Everything you ought to know about Freshers’ Week

The long-standing tradition of Freshers’ Week has been a rite of passage for first-year students all over the UK. Freshers’ Week marks the start of an exciting new adventure for undergraduates who are looking to kickstart their further education. 

What is Freshers’ Week?

As the name suggests, Freshers’ Week is a week-long event for first-year university students. This event probably invokes images of drunken university students passing out on sidewalks, and for some of you, this will be part of your Freshers’ Week experience.

But Fresher’s Week is so much more than just getting sloshed with your mates. It’s about settling into a new environment that will be home for the next 2-3 years. This is your chance to adjust to your “home” by making new friends, finding out where lectures, supermarkets, malls and other key locations are. 

When does Freshers’ Week take place?

Most universities have their Freshers’ Week for a week, but some of them stretch it to two. The whole idea behind Freshers’ Week is to provide students with an opportunity to make friends and let their hair down before gruelling lectures start. 

The commencement dates of Freshers’ Week varies, but it is usually at the end of September, with many universities starting it either on 15th or 22nd September. But due to the devastating effects of COVID-19, many universities in the UK are contemplating whether to open their campuses or pursue online learning.

However, some universities have made it clear that they fully intend to start the academic year on-campus. 

Liverpool John Moores University has stated that it will begin on 28th September, in line with its regular timetable. The University of Liverpool has also announced its intention to welcome overseas students from 19th September. 

Over at Bristol, we have the University of Bristol confirming on-campus learning through the Autumn term with just 1-week delay in its start dates.

What are some tips to make the most of Freshers’ Week? 

Freshers’ Week is going to be the most daunting yet most exciting time of your life. The choices you make during this week will shape up your university experience. Make sure you follow these simple steps to ensure you have the best possible time at your new university:

Timing is key – Try arriving at your university as soon as possible. This gives you enough time to settle in before meeting new faces at your university. Remember that friendships are forged quickly. Act fast, as there’s nothing worse than being left out.

Keep checking your emails – Be on the lookout for university emails and social media accounts before you arrive. It is important to be on top of all the things happening around your university. Sign up to your university newsletter so that you don’t miss any fun activities organised by the university. 

The old Door trick – While at your accommodation, keep your door open while you unpack. You might be greeted by your fellow peers and form strong friendships. In this vein, go about your new life at uni by remaining open and friendly when meeting new people.  

Spend money wisely – Freshers’ Week can be a lot of fun, albeit it might run your bank account dry. Set up a local bank account and spend money judiciously. We believe that a high octane Freshers’ Week experience, replete with moderate drinking and going out every night will set you back £250 – £300. 

Put yourself out there – It doesn’t matter if you’re an introvert, ambivert or extrovert; the only way you’ll get to know more people is by talking to them. Keep in mind that everyone is looking to make new friends. Take solace in this fact and start talking to people. 

Societies galore – During Freshers’ Week, be prepared to get enthralled by various clubs and societies on campus. There are various clubs you can join that range from football to choir and debating to even cross-stitching. Take some time out to gather information about the hundreds of clubs and societies in your university. Be rest assured to find something you can really sink your teeth into. 

Say yes to everything – They say that magic happens when you leave your comfort zone. Isn’t that true? The key to having a holistic university experience is getting a little taste of everything. Say yes to every opportunity that presents itself to you. You might have an opportunity to do something that scares you – say yes to it! We promise you won’t regret it.

Freshers’ Week is all about having a good time. Keep this mantra in mind, and you’ll have the best Freshers’ Week. Most of you will instantly make friends and form your uni squad. But for those of you who have a less successful Freshers’ Week, fear not! There’ll be plenty of opportunities during the year to find your people. 

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Everything you ought to know about Freshers’ Week

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