Case Study – Standing Up For The Budding Footballer

Standing up for the budding footballer

UniAcco has assisted over 1,00,000 students in the UK and Ireland in finding their ideal housing. Our revolutionary tools have made it simple for students to find and secure accommodation. Our achievements were rewarded recently when we were named “Best Cross-Border Student Housing Provider 2020” at the 4th annual Greater London Enterprise Awards, presented by SME News. 

We take pleasure in offering premium support to students, and going beyond and above to support them. Via our Case Study blog series, we delve deeply into situations in which our creative property experts devised novel solutions to challenging problems. On our Case Study #11 this time we talk about how a student who came to Edinburgh in pursuit of his passion for football got his dream fulfilled by UniAcco.

Overview | Budding Footballer

This case was managed by Bhavik, one of the experts of our property consultancy team. Bhavik has helped many students with their accommodation needs and has resolved every problem that a student may encounter. In this case study, we’ll get to know how he attended to a student who was flying to Edinburgh for his football training in Edinburgh from France as a part of an internship program at his university.

Case Scenario

The student wanted an accommodation in Edinburgh for his stay during the football training internship. Despite numerous attempts to contact various accommodations in and out of Edinburgh, the student couldn’t get a room. He had been looking for an accommodation for a month when finally one day he came across UniAcco and enquired if we could help him out.

Soccer Ball on Grass Field during Daytime

Challenges | Budding Footballer

As the student was on an internship for football training from France, as an international internship student none of the accommodation providers was in the favour of allowing an intern to book the room. The solution that the student wanted was an accommodation that will allow an internship student. 

Interior of spacious living room with minimalist furniture


After so many failed attempts at getting a room for him, the student started looking for private accommodation. But Bhavik helped him save money by providing him with information about how PBSA’s have an edge over private accommodation in terms of amenities, well-managed and maintained properties, lesser rent as PBSAs are inclusive of the internet and electricity bills, making them one of the best choices for an international student coming to the UK. 

Bhavik made a special request directly to the central management team of the property and got special permission that the student can be accommodated as his internship was not paid and it was just for 5-6 months.

Man Wearing Blue Shirt Looking on Ball


UniAcco was able to help the student with a solution which he was struggling with for over 3 weeks. It was an affordable solution for the student. He got a great accommodation where he could pay rent monthly and was close to his centre too.

The student was very satisfied with our service and he provided us with some referrals from his friends. Where every other website had said that an internship student cannot be allowed in any situation, UniAcco could help the student out. This was purely due to the fact that our values believe in going out of the way and getting something unusual to happen. 

We feel content that the student can now pursue his dreams of becoming a legend like CR7 and we got to play a little part in this journey of his. Like it is said – Dreams don’t work unless you take action.

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Standing up for the budding footballer

Case Study – Standing Up For The Budding Footballer

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