UK Resumes In-Person Teaching Confirms PM Boris Johnson

The Prime Minister of the United Kingdom, Boris Johnson, announced that there will be lesser restrictions in England starting from May 17.

In the press conference, Johnson said, “Your efforts have so visibly paid off”. He is referring to the fact that since September, cases and deaths caused by the coronavirus have been the lowest since July last year. 

The Phase 3 of the government’s roadmap will be implemented on 17th May 2021. This will allow all university students in England to return to face-to-face teaching. The implementation of Phase 3 also means the launch of a new employment and skills guide.

This Graduate Employment and Skills Guide combines a variety of tools, resources and guidance into a 5-step approach to assist pandemic-affected students in making post-university decisions. It will also assist individuals in identifying and developing key talents, gaining professional experience, and progressing their careers while preserving their mental health.

Additionally, the Department of Education stated that “all students and employees will be urged to perform three supervised lateral flow device tests three to four days apart at an on-campus asymptomatic-testing location upon arrival, and will be required to be tested twice a week for the remainder of the summer term.”

Moreover, for those who are unable to attend the on-campus testing facilities, home testing kits will be made available.

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PM Johnson also announced that outdoor entertainment such as outdoor cinemas and performances can reopen. He continued, “Larger events, such as conferences, theatre and musical performances, and sporting activities, will be able to take place. However, there will be a limit of up to six persons meeting indoors and up to 30 persons meeting outside”. 

The UK government has set aside an additional £85 million in hardship funds to assist students who require assistance. Along with local undergraduates, overseas and postgraduate students will be eligible for this grant.

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UK Resumes In-Person Teaching Confirms PM Boris Johnson

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