Drive-In Cinema In London: A Thrilling Experience

Drive In Cinema

Everybody enjoys a good movie, maybe an Adam Sandler comedy, a Nolan thriller, or an action-packed zombie survival. Whatever may be your favoured genre, watching a film is definitely a relaxing way to unwind for the weekend. Now imagine watching your favourite film under the night sky with your loved ones, with the cool night breeze adding ambience to the already exciting movie scenes. This is just a glimpse of what can be expected at a drive-in cinema in London.

Going to the theatres can be an annoying process after a while, the seats might not always be comfortable, the person next to you could be a nightmare, and the audience could be noisy.  All of this can be eliminated in a drive-in theatre with additional benefits. 

Why Should You Experience A London Drive-In Cinema?

  1. Comfort And Convenience

At a drive-in cinema, the film can be enjoyed from a vehicle, sleeping mattress or tent, depending on the venue. This is much more comfortable compared to some of the ragged seats at theatres. Moreover, there is a good amount of space to watch the movie in any comfortable position. Drive-in theatres also permit people to bring their snacks rather than trying to sneak them under a trench coat in a regular theatre.

  1. Social Distancing

It is evident at a regular theatre that the distance between the next person is non-existent, hands could be nudging for space on the armrest or worse, food could spill over. This won’t happen at a drive-in cinema in London since every group gets their own space and hence they have their privacy and freedom of space. 

  1. Outdoor Experience

It does not get better than watching an amazing movie outdoors with a bucket of popcorn and good company. The whole vibe would just complement the movie experience, and this definitely something that can be achieved in a conventional theatre. Drive-through cinemas London offer a magical and special movie-watching experience, with some venues adding a unique touch to the decor.

  1. Affordable 

Conventional theatres have exorbitant movie ticket prices, and let’s not get started on the rate of the snacks and beverages. At a drive-in theatre, the prices are less, and since they show two to three movies, the price is worth the experience. Additionally, some drive-in theatres allow snacks, so this is another expense reduction.

  1. Movie Variety: 

At a drive-in cinema, the projected movie could range from classics to modern hits. Each day there will be a different movie played, which will be displayed in advance. Therefore viewers can catch their favourite movie compared to regular theatres where the new movie could be a flop.

The Best Drive-In Cinema In London

Luna Drive-In Cinema

Luna Drive-in is part of the spectacular Luna Cinemas brand, which have more than 100 screening at various location throughout London. Luna Drive-in has a strong history of enjoyable movie nights in the open air with top-notch screening technology. They screen movies in exciting locations like racecourses, abbey ruins, castles, pools, etc. Their customer satisfaction and experience graph has always been going upwards since there is never a dull moment. The movie list and schedules are highlighted on their website with a wide range of old to new movies. Additionally, they have snacks and beverages counters, but they allow food to be bought from home too. 


  • Allianz Park, NW4
  • Printworks London (until July 30)
  • Blenheim Palace
  • Knebworth House
  • Warwick Castle
  • Lulworth Castle
  • Harewood House
  • Tatton Park

Programme Highlights:

  • “The Devil Wears Prada” on July 8
  • “The Little Mermaid” on July 10
  • “Grease” singalong on July 18
  • “La La Land” on July 19

Ticket Prices:

  • Gold circle tickets (car + two passengers): £39.50
  • Standard spaces (car + two passengers): £29.50
  • Family car with up to five people: £35

Sunset Cinema

At this drive-in cinema in London, moviegoers can embrace the calming ambience of the open sky while enjoying the movie too. Yes, that’s right, at Sunset Cinema, situated in Twyford Avenue Sports Ground, people get to indulge in a one-of-a-kind movie-watching experience. The distance between the vehicles provides ample freedom to the people and the tickets are scanned through the car windows. The cinema also provides an all-American menu including the best movie munchies like popcorn, shakes, burgers, cocktails, etc. Classic movies such as Dirty Dancing, Pulp Fiction, Mamma Mia, etc can be experienced here at specific show dates which can be found on the website.


  • Twyford Avenue Sports Ground, W3

Programme Highlights:

  • Pulp Fiction (Jul 9)
  • Dirty Dancing (Jul 10)
  • Mamma Mia! (Jul 11)

Ticket Prices:

  • £50 for a car and two passengers
  • £15 for additional passenger

The Drive-In

Located in Troubadour Meridian Water on N18, the Drive-in cinema isn’t just a movie experience but an experience for the body, mind and soul. Be a part of the movie that will be screened with top-quality projectors and amazing sounds. This drive-in cinema in London presents a no-contact experience where the food and drinks can be ordered directly to the vehicle from a mobile app.  The per-car pricing is £35 however there are 10 free spots reserved for NHS and care workers at each screening.


  • Troubadour Meridian Water, N18

Programme highlights:

  • The Terminator (Jul 5) 
  • Get Out (Jul 5)
  • The Adventures of Priscilla, Queen of the Desert (Jul 11)
  • Bridesmaids (Jul 17)

Ticket price:

  • £35/car


Grab a fresh-air movie-watching experience at @TheDriveIn cinema at multiple places around the UK. The theatre screens specific movies from the 80s and 2010 blockbusters, all of which can be enjoyed from the car’s comfort. Apart from movies, the cinema also organizes stand-up comedies, bingo, and silent in-car discos. This drive-in cinema in London also provides a range of delicious snacks and beverages to munch away during the movie.


  • South London (Jul 6-12)
  • East London (Sep 16-21)
  • 11 other announced UK cities

Programme highlights:

  • Grease (Jul 9)
  • Jaws (Sep 16)
  • Joker (Sep 21)

Ticket price:

  • £35/car

Drive & Dine Theatre

This drive-in theatre London is a treat to all movie fanatics as it embraces the blend of comfort, convenience and quality. They have two locations at Selhurst Park and Brentford’s Syon Park and other locations around the country. Drive & Dine Theatre is the birthchild of famed chef Tom Kerridge of The Hand and Flowers and ‘Saturday Kitchen. Therefore moviegoers can expect an incredible variety of movie munchies of the best quality. The pricing at this theatre is at a comfortable range but the service here is far beyond expectation. The diversity of movies here is incredible, from cult classics to the most recent releases. Enjoy a new and exciting cinema experience at Drive & Dine Theatre with family and friends.


  • Selhurst Park
  • Brentford’s Syon Park

Programme highlights:

  • Grease
  • Jaws
  • Knives Out
  • 1917
  • Back to the Future

Ticket prices:

  • £17.50 for adults
  • £7.50 for children and teens from 2 to 15 years


Movies will always have a special place in people’s hearts and will never stop being entertaining. People have been watching movies the conventional way for far too long and need to change their experiences. These drive-in movie theatres London bring to the table a completely different approach to watching movies with an immense number of benefits. Enjoy and indulge in the freedom, privacy and comfort of a new cinematic experience at any drive-in cinema in London.


Q1. Does the UK have drive-in cinemas?

Ans: Yes. The United Kingdom has a diverse population with diverse interests. A lot of people enjoy watching movies outdoors, and to meet this demand, many drive-in cinemas have opened in the UK.

Q2. Are drive-in cinemas comfortable?

Ans: At a drive-in cinema, the customer enjoys the movie from their own vehicle, so the comfort depends entirely on your style. Some drive-in cinemas provide tents, lounge chairs, and sleeping bags.

Q3. What time is best to drive in the UK?

Ans: The best time to experience a movie outdoors would be after sunset since the projections would be much clearer.

Q4. Which drive-in cinema has the best sound in London?

Ans: Most of the drive-in cinemas provide headphones or earbuds to enhance the listening experience. Check the cinema’s website to see the technology being used for this.

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Drive In Cinema

Drive-In Cinema In London: A Thrilling Experience

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