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Dublin City University

Dublin City University (DCU) is the University of Business in Ireland. Situated on an active and satisfying 85-acre campus that is full of student life, athletics and leisure amenities, since being founded as a university in 1989, DCU has expanded steadily in size and success. With the city only a 10-minute bus ride away, DCU students have the best of all worlds; the social and cultural opportunities of city life, but with a university campus designed very much for today’s security and vibrancy. DCU is pleased to offer consistency in all of its operations. DCU is regarded as a centre of intellectual excellence in education and science, with a student body of almost 11,500 and up to 2,000 non-Irish students from 116 foreign nations.   

All About DCU University

Unconventional by nature, the Dublin City University shook the standard mould and brought modern methods to the Irish method of schooling. DCU has built a special place for itself in Ireland with an emphasis on industry and a commitment to retain the position of Ireland’s most creative and market-driven university. It facilitates research and supports creativity through The Invent, a state-of-the-art Invention and Enterprise Hub. It provides the highest foreign level undergraduate and postgraduate degrees with an interdisciplinary design and opportunities for study in technology, engineering, industry, communications, arts, science and health, and placements abroad. The DCU proposes foreign scholarship programmes to international undergraduate and postgraduate students who are academically good. The Dublin City university fees are also quite substantial when compared to universities in USA and UK.

Dublin City University Courses

The university has created its own specialisations in science and has founded a variety of national centres of excellence that have transcended conventional limits. These testing facilities are among the strongest in Ireland, and the campus is home to leading research centres in fields such as cellular biotechnology, Neurotherapy, chemical sensors and biosensors, plasma technology, biomedical diagnostics, computer language, telecommunications and adaptive information technology. The Dublin City University seeks to encourage progress and imagination and to explain the road to exploration through advanced methodologies of teaching and study via its Graduates Attributes Programme, the university aims to train next-generation executives, developers and transformational thinkers. As an important part of its degree programmes, DCU was the first university in Ireland to offer paying job placements, INTRA, giving students of Irish companies a special advantage. In Ireland, DCU students are regularly among the largest number of graduates working. DCU guarantees that individual attention and every opportunity to improve themselves academically, socially and individually are provided to each student who studies on their campus.

DCU has risen in both student numbers and scale since accepting its first students in 1980, and is now a Glasnevin multi-campus environment, situated just north of Dublin City.


A group of young people studying

More than 50,000 students have graduated from DCU as Dublin city university acceptance rate is quite high and students are now performing important roles internationally in enterprise and business. DCU is the most creative university in Ireland and will offer more than 200 services to more than 16,000 students through its five divisions: Humanities and Social Sciences, Research and Wellbeing, Engineering and Computing, Dublin City University and DCU Institute of Education. The performance of the DCU is globally acknowledged and it is consistently featured among the best young universities in the world. In these lists, it is the only Irish university to emphasise the ability and quality of universities without decades or centuries of proven prestige.

The DCU’s research and innovation benefit from the intellectual quality of its five faculties, paired with a passion for transforming information into creative technologies for the good of the economy or community. DCU’s programmes, in addition to basic disciplinary studies, concentrate on some of the most urgent needs of society: wellness systems and a stable and aged society; communication infrastructure and modern society; prosperous economies and communities; and democratic and safe societies.


The Jobs Service is the key employability centre for Dublin City University. We inspire students to form their careers through learning and growth programmes to excel in their preferred career paths; offer resources to align students with the agile essence of the world of work; and be a leading participant for our state, national and global communities in talent development and employer involvement.

Student services

The Office of Student Life is the representative entity at Dublin City University for the Students’ Association, Clubs and Societies. It is located in the Student Center, The Hub, and holds its employees and facilities, including conference rooms, computer resources, a wide venue and numerous other support services that are essential to a thriving campus student existence.


Accommodation near Dublin City University

On the Glasnevin campus or Purcell House on the All Hallows campus, foreign undergraduate students are assigned rooms in Hampstead and College Park Apartments.

For over 100 postgraduate students, our Postgraduate Centre provides high-quality housing in the centre of the research culture on campus. 37 secure, spacious apartments with 2, 3 or 4 bedrooms provide rental accommodation at the Centre.


Library services

Library near Dublin City University

On Glasnevin Campus, the O’Reilly Library is housed. A vast number of personalised print tools are accessible to students in Nursing, Industry, Research, Mathematics, Engineering, Law & Government and Communications.

Cregan library is situated on the St Patrick’s Campus of the Dublin City University and provides students who are focused on the St Patrick’s Campus with outstanding collections and facilities.

ICT services

The mission of the Information Systems Services is to collaborate with the DCU Group to improve the University in several areas by incorporating and introducing technology; teaching and learning & research programmes and governance, while encouraging both employees and students on all campuses to work and learn in innovative and exciting ways collaboratively.

Health Centers

The Student Health Service is a nurse-led organisation delivering primary healthcare on campus to Dublin City University students who are already enrolled. In student health and wellbeing education, we take control of the physical, psychological and social aspects. In a loving and discreet way, this service is rendered.

Campus life

The Dublin City University is a university with several branches – the campuses of Glasnevin, St Patrick’s and All Hallows. The campus of St Patrick’s is where the educational classes are offered and some of the BA Shared Honors degree topics are taught. Between the schools, it is a 20-25 minute walk, but there are buses available between them as well.

Sports facilities

Stadium near Dublin City University

To satisfy both your fitness and recreation needs, DCU Sport provides state of the art facilities that combine well being and wellness. The University Athletics Center, the DCU Sports Grounds and our 5-a-side Soccer Centre are part of DCU Sport. At the University Athletic Complex, we have a broad variety of amenities, including a swimming pool, tepidarium, sauna, steam room, massage pool, sports halls and workshops, as well as a wellness centre with over 100 pieces of equipment.

Student clubs

The Hub is an administrative network with events and facilities focused on student activities. As well as other facilities, such as travel shops, bookshops, leisure areas and venues for school activities, the student union is located here. This is a lively and energetic spot to meet, socialise and make friends with students. The Student Union still runs, usually massive activities during the year, as well as more than 100 clubs and societies. 

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Dublin City University

Student Guide to Dublin City University 2024 – UniAcco

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