How To Plan A UK Road Trip The Inexpensive Way?

how to plan UK road trip

A road trip is really the perfect way to get an enjoyable experience of British life since you get to see (and do) far more than you would if you explored the country in some other way. A train, flight, or coach can carry you to predetermined stops where everybody wants to go, but a road trip gives you so much more control, which means you have always had the best possible experience imaginable in the UK. Planning an adventurous UK trip will put you in countless fields of beautiful flowers, majestic mountains, charming towns, busy towns, and long winding roads. You can eat at English gastropubs, have pleasure in beautiful cathedrals, play pub crawls, and wonder about beautiful England. Successful travel needs careful planning. So how to plan a UK road trip? Here is a UK road trip planner to help you plan your own awesome UK road trip.

How To Plan A UK Road Trip: Things To Carry?

Apart from your clothing, medicine, and electronic devices, there isn’t much you ‘use’ to bring with you, all else is just a ‘want’. Since there are too many opportunities to purchase things on the road in the UK, my only recommendation is to pack as minimal as possible to get the non-essentials as you travel (e.g. toiletries). Both beverages and snacks are simple to locate when you head through the country, so you don’t have to worry about other UK road trip ideas necessities like this.

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Photo of Vehicle's Interior

Planning A UK Road Trip: Compare Car Rentals

Compare the cheapest London car rental offers to see the widest selection of rental cars in Edinburgh. When you’ve chosen your company, ensure you have insurance. Both auto insurance carriers are expected to have at least third-party coverage. See whether the entire coverage (also defined as a “crash injury exclusion”) is written into the payment card or travel insurance policy. It’s needless to spend again!

Road Trip Planner UK: Save Money By Carpooling

If you’re hoping to stretch your savings as much as practicable, use the smart carpooling platform (e.g., BlaBlaCar). Once you’ve registered, let the platform know where you are travelling and plan on stopping in each city to maximise your odds of picking up a passenger. It’s always bound to be fun on the lane.

UK Trip Planner: Accommodation

In the UK, there are a plethora of small and quaint B&Bs It shortens the time by price matching, such as booking with Expedia. Only book a day or two ahead of your travel dates; you can have more freedom where the trip takes you.

Be Within Speed Limits

In this particular case, you cannot adapt. If you want to beat the UK, go the extra mile! Important numbers on circular signs with a red border and black numerals. Single carriageway and motorway road speed limits are set by a plain white circle with a black diagonal. Hot areas usually have speeds of 48 k/h, whereas school zones have those of 30 km/h. It’s no fun to add the cost of a speeding ticket to your road ride.

How to Plan UK Road Trip: Find a Spot to Park 

Parking spaces on the street are usually clearly marked with white lines. One yellow line along a curb is an indication that parking is forbidden. A double yellow means no parking is available at any time. Usually, they are not. You would have to pay attention even though there are no parking spaces available.

Avoid Using Toll Roads

Here in the UK, each penny saved is worth a penny earned. So, use your favourite toll-road mapping application to be certain when planning a road trip around the UK.

How to Plan UK Road Trip: Do Not Travel East of the City

This applies particularly in the downtown core, recognised as the “Congestion charging zone.” if you travel here for just a very short time, the car rental fare would be subject to an automatic additional fee. Cameras are used to document the entry and departure of a vehicle. Even parking in central London is tricky (and expensive!).

Car on Road

Consider Pairing Car and a Train

The rail network in the UK is world-class for long-distance transport. If you find driving on the left side of the road stressful, then you might choose to sit on the right. So, for your UK road ride, consider replacing train travel with driving. You might drive around a small area or place, then come back to the car and take a train somewhere in the UK. This is a wise choice if you do not want to return to your starting place for your road ride.

Frequent Weather Variations

Watch the weather forecast for the day, expect things to vary in the UK, like they usually do. June to August is the perfect time to travel to the UK. The likelihood of rain is high, so wear a poncho.

Best UK road trips to take:

  • Stonehenge, Southwestern England
  • Bath’s natural hot springs that are well-known throughout the Roman Empire
  • Magna Carta, Salisbury
  • Edinburgh 
  • Scotland’s cultural core
  • The redesigned coast of Wales 

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how to plan UK road trip

How To Plan A UK Road Trip The Inexpensive Way?

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