Cost Of Living In Hatfield For Students In 2024

cost of living in hatfield

Located in the heart of Hertfordshire, just 20 miles north of central London, Hatfield is a charming town that attracts students from across the UK and around the world. With the average monthly costs ranging between £1,300 – £ 1,500 on factors like food, accommodation and other crucial aspects, managing finances as a student in Hatfield becomes important. In this guide, we’ll help you understand the living cost of Hatfield while pursuing your education in this bustling city in the UK. 

Cost Of Living Calculator

DescriptionCost (£)
Total Cost of Accommodation100
Total Cost of Transport50
Total Cost of Utilities30
Total Cost of Food70
Total Estimated Cost250

Living Cost In Hatfield UK

The main expenses for a student include housing, meals, and various additional costs in addition to the cost of tuition fees. Let’s comprehend every single one of these monthly expenses per person in the table provided below:

ExpenseMonthly Cost (£)
Off-Campus Accommodation584
On- Campus Accommodation760
Total Cost of Living with Off-campus Accommodation (Per month)1,578
Total Cost of Living with On-campus Accommodation (Per month)1,358

Note: The costs mentioned above may fluctuate and are subject to change. 

Cost of Living In Hatfield For Indian Students

As an Indian student planning to pursue education in the United Kingdom, you will have to plan your budget to cater to your overall living expenses. There are various factors that come into consideration while calculating the monthly expenses that are beyond the tuition fees. The table below serves as a representation of the average total living cost in Hatfield that Indian students will have to incur while pursuing their studies:

ExpenseMonthly Cost (INR)
Off-Campus Accommodation61,594
On-Campus Accommodation80,156
Total Cost of Living with Off-campus Accommodation (Per month)166,442
Total Cost of Living with On-campus Accommodation (Per month)143,234

Note: The costs mentioned above may fluctuate and are subject to change.

Cost Of Tuition Fees

On average, some of the leading universities in Hatfield charge around £9,250 and £11,500 per year for undergraduate degree programmes. The University of Hertfordshire is one of the most esteemed universities in Hatfield, with average annual fees of around £15,000 per year. It is imperative to note that the tuition costs per year will greatly vary depending on the institution and the field of study. 

Cost Of Student Accommodation In Hatfield

As an international student in particular, accommodation is one of my key concerns. Student housing prices majorly contribute towards the overall cost of living in Hatfield. The prices of student accommodation are likely to vary depending on factors such as location, amenities, and the type of property. Purpose-built student accommodations are often inclusive of the utility bills in the property pricing and normally range between £160 to £230 per week depending on the property type. 

Hatfield Accommodation
Student AccommodationPrivate AccommodationUniversity Accommodation
Cost160-230 GBP/Per Week270 GBP/Per Week + Utility bills (If not inclusive of the rent)150 GBP/Per week
SafetyThese are gated communities with utmost safety & all facilities included like CCTV, biometric entrance, etcDepends on the landlord and areaThese are on the university campus with all the safety precautions
Utility BillsIncludedNot IncludedIncluded
Home InsuranceIncluded in rent192 GBP per yearIncluded in rent
Proximity UniversityWalking distance to campusDepends on areaInside/nearby Universities
Other AmenitiesMostly all amenities are included like Wi-Fi, microwave, electric stove, fridge etc.Based on landlord/locationMostly all amenities are included like Wi-Fi, microwave, electric stove, fridge etc.

Student Accommodations In Hatfield

You can find a wide range of student accommodation options in Hatfield. From on-campus to private rentals, the options are endless. Luna and Curzon Point are some of the best student residences in Hatfield. You can book these accommodations from UniAcco effortlessly. 

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Cost Of Transport

Transportation is a significant contributor to the overall cost of living in Hatfield for students. Here are some popular modes of commute to opt for while travelling to your university campus and exploring the nearby areas:

  • Bus: Hatfield offers bus services operated by various providers, including Uno, Arriva, and Centrebus. The average fare for a single bus journey in Hatfield will cost around £2.20 for adults. 
  • Train: The Hatfield railway station provides direct access to London and other major cities. A single-way train journey to London will cost around £10. 
  • Cycling: Opting for bikes to cover shorter distances is a cost-effective and healthy way to commute. The University of Hertfordshire operates a bike hire scheme that  allows students to rent bikes, often £1 per hour or £5 per day. Fares can vary depending on the duration of the rental. 

Cost of Food and Groceries

Major supermarket chains like Tesco, Sainsbury’s, and Aldi have multiple locations throughout the town that offer a wide variety of affordable options. 

Students can estimate a grocery budget of around £30 – £40 per week. Hatfield has abundant options for local pubs, cafes, and restaurants.  A meal at a mid-range restaurant will cost around £12 – £18 per person. Fast food or takeaway options are normally priced at £5 – £8 for a meal. 

Is Hatfield Expensive To Live For Students?

While Hatfield may not be the most affordable student city in the UK, it offers a relatively affordable cost of living in comparison to other metropolitan areas. There are many scholarships that offer financial assistance for students to cover their educational expenses.  

Factors like the availability of multiple affordable accommodation options, cost-friendly transportation options, and the presence of affordable supermarkets contribute to making Hatfield a strategic choice. 

Factors Influencing the Cost of Living in Hatfield

The living costs in Hatfield are determined by a variety of factors that majorly influence the overall expense. However, these aspects can vary depending on individual preferences and lifestyle choices. Some major contributors towards the average cost of living per month in Hatfield are listed below:

  • Accommodation
  • Transportation
  • Food & Groceries
  • Entertainment & Leisure
  • Health care expenses
  • Study supplies
  • Miscellaneous costs

How To Save Money As A Student In Hatfield?

Managing finances as a student in Hatfield might seem to be daunting. However, with some careful planning, there certainly can be scope for savings. Here are some helpful tips:

  • Go for purpose-built student accommodations as these are often of the utility bills which proves to be cost-effective and hassle-free.
  • Cook meals at home instead of eating out frequently.
  • Use public transportation to travel to your university campus and explore areas within the city. 
  • Look for part-time job opportunities, internships or work-study programmes. 
  • Explore discount grocery stores and local markets for affordable food options.
  • Look for free or low-cost fitness options, such as campus gyms or outdoor activities.
  • Always ask for student discounts at clubs, restaurants and gym memberships.

Thus, with careful planning and mindful spending, students can truly have a good quality of life in Hatfield. Making strategic financial decisions go a long way in helping students maximise their savings. 


What are the major costs for students living in Hatfield?

The major expenses for students living in Hatfield include accommodation, transportation, food, groceries, entertainment, clothes, and other miscellaneous costs.

How much does off-campus accommodation cost per month on average?

The average monthly cost for off-campus accommodation in Hatfield is around £584.

How much does on-campus accommodation cost per month on average?

The average monthly cost for on-campus accommodation in Hatfield is around £760.

What is the average monthly cost for transportation in Hatfield?

The average monthly cost for transportation in Hatfield is £60.

What is the average total living cost for students in Hatfield?

The average monthly cost for students in Hatfield ranges between £1,300 – £ 1,500. 

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cost of living in hatfield

Cost Of Living In Hatfield For Students In 2024

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