FREE Plagiarism Checkers For Students

Free Plagiarism Checker For Students

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October 7, 2021

Plagiarism involves taking someone else’s work and using it as your own for some sort of benefit or gain. When it comes to web page content, it’s also damaging to SEO (Search Engine Optimisation) and how Google will evaluate and rank your content. An example of plagiarising could be you choosing to access a website that covers a topic you want to cover to steal that content and pass it off as your own. You will find a list of free plagiarism checkers for students below in this blog

Writing any piece of online content, whether it’s for a website or a blog, it’s always good to check that your writing is unique and doesn’t already appear anywhere else online, written by someone else. Equally, if you’re sure that the content you write is unique to you, it does no harm to check that your content has not been plagiarised. When you are writing for a college assignment, research paper, etc. using a plagiarism checker for students is very useful to make sure none of your content matches too closely to another website online. Here are some free online plagiarism checkers for students that could come of use to you.

Best Plagiarism Checkers Free For Students


One well known free tool is Duplichecker. This tool is great as it incorporates other content related automation like checking spelling and grammar. It’s easy to use. Just upload your content or copy-and-paste it into the text box they provide. It’s a short wait from there to get the results of the check, you don’t need to enter an email or create an account. There’s a 1000 word limit per search, but this isn’t much of an issue. One of the free plagiarism checkers for students that is easy and smooth.


This plagiarism detection tool operates as an add-on to a content checker, so make sure you tick the box to include the free plagiarism checkers for students, in the web page checkup. There are a few more buttons to click on this one so it might take slightly longer than Duplichecker, but the plagiarism detection is highly accurate so worth the wait. Also included in the search you’ll get results for spelling mistakes, grammar, what grade your content is, word choice suggestions and a couple of other tabs.


Copyleaks is another highly accurate content checker that can give you detailed plagiarism information. Although free, you do have to create an account, and even then you are only allowed to scan 10 pages for free each month. So if you are generating a lot of content, then this might not be the option for you. You can upload content to check from either a URL, a local file, or add it using plain text. By opening an account, you do get the added benefit of having your previous scans saved to reopen whenever you feel like and an additional grammar check tool.

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PlagScan is more suited to students, but works well for online content as well. The interface is a little cluttered and like the last plagiarism scanner, you do have to create an account, you do this with a ‘free trial’, but the tool gives you 20 free credits to do 20 scans. With the standard import channels being URL, local files, or adding plain text, PlagScan keeps this part simple to use. The scans are saved to your account to access whenever, with additional information like word count to write an essay and dates.


Analysing web content on Google and Bing, this tool is handy for blog posts and other online content. Surfing through the internet’s index, you can see if the content has been copied and on which websites the similar content exists. Plagiarisma makes copied content easy to  identify and catch.

Plagiarism Checker

This website containing this checker is outdated , however, it’s easy to use straight from the homepage. You can paste your content and click search. The search itself redirects to Google and uses search operators to find duplicate content on Google’s index only, so it’s not incredibly accurate. You can set it to search Yahoo if that’s one of your most preferred search engines. This tool is ideal for SEO and online content.


By far the best looking and easiest to use checker tool. Quetext lets you copy and paste your content into the text box and check for any plagiarism. You can’t, however, upload a file or link a web page to scan, so you’re very limited on how the content can be imported. Your results are quick and easy to read with content highlighted with any issues.

There is much uncertainty on how accurate these free plagiarism checkers for students are, especially if you’re using a free option. For the most part, these free tools work well enough and can be used as a standalone check. However, remember they don’t check everywhere for copied content. Being free, the majority of these checkers will only scrape for duplicate content on Google, Bing and other search engines. But, this degree of checking is often not needed. As long as the content does not exist online, then you’re pretty much safe to use it. Whether you’re a freelance writer or a student checking academic papers, these tools will help you check for plagiarism and to write original content. 

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