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Cost of Living in Aberdeen for Students [Updated 2023]

living cost for international students in aberdeen

Aberdeen, Scotland’s third-largest city is a widely desired location for Foreign students. It is a thriving university city located in northeastern Scotland and is also known as the “Granite City” or “the Silver City with the Golden Sands”. Surprisingly Aberdeen is the only city in the United Kingdom to be on the list of the top 50 affordable cities for international students. Wondering about the cost of living in Aberdeen for students? If so, this guide will give you detailed insights into the different living costs students come across in the city.

Aberdeen is home to more than 20,000 students. Is Aberdeen a good place to live? Yes! Students are drawn to this coastal town every year, where there are enough prospects for young people who are planning to settle their careers. The University of Aberdeen (3rd) and The Robert Gordon University (12th) are in the top 15 of Scotland’s best universities, according to the Times Higher Education World University Rankings for 2020. How much does it cost to stay in Aberdeen? The average cost of living in Aberdeen for students ranges between £971 and £1,283 per month. Here is a detailed breakdown of the living costs for international students in Aberdeen.

Aberdeen city, Scotland. Aberdeen city UK also known as Granite, Scotland royalty free stock photo

Cost Of Living In Aberdeen For International Students

Apart from the Aberdeen tuition fees, a variety of factors are taken into consideration when choosing a place, which may include Aberdeen university halls of residence cost, student accommodation in Aberdeen, food and culture, life, and the living cost for international students in Aberdeen, and other variables. The living cost for international students in Aberdeen is one very important factor and a number of students forget to recognise this aspect at the onset of the shortlisting process at the place, and just keep running over the budget.

ParticularsExpenses (Per Month)
Off-Campus Accommodation£312
On-Campus Accommodation£624
Total Cost of Living with Off-Campus Accommodation£971
Total Cost of Living with On-Campus Accommodation£1,283

According to The Robert Gordon University, when you’re estimating the Aberdeen cost of living, you should have a budget of approximately £30 – £40 per week for personal expenses, such as clothes, travel, sports and other social activities, and approximately £30 per week for essential items such as food and toiletries. For books and stationery, a student should expect to spend up to £300 over the academic year. With the National Union of Students (NUS) card, you can benefit from student discounts and offers in many local shops, restaurants/cafes and cinemas.

Fees For Tuition

How much is the cost of living in Aberdeen with respect to tuition for international students? Tuition fees range from degree to degree and can be included in the online prospectus for each degree. Fixed fee arrangement, for instance in the University of Aberdeen ensures that new foreign undergraduates (excluding Medicine) and postgraduate research students beginning their studies from 2021/22 will be paying the same fee per year for the length of their programme of study.

Many other colleges raise their tuition by approximately 5% and 9% per year. The University of Aberdeen is dedicated to ensuring that foreign students will foresee the Aberdeen living costs in anticipation of their arrival. Their fixed fee arrangement helps the students to schedule ahead and save the living cost for international students in Aberdeen.

Any foreign student beginning Master of Arts in Business Management in September 2021 (University of Aberdeen) will pay the following Aberdeen tuition fees:

$18,000 – From the year till the fourth year, stating no increase in fees. The average monthly cost of living in Aberdeen for a four-year degree is £72,000.

living costs in Aberdeen

Housing Expenses

In addition to school tuition, students would need funds to pay their living expenses, including lodging, food, books, movies, clothes, phone bills, local transport and washing. These costs can differ based on the student’s lifestyle and spending patterns. In compliance with the UKVI guidelines, it is proposed that students spend £1,023 a month to meet their monthly living expenses in Aberdeen. 

International students that need a student visa to live in the UK will have to pay a health surcharge of £470 per year of study plus £235 (any extended time of 6 months or less is paid at a cost of half the annual amount) when applying for a visa

Although the students don’t remain at home during their Master, the main financial outlay (other than the college tuition fees) would be on housing. One would want to recognise if they’re having a decent deal for investment – and that the property suits one’s postgraduate needs.

The major decision a student is going to make regarding the living cost for international students in Aberdeen is between university-owned housing and the private renting sector.

Most UK colleges provide exclusive residences for graduates. The Aberdeen cost of living at these residences would usually be about £100-150 a week. While postgraduate university accommodation is typically more costly than a private counterpart, note that the Aberdeen university halls of residence costs are usually included in the sum.

Usually, the expense of university-owned housing depends on how many individuals are sharing the apartment or studio, whether you have an en-suite bathroom, whether the accommodation is catered for, or self-catering. Demand for postgraduate accommodation is always out of the budget, so one can apply as soon as possible and provide a plan B in case the student is unable to find lodging via their university.

cost of living in Aberdeen

Working In The United Kingdom

International students who study for any longer than 6 months are allowed to work for 20 hours a week throughout the term, but this can be extended during the holiday season. The Students’ Association will help you find part-time jobs and provide other advice related to employment. Please notice that this must not be seen as a way to support your funding for the study. Students coming to study for just one semester (less than 6 months) are not generally permitted to work.

Private/Off-Campus Accommodation

If the university housing is not available (or desirable), the student would need to hire it personally. The living cost for international students in Aberdeen for this would vary significantly. While private accommodation can often be cheaper than university housing, it is necessary to keep in mind that the Aberdeen living cost would typically not contain any expenses or bills. One can still take steps to make sure that the concerned person rents from a trustworthy landlord. Some universities maintain a list of licensed, reputable landlords and agencies, so it’s a good idea to speak to them about it and clarify your query on “Is Aberdeen a good place to live?”.

The average rent is around 600 – 700 pounds. The type of residence includes studio apartments, 3-bedroom apartments, 4-bedroom apartments and shared apartments. The student residences are fully furnished with all the key amenities, such as free WiFi, on-site laundry facilities, CCTV and secure door entry. All of the studio apartments come with a large bed and study area, as well as a modern integrated kitchen.

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1. How much does it cost to live in Aberdeen as a student?

As an Aberdeen student, you should allocate £30 – £40 per week for personal costs such as clothes, transport, sports, and other social activities, and £30 per week for necessities like food and toiletries. Over the course of the academic year, you may anticipate spending up to £300 on books and stationery.

2. Is it cheap to live in Aberdeen?

Yes! Aberdeen was voted the joint-most inexpensive city for students in the United Kingdom in 2019.

3. How much is tuition at Aberdeen Universities?

It is advisable to set aside a minimum of 13,000 GBP every year to pay the tuition costs for Aberdeen Universities. This is especially for international students who will be required to pay more than domestic students.

4. How much does it cost to rent a house in Aberdeen?

Depending on the type of student accommodation you choose, the location, your lifestyle, and the facilities offered, your average rent in Aberdeen could range from as little as 75 GBP a week to 330 GBP a week.

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living cost for international students in aberdeen

Cost of Living in Aberdeen for Students [Updated 2023]