  1. Vihart

Vi Hart’s usually music and math videos are indeed off-the-wall, but in a well impressive and exclusive way that’s bound to have extensive appeal. Many of these videos are interesting, yet complicated enough to challenge viewers to think out of the box.

Standout video:

Mathemusician Stuff – A provocative DIY analysis into the junctions between music and math.

  1. Thomas Frank

If you ever feel that your time is not consumed in a productive way and need advice for being more productive while studying, make sure that you check out Thomas Frank’s YouTube channel. After looking at some of his videos, you can pick up tips on how to use your time effectively.

Standout video:

How to stay motivated for the entire school year: You’ll get to know all the motivation mantras and study hacks here.

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