The 11 Cheapest Online Supermarkets In The UK

Cheapest online supermarkets

According to the student cost of living survey taken by, one in 10 young Brits had to take out a loan to ease the financial burden of the cost of living. On top of that, UK inflation hits a 40-year high, as rising grocery prices become a concern. But we believe that even with the cheapest online supermarkets, this issue can be tackled. 

In recent years supermarkets have adopted the concepts of loyalty cards, schemes, cash backs at till, and more. One such phenomenon is online supermarkets. If you are a student struggling with your monthly grocery budget, online supermarkets can be a valuable upgrade for you. With tight schedules, going for grocery runs can be tricky. And although public transport is an option, if you do not have a personal vehicle to carry all the groceries back home, the commute can be challenging too. 

With shopping online, you can stay updated on what’s new, and hot deals, and cut down on the time and energy needed for your shopping. With coupon codes, you can even save up and win deals that help you cut down on costs. When shopping online, it’s important to focus on cybersecurity to keep your payment information and funds safe. First, download a VPN on your device, connect to the remote server to encrypt your data, and only then proceed with your purchases.

We have compiled this list of the cheapest online supermarkets in the UK specifically for those with a low budget and tight schedule: 

Cheapest Online Supermarkets


ASDA is the go-to cheapest online supermarket for many in the UK. Their Anytime Delivery Pass can help you get free delivery, recurring slots at a suitable time and even priority delivery access. A Midweek 12-month Pass costing 3.50 pounds per month is perfect for those who are available mid-week and want to cut down on costs. ASDA’s loyalty scheme also gives ASDA Rewards that let you make the most of ‘star’ products with a cash pot boost of up to 10% on items.  

  • Delivery costs: Starts at 1 pound
  • Minimum spend: Shops under 40 pounds incur a 3-pound charge
  • Delivery pass: yes
  • First order deal: 20 pounds off on a 50-pound bill
  • Rewards & loyalty schemes: ASDA Reward, ASDA student discount, etc.


Sainsbury’s is easily the second cheapest online grocery delivery supermarket in the UK thanks to its delivery passes. Regular Sainsbury’s customers can save up a lot on online grocery shopping with their Anytime Delivery Pass or Midweek Delivery Pass. If you are someone who is all up for saving the planet, Sainsbury’s also has an option for letting you choose a ‘green’ delivery time slot. You can choose a slot for when a delivery can be already visiting your area for another delivery. Using a Nectar card at Sainsbury’s can also help you collect points for rewards across other stores like Argos, eBay, British Airways and more. 

  • Delivery costs: Starts at 1 pound for orders over 40 pounds and 7 pounds for orders between 25 to 40 pounds
  • Minimum spend: 25 pounds
  • Delivery pass: Starts at 10 pounds for 3 months, 18 pounds for 6 months and 30 pounds for one year
  • First order deal: 10 pounds off on a 60+ pounds bill
  • Rewards & loyalty schemes: Sainsbury’s student discount


Aldi even beats Lidl as one of the cheapest online supermarkets in the UK. Unfortunately, as it discounted its deal with Deliveroo at the start of 2022, you can order food online, but you will still need to pick-up from the store. If you live anywhere near an Aldi store, you should look no further. You will save up immensely on your monthly expenses there.  

  • Delivery available: No
  • Minimum spend: 20 pounds
  • Delivery pass: No
  • First order deal: Unknown


Tesco has hopped on the bandwagon for the cheapest online food delivery with a Delivery Saver Plan. The delivery pass starts at 7.99 pounds a month and offers free delivery provided your order is 40 pounds or more. If you have multiple flatmates and prefer shopping together, you can benefit from sharing this offer with them. Also, note that delivery charges may hike up during peak times.

  • Delivery costs: Start at 2 pounds
  • Minimum spend: No minimum spend, but there is a 4-pound charge for orders under 40 pounds 
  • Delivery pass: Starts at 7.99 pounds a month with a 6-month plan
  • First order deal: None


The Co-Operative will give you the cheapest online shopping experience with free delivery on every purchase of 25 pounds or more. This also depends on your home location. For every order less than 3 pounds, you are liable to a delivery fee of 3 pounds. You may even need to pay 5 pounds if your location is too far from the store. What makes Co-Op time efficient is its 2 hours or less door-step delivery service. 

  • Delivery costs: Starts at 99 p
  • Minimum spend: 25 pounds 
  • Delivery: Available via Deliveroo, UberEats and Amazon
  • Rewards & loyalty schemes: Co-Op student discount


With one of the cheapest online grocery delivery charges of 1.70 pounds, Morrisons is an important mention in this list. Regular Morrison customers can enjoy a delivery pass which guarantees free delivery and extra savings. With an Anytime passes with 65 pounds annually and a Midweek pass worth 5 pounds a month, you can save up a lot on your online grocery shopping spree. 

  • Delivery costs: Start at 1.70 pounds
  • Minimum spend: 40 pounds 
  • Delivery pass: Starts at 5 pounds a month, 20 pounds for 6 months and 35 pounds for a year
  • First order deal: 10 pounds off on your first purchase above 50 pounds. Plus extra 20 pounds off across your next 3 purchases when you tick to hear about their latest offers.
  • Rewards & loyalty schemes: Amazon student discount


Although Lidl is easily the cheapest supermarket in the UK, it doesn’t offer delivery services. However, one way to make the most of your online grocery shopping with Lidl is to locate the nearest supermarket near you and search for the products they have an exclusive discount on. With Lidl Plus, you can stay up-to-date with all that’s new. 

  • Delivery: No
  • Minimum spend: NA
  • Delivery pass: NA
  • First order deal: Check out the Lidl Plus app for promotions
Cheapest online supermarkets


What makes Iceland stand out as one of the cheapest online supermarkets the rest is its free next-day delivery on orders above 40 pounds. You need no passes, codes or cards to avail of this offer! You can even make the most of the option to spend at least 25 pounds and get home delivery the next day. Please note that any order under 25 pounds will incur a 3-pound delivery charge. Another benefit of shopping online in Iceland is the 1 pound cash back on every 20 pounds you spend with the Iceland Bonus Card. You will also be surprised to know that Iceland also offers free food to reduce food waste!

  • Delivery costs: Start at 3 pounds, free for a bill over 40 pounds 
  • Minimum spend: 25 pounds 
  • Delivery pass: Free delivery is available on Iceland’s loyalty card (Iceland Bonus Card). Free next-day delivery is also available on orders over 40 pounds (no passes, points or cards required)
  • First order deal: 5 pounds off on a 45-pound bill
  • Rewards & loyalty schemes: New customers get an Iceland student.


A cheap delivery charge of 3 pounds is consistent across all Waitrose purchases. However, they offer free collection on orders over 40 pounds, so if you are anywhere close to their stores, you will save up a lot on grocery expenses. Another way to cut down on charges will be the Waitrose card which can give you an upper hand on hot deals.  

  • Delivery costs: start at 3 pounds
  • Minimum spend: 40 pounds
  • Delivery pass: none
  • First order deal: unknown
  • Rewards & loyalty schemes: MyWaitrose card and a Waitrose student discount


Although Marks & Spencer doesn’t offer direct delivery, they have partnered up with Ocado for food and drink deliveries. All you need to do is create an M&S account online to check out their collection. To place an order, you will also need to create an Ocado account. 

  • Delivery: Not available except on Ocado
  • Minimum spend: None for collection
  • Delivery pass: NA
  • First order deal: None
  • Rewards & loyalty schemes: Marks & Spencer student discount


Ocado’s delivery services are renowned for offering a wide range from many stores. With 1-hour slots 7 days a week, the Ocado olive delivery service is meant for anyone who loves saving up on money and effort. Ocado’s online supermarket service comes with the benefit of a Smart Pass. You can save up on your monthly expense with free delivery, a 10% discount on some items, and even a gift on your Ocado-versary!

  • Delivery costs: Start at 0 pounds to 6.99 pounds depending on slot availability 
  • Minimum spend: 40 pounds
  • Delivery pass: Yes, via Smart Pass
  • First order deal: 20 pounds off on your first Ocado online supermarket purchase over 60 pounds
  • Rewards & loyalty schemes: Ocado smart pass with the 1-month free trial and 8.99 pounds thereafter, 6-month pass at 49.99 pounds, annual pass at 89.99, etc.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. Which is the cheapest or the best time to get groceries delivered?

The cheapest online supermarkets usually have peak hours for deliveries. As a student, you can make the most of this information and save up on charges by specifically ordering food and drinks during weekdays. We also recommend you avoid ordering on weekends and evenings. 

2. How can I save money on delivery in long run?

Most cheap online supermarkets in the UK have a delivery pass system in place for regulars. You can reap the benefits of free delivery, discount and offers on delivery with monthly and annual delivery passes.

3. How to know which supermarkets deliver to my postcode?

When using an online grocery delivery service, you will need to enter your postcode to check if delivery is available in your area. You can search on google for the cheapest online supermarkets near you and compare distances to make an optimal decision.

4. How to shop online with a dietary plan?

Your supermarket will typically allow you to make a dietary profile. You can specify all your needs on it. Be it vegan, coeliac, or gluten-free. They will automatically flag all items unsuitable to your needs and will reduce your shopping time. 

5. How to track my online order?

After placing an order, you will typically get mail with a tracking link. If you are ordering from an app, you can check the order status to see how long it will take to arrive and schedule your day accordingly. 

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Cheapest online supermarkets

The 11 Cheapest Online Supermarkets In The UK

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