Top 10 Education Influencers In The UK

education influencers in the UK

With trending social media platforms like Facebook, Instagram, or Twitter; access to educational influencers has definitely become easier. Many parents and students rely on the voices and opinions of such influencers in order for various reasons starting from general tips and hack to coping with stress and many more. If you’re planning to study in the UK to pursue your higher studies, we have a list of the top 10 education influencers in the UK popular not only amongst students but also happen to be in the list of the teachers’ favourites. 

The methodology to list down the top education influencers in the UK involves the following factors:

  1. Social-sharing
  2. Topic-related content
  3. Post Frequency
  4. Social Media Influence
  5. Domain Authority
  6. Traffic
  7. Design
  8. Interactivity

List Of Education Influencers in the UK

education influencers in the UK

#1 Ross McGill – Teacher ToolKit

Ross McGill is an award-winning deputy head teacher working in North London. He runs the popular website Teacher Toolkit which contains the most influential blog regarding education in the UK. Teacher Toolkit provides teachers with access to resources that are meaningful for any classroom.

Goal: To make complex, classroom theory as practical as possible for time-poor teachers. With educators under extreme pressures in summer 2021, these blogs hope to help with #5MinPlan templates to download as well as updates on what’s happening in education when it comes to policy, regulation, safety and more.

Online Presence Ranking/ Follower Count
Facebook26.5K followers
Instagram8.5K followers
Twitter245.8K followers
Social Media Engagement35
Domain Authority54
Alexa Rank453.1K

#2 Mark Anderson – ICTEvangelist

Mark Anderson is an award-winning blogger, author, consultant, and speaker. In his blog-page, he combines his knowledge of technology and teaching to share his passion for learning and tech innovation. Drawing on his experience as an assistant headteacher, he not only happens to be one of the top education influencers in the UK but also uses his blogs to give classroom advice for educators, educational apps to encourage learning and personal anecdotes.

Online PresenceRanking/ Follower Count
Facebook2.2K followers
Twitter57.3K followers
Social Media Engagement12
Domain Authority48
Alexa Rank3.7M

#3 David Didau – The Learning Spy

David Didau created The Learning Spy in 2011 to share the struggles of everyday teachers as well as his own classroom successes and failures. As one of the student influencers in the UK, he has also been streaming webinars as part of his Learning Spy Academy on subjects including ‘Building a Reading Culture’ and ‘Intelligent Accountability: how to ensure teachers thrive’.  

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Online PresenceRanking/ Follower Count
Facebook1.7K followers
Twitter72.8K followers
Social Media Engagement25
Domain Authority48
Alexa Rank1.8M

#4 Tom Sherrington – Teacherhead

Tom Sherrington is an experienced headteacher and teacher holding 30 years of experience working in schools. Now holding the position of an education consultant in schools and colleges across the world; he is one of the best education influencers in the UK with his focus on teacher development, school improvement, assessment and curriculum design. He is a prolific blogger sharing ideas via his popular website blogging site – Teacherhead with a strong Twitter following. 

Online PresenceRanking/ Follower Count
Twitter113.9K followers
Social Media Engagement65
Domain Authority45
Alexa Rank953.2K

#5 Jo Morgan – Resourceaholic

Resourceaholic is where Jo Morgan has been sharing lesson plans, ideas and resources for teaching secondary and post-secondary level mathematics since joining Twitter in 2014. This blog is filled with ideas and resources for teaching mathematics. With everything from Star Wars puzzles to mathematical handwriting, it’s an award-winning blog for all things maths. The interesting facts and mathematical trivia that Jo was able to bring into her lessons boosted her and her students’ enthusiasm for the subject.

Online Presence Ranking/ Follower Count
Facebook1.5K followers
Twitter36.6K followers
Social Media Engagement8
Domain Authority39
Alexa Rank1.1M


#6 Karl Pupé – The Action Hero Teacher

Karl Pupé is a qualified Primary, Secondary and Further Education teacher specialising in behaviour management. Among the best education influencers in the UK, Karl runs workshops, has authored The Action Hero Teacher with his popular blog such as ‘Classroom Management Made Simple’ and blogs advice on subjects including how to help students who struggle to listen.

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#7 Alex Quigley – The Confident Teacher

Alex Quigley is a National Content Manager at the Education Endowment Foundation (EEF), and a regular columnist for education magazines. His recent posts on remote learning, successful study strategies, whether reading on screen is comparable to traditional print textbooks have proven to be very effective for both the student community as well as the teachers making him one of the most successful education influencers in the UK.

#8 Kat Howard 

Katherine Howard is a Northhampshire based senior leader popularly referred to as @saysmiss. She ‘muses over aspects of the education profession’ that interest her, in between writing for a variety of other publications, delivering workshops around research-informed practice, managing teacher workload and wellbeing, and much more. Her recent posts on ‘teaching to an empty classroom’, ‘tackling the root causes of stress’ and ‘the need for fluid curriculums’ have helped teachers and students cope up with the pandemic anxieties.

#9 Stephen Tierney – Leading Learner

Stephen Tierney is the current CEO of the Blessed Edward Bamber Catholic Multi Academy Trust and has authored the blog on LeadingLearner. He is among the trending education influencers in the UK today. You can discuss anything from education to leading and teaching on this platform. 

#10 John Tomsett

John Tomsett is the Headteacher at Huntington School in York, England. He shares his own views related to education in his blogs. He has made a significant contribution to education across the city in his leadership of the York Schools and Academies Board. Not only has he been highly successful in ensuring good outcomes for our students, but also growing great teachers and leaders during his time in post. 

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education influencers in the UK

Top 10 Education Influencers In The UK

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