Save Money With These Christmas Decoration Ideas

Easy Christmas Card Ideas

It is not only possible to get Christmas decorations on a budget, but it can also make the holiday more fun and meaningful while reducing consumer waste. There’s something wonderful about Christmas, no matter how old you are. One of the long loved Christmas traditions is spending hours together with family decorating the Christmas three. Decorating your accommodation is an important part of the Christmas season. It truly ushers in the holiday season and instils a festive attitude. But what if you don’t have any decorations and don’t have the funds to get them?

If you’re short on cash, the last thing you want to do is spend it on decor. When money is tight and you’re under pressure, though, becoming a bit merry may help raise the whole family’s spirits. Decorating the house for Christmas used to not entail spending a lot of money on plastic at the store. Natural things were used as decorations, or they were created and loved. You can resurrect some of these old customs, with Christmas decorations on a budget, and create lasting memories.

Christmas Decorations On A Budget

Christmas Party Decorations On A Budget

Decorating really gets you into the Christmas spirit. Decorate on a budget and avoid a lot of plastic and waste with these budgeted Christmas ideas.

Decorate With Nature

The first Christmas decorations on a budget weren’t shiny, plastic baubles, but were made from nature brought inside. The Christmas tree is the obvious example of this, but there’s also the mistletoe, the wreath, berry garlands, dried orange garlands and orange and clove pomander balls. And there’s always pinecones of course. You can do some amazing things with pinecones, as your favourite at that moment could be those cute pinecone owls.

You would  love the idea of a herb wreath, if you have  masses of rosemary in your garden. But an Australian style wreath looks lovely too. The great thing about decorating with nature is that it’s free, or very cheap, and you don’t need to store it throughout the year! Not to mention the reduction in plastic.

Decorate With Food

In the past, home-baked cookies were often hung in a tree as decoration, ready to be eaten on Christmas day. If you’re not keen on having cookies hanging around your house, salt dough ornaments make a nice alternative and are a whole heap of fun to make with the kids. Dried fruits and spices also make nice Christmas decorations on a budget as well as stringing popcorn to hang as a garland. If you like candy, then you can also use cheap candy or candy canes to decorate or make edible ornaments.

Decorations With DIY’s

Decorating the house for Christmas gets you into the festive spirit, but making your own decorations makes the whole thing really special. Your decorations may become heirlooms and the kid’s homemade ones will remain special long after they grow up.

Some of the favourite frugal homemade budget friendly Christmas decorations:

  • Toilet Roll Decorations 
  • Kid’s Stained Glass Nativity Set
  • Snowflake Window Treatment – Just cut some snowflakes and stick them to the window. Search Pinterest for “paper snowflakes” – there are some amazing designs!) 
  • Glitter Tea Light Holders From Old Jars – These make a lovely alternative to fairy lights)
  • Christmas Card Garlands – Save your old Christmas cards and decorations and turn them into ornaments!

Decorating As A Tradition

The lead up to Christmas can be just as fun as the big day. As activity ideas for the advent calendar, most of them spend time together making decorations for the tree. But there is also a tradition (a part of the advent calendar) that each year each child is allowed to pick one decoration to buy for the tree. The kids are given a budget and away they go. You must try to time it for a day when they have 25% or 50% off decorations so that money can be saved.

Over the years, we get a lovely assortment of decorations for the tree that have been hand-picked by each child, making each ornament hold special memories. Some families give these hand-picked ornaments to each child when they grow up and leave home as a special Christmas gift.

Decorating With Second-Hand Ornaments

Keep an eye out in second-hand stores for Christmas decorations on a budget. In the past, we’ve picked up quite an assortment of ornaments at second-hand stores. This not only a way to save money, but it also reduces waste.

Frugal Christmas Tree Ideas

Nothing says Christmas like a Christmas tree. But what if a tree isn’t in your budget?

Here Are Some Alternative Christmas Tree Ideas

One of the ideas is bringing a potted plant that you already have inside. It doesn’t have to be a pine tree. Large potted rosemary makes a great Christmas tree and can be used all year. But any type of large potted plant will be nice for Christmas decorations on a budget.

Another idea is to scavenge a large fallen branch or two (make sure you get permission before picking it up). Just stick it in a bucket of sand and it makes an excellent decoration idea. Our school recently trimmed the trees and I was kicking myself that I didn’t bring home a branch or two. If you can’t find a branch, a stick tree is a really nice alternative.

Decorating the home is an integral part of getting into the Christmas spirit, especially if you have children. But you don’t need to spend a fortune for Christmas decorations on a budget. Christmas decorating on a budget offers a chance to get creative, spend time with your family and create special Christmas memories.

PS: If there’s anything more you’d like us to know about. Add it to the comments section!

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Easy Christmas Card Ideas

Save Money With These Christmas Decoration Ideas

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