Uni room decor ideas; 8 ways to spruce up your space

uni room decor idea

There’s so much in your university room – a place to sleep, a place to study, a place to socialize. It’s a blank canvas, too, in a very practical way. Looking to spice up drab magnolia walls and classroom-style furniture with some new uni room decor ideas? These basic room decorations for students are trendy, enjoyable and, most importantly, comply with the laws. Whether you’re just starting University or are in your senior year, we’ve got something for all of you that’s sure to dazzle up your dorm. Your room should be a place that makes you feel safe, at peace, and should be a reflection of who you are. These uni room decor ideas will help you inflict your personal style and taste. Your room can be Maybe slightly Bohemian or a really classy look; it all comes down the kinda vibe you want to create.

We know how difficult it can get, being a college student, to buy all the fancy overpriced decor pieces. So, to save the day, we’re throwing in some affordable DIYs that are easy to make and look super cute.

Personalising your uni room decor makes it more special and cozy to live in. Even the smallest of touches like pinning up a quote or converting your favourite pictures into wall hangings will leave your room bursting with love and joy. Here’s a list of 8 unique student room decoration ideas that will make your student space a wonderland.

1.DIY Clothesline Picture Holder

Arrange a clothesline over an empty wall or space in your room and pin-up your favourite pictures, notes, even movie tickets, or special paper pieces that have a sentimental attachment to you. You could then some fairy lights on top of them to make it all the homey. It’s super easy, fun to do, and extremely affordable! This uni room decor idea will definitely help you in making your room look much cooler.                                                                                                                     

2. Hang A Cool Bohemian Tapestry

Decorating your walls can be expensive. Neither art nor framing are cheap. So, a budget-friendly uni room decor idea we love is using tapestries or woven wall hangings. These large-scale pieces look polished and dramatic but are much more affordable than framed artwork. And they’re perfect for rentals since they’re easy to hang and easy to move. Also, there’s no fear of them breaking in transit!

This is a great way to add some colour to your room. Tapestries are eye-catching, artistic, and give a very rustic yet chic look to your room. This is also a great way to cover up any stains or wall damage that you might have in your room. Again, it’s very light on the pocket but heavily dominates the look of the room.

3. Bring In The Baskets

Baskets can be of many kinds and look real cute in the room. You can use them to throw in towels, laundry clothes, etc. The smaller ones could be used to store creams and other essentials. There are a ton of ways you could use them, but the best part about it is that they help keep the room tidy. As you know, an organised room is a happy room.

4. Buy Some Colorful Aztec Cushion Covers

Slightly more expensive compared to the DIYs but totally worth it uni room decor idea. Sometimes the key to achieving a modern understated look is to remember less is more. Leaving the room with a plain white or a faint shade of pastel after adding a pop of colour with colorful and trendy cushion covers is the perfect understated contemporary look.

5. Add a Dreamcatcher

These beautiful pieces were originally hung above the beds of sleeping children to protect them from bad dreams and evil spirits. It is considered that the spider web design of it would allow good dreams to pass through. Do we need to talk about how absolutely gorgeous they look? You can quite easily make one by yourself or could opt for a traditional American Dreamcatcher from the store. They give a very bohemian and hippie touch to the room and it is one of the coolest uni room decor ideas.

6. Cement Plant Stands

Arranging a few different sized cement plant stands is one of those uni bedroom ideas that will give a kind of classy and minimalistic look to your room. Plants are anyway a calming element to add to your space, so you should absolutely go for it.

7. Geometric Pattern

A boring wall, some tape and paint is all you need to jazz up your room. Try this DIY with your friends and we bet you’ll have a ball, and will in fact be surprised at how snazzy it looks. Perfect for a simplistic and artsy feel to the room.

8. Get a Noticeboard

Of course, you should fill your board with more personal stuff than some bland sunset pictures, a motivational statement, and some sunglasses that look like they’ve been taken from an Elvis impersonator. Although you should still use a notepad to really help you recall crucial items, such as timelines and reading lists, you can also use them to add color and design to your uni room.

9. Get a Comfortable Rug

Rugs may be quite an investment. But it’s still really critical to give your living spaces a more finished and comfortable appearance. Consider a natural fabric rug, for the budget-conscious. These rugs often made of jute, sisal, or seagrass come in a number of designs, add a nice pop of texture, and fit with so many fashion styles. Not just that, but they are robust, flexible and best of all affordable.

Sure people may assume you’re doing a lot of maintenance rocking up with a rug under your shoulder, but when they see its room changing abilities, they’ll be sad they didn’t think about it. In case you haven’t guessed, when it comes to student room decoration, you essentially want to cover as much of it as you can, and that’s just what a good stylish rug can do.

10. Get Storage Desk

Your desk will also require some sort of organization, even though it’s not too fancy.  We suggest that you come armed with a decent magazine rack, a pen pot and a tray.

Depending on your space and what you have been supplied with, you might need plastic desk storage boxes to carry your books, notes and other stationery.

It’s going to save you hours digging through some troublesome revision notes when the time arrives for a last-minute cramming sesh.

11. Lively fun Bedding

Did you realize the beds can be used to decorate a student’s bedroom? Well, you do it now. Bedding comes with all sorts of fun styles and patterns to suit all tastes. Your bed is taking up a reasonable amount of floor space, particularly in studio apartments. Topping it off with the right bedding will create a colorful centerpiece that brightens the room. Strong quality bedding doesn’t have to cost a lot, either, making it a perfect money-saving decoration concept for students. For a clean and energetic look, clash neutral bedding with a jet of color.

All of these uni room decor ideas are simple, affordable and look absolutely great when tried. So don’t wait and start experimenting, cheers!

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uni room decor idea

Uni room decor ideas; 8 ways to spruce up your space

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