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Taste Of London Festival

Prepare to have your taste buds tantalised as you dive into the realm of gastronomic pleasures at the only Taste of London Festival. This annual festival in the heart of London is a must-attend event for all food connoisseurs. Thanks to its vibrant atmosphere and appetising products, the festival has become an essential celebration of the city’s great food and drink culture.

But what makes the Taste of London Festival special? This festival goes beyond simply highlighting the city’s culinary ability. It’s a celebration of the different flavours, ethnicities, and cuisines that make London such a gastronomic melting pot. 

Event Details: Where, What, When?

Imagine bustling festival grounds filled with tantalising fragrances of scrumptious food from London’s best eateries. The event brings together famous chefs, cutting-edge food merchants, and food enthusiasts from all walks of life. It’s a veritable feast for the senses and a culinary nirvana for anyone with an insatiable appetite. 

Mark your calendars for these dates & times –

  • Dates:  Wednesday, 14th June to Sunday, 18th June
  • Address:  Regent’s Park, Outer Circle, London, NW1 5HA
  • Timings:  
    • Wed, 14 June: 17:30-21:30
    • Thurs, 15 June: 12:00-16:00 & 17:30-21:30
    • Fri, 16 June: 12:00-16:00 & 17:30-21:30
    • Sat 17 June: 12:00-16:00 & 17:30-21:30
    • Sun, 18 June: 12:00-17:00

Where To Buy Tickets From?

Taste of London Festival

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Key Highlights Of Taste Of London Festival

Festival NameTaste of London
Year Established2004
Claimed StatusWorld’s greatest restaurant festival
Number of Participating Restaurants40
Types of ChefsCelebrity and leading professional chefs
Number of Gourmet Vendors200
Products OfferedGourmet food, drinks, artisan products, lifestyle
PartnersDiageo, Champagne Laurent-Perrier, Samsung, Celebrity Cruises, Schweppes, and more
Number of Visitors55,000
Gender Breakdown64% female, 36% male
Age Range of Visitors68% aged between 25 and 44 years

7 Reasons Why You Must Attend This Festival

  • Cocktails and Mocktails: For the greatest rosé, head to Mirabeau Beach Bar, or keep an eye out for Spencer Matthews, who will be selling non-alcoholic drinks from his CleanCo VW camper van.
  • Boost Your Barista Skills: This year, Italian coffee manufacturer Illy will be joining the fun at Taste of London. They’re collaborating with Michelin Green Star winner Chantelle Nicholson of Apricity in London for a series of coffee and espresso martini workshops, presentations, and food demos.
  • A Taste Of Portugal: Expect live fire workshops from Henrique Sa Pessoa of JOIA and Nuno Mendes of Lisboeta, among others.
  • Barbecue Action: The Fire Pit With GetYourGuide at Taste of London features demonstrations by Big Zuu and Korean American Iron Chef Judy Joo on a rotating basis.
  • Cooking Lessons: This year’s cooking instructors include Netflix, and Channel 4’s Crazy Delicious winner, Joseph Benjamin Cumberbatch, plant-based chef Bettina Campolucci, co-founder of The Little Viet Kitchen, Thuy Diem Pham, and Crystelle Pereira from Great British Bake Off.
  • Only At Taste Of London: Look for one-of-a-kind items from popular restaurants such as Cavita, Dumpling’s Legend, Big Mamma Group, and more.
  • Daily specials: This year, in addition to the numerous eateries participating throughout the week, expect daily-changing goodies from Issho-Ni, Bone Daddies, doughnut suppliers Longboys, and vegan Caribbean experts Likkle Dutch Pot.

Top Restaurants And Cafes To Check Out

You can expect to find a vast selection of cuisines, including but not limited to Italian, French, Asian, Middle Eastern, and fusion cuisine. Taste Of London Festival truly embodies the multicultural tapestry of London’s vibrant food scene.

taste of london festival

Must-Visit Restaurants At The Festival


Seoul Bird is founded on the principles of Korean cooking and flavour. Simply put, it’s Korean Fried chicken at its best. 

  1. JOIA

Henrique Sá Pessoa, a two-Michelin-starred Portuguese chef, has opened his first London restaurant, JOIA. JOIA’ means ‘jewel’ in Portuguese. 

  1. Kahani

All Indian food lovers, this is your chance to grab a bite of spicy biryani and kebab. Michelin-starred chef Peter Joseph is adding the newest chapter to this story with a contemporary approach to Indian food at Kahani, which means story in Hindi.

  1. Roti King

Sugen Gopal, the Head Chef and Owner of Roti King, creates simple and tasty Malaysian meals. Specialising in Roti Canai – light, flaky flatbreads served with a bowl of delectable curry – as well as Malaysian hawker stall favourites like char kway teow, nasi goreng and the exquisite stuffed Murtabak with a choice of fillings.

  1. Paulette

Paulette is an independently owned French restaurant and wine bar in the heart of Maida Vale, North London. They provide the finest of French wines and home food through their wine cellar, restaurant, and deli. 

Budget-Friendly Restaurants For You

  1. Franco Manca: £6-7 for a pizza
  2. Golden Hind:  £5-10 per person
  3. Lanzhou Noodle Bar: £7 per person
  4. Lowry and Baker: £10 per person

Grab Quick Bites From Here

  1. Wellbeing Café: £4-5 per person for Rice bowls, stews, sushi and sashimi
  2. Maoz Vegetarian: £6-8 per person for Pitta bread packed with falafel
  3. The Good Life Eatery: £10-15 for a meal and drink. 
  4. Leon:  £5-8 for vegan, gluten-free, dairy-free, and vegetarian meals
  5. Borough Market: Free samples

Top Restaurants Close To King’s College London

  1. Gino’s: £4-5 per person for Italian lunch
  2. Benito’s Hat: Treat yourself to the best burritos in London
  3. Wild Food Café: £15 per person for vegan food
  4. Siam Eatery: £5 per person for Thai food
  5. Chilango:  £6-8 per person for burritos and tacos
  6. Big Easy:  £10-20 per person for American food

Study & Eat From These Cafes

  1. Fleet Street Press: Offers great coffee and a cosy underground seating area.
  2. Timberyard Café/TY Seven Dials: Hop on to the brownies and pies 
  3. Benugo Café, Southbank: With lots of sofas and places to relax, it’s simple to work for hours and hours. 
  4. Foyles Bookshop café (5th floor): Sip Lemonade while working or studying
  5. Google Campus: With seven floors of speedy wifi and a café, this is pretty much the perfect place to study. 
  6. Foxcroft & Ginger: You will love their mouth-watering pizza, pastries, sandwiches, and salads 
  7. Ziferblat: For 5 pence a minute, you can lounge around in a comfy area and play board games, as well as drink coffee. 

Things To Do At Taste Of London Festival

  1. The Fire Pit

The Fire Pit is the heart of Taste of London, a roaring frenzy of theatrics and dining. Throughout the event, some of the city’s trendiest chefs will grab the reins and showcase their trademark delicacies grilled over the coals. Participate in in-demand culinary workshops or go on an off-the-beaten-path food tour to enjoy real experiences in 150 countries across the world.

  1. Taste Of Saudi Culture

Learning about foreign countries through their unique dishes is one of our favourite elements of Taste. Learn about the 3,000 native ingredients farmed around the nation, including mangoes and coffee beans in the south. 

  1. Craft Beer And Cider Trail

Discover and try a variety of craft beers from the greatest brewers in the UK. A must-see for any hophead, you’ll be able to match delectable delicacies with craft brews, grill professional brewers with all your burning questions, or simply relax in the sun with a refreshing cool cider. Cheers!

  1. Artisan Producer Markets

Over 150 artisan food and drink producers will be on hand to sample and retail a cornucopia of the UK’s greatest wine, cheese, charcuterie, and more. Whether you’re looking for your favourite tea blend, the latest superfood, or the ideal gift…You won’t go empty-handed with so many temptations.

  1. Live Entertainment

At the Piano Bar, everyone’s favourite pianists will be tinkling with the ivories once more. There will also be plenty of live entertainment, including live music and DJs throughout the event, as well as the flame-licked antics of our Fire Pit team, led by DJ BBQ.

Tips for Navigating Taste Of London Festival

Purchase tickets in advance: To prevent long lines and assure access to the festival, it is best to buy tickets online in advance. This helps you to arrange your visit and enter without difficulty.

Plan your visit as follows: With so much to see and eat, preparing ahead of time might help you make the most of your festival experience. Examine the festival’s itinerary, including cooking demos and seminars, and prioritise the ones you want to attend.

Explore strategically: With so many food vendors and activities, the festival may be overwhelming. Consider exploring the festival in a methodical fashion. Begin with a broad overview and then narrow your emphasis to specific locations or cuisines that strike your interest. 

Make reservations: If there are certain restaurants or chef experiences you don’t want to miss, see if reservations are available. Within the event, several popular restaurants may provide reservation alternatives or special dining experiences. Making a reservation assures that you do not miss out on these unique possibilities.

Effectively manage crowds and lines: Festivals may get quite crowded, especially at peak hours. Consider the following while dealing with crowds and lines:

  • Arrive early or schedule your visit during off-peak hours to avoid crowds.
  • Avoid crowded regions by using the event map to locate other routes.
  • Be patient and kind in lines, and consider joining shorter lines to save time.
  • Take pauses and seek out calmer locations away from the crowds to relax and enjoy your cuisine.

Communicate with the cooks and vendors: Don’t be shy about striking up a discussion with the chefs and sellers. They are frequently enthusiastic about their art and enjoy sharing insights and anecdotes about their food. Engaging with them can improve your entire experience and give you a better understanding of the food.


1. Is there a booking fee for Taste of London in Regent’s Park?

Ans: Yes, there is. You can anticipate transaction/booking fees of £2.95 for the Taste of London festival’s E-Ticket.

2. How can I get student discounts for the Taste of London Festival?

Ans: Taste of London Festival occasionally offers student discounts on tickets. It’s best to visit the official website of the festival or check with relevant ticketing platforms to see if there are any available student discounts.

3. Are there any special student events or activities at the Taste of London Festival?

Ans: The festival usually offers a diverse range of experiences catering to different interests. These can include cooking demonstrations, workshops, tastings, and interactive sessions with chefs and industry professionals.

4. Can I volunteer at the Taste of London Festival as a student?

Ans: Yes. Taste of London Festival often relies on volunteers to assist with various aspects of the event. You can check their official website or contact the festival organizers to inquire about volunteer opportunities. 

5. What are the nearest train/tube stations?

Ans: It is recommended that you hop on a Tube to visit the festival. You can get off at either Regent’s Park (Bakerloo Line) or Great Portland Street (Circle, Hammersmith & City, and Metropolitan Lines) and follow the signs to reach the festival location.

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Taste Of London Festival

Taste Of London Festival 2024: A Detailed Guide – UniAcco

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