Case Study – Finding The Perfect Home For A 30-Year Old Student

Case Study - Finding The Perfect Home For A 30-Year Old Student

At UniAcco, our endeavour is to continually push the envelope to ensure our students get the best possible service. Having assisted over 20,000 students with their accommodation needs in just 6 months, our team went the extra mile each time. Through our Case Study series, we are going to dive deep into scenarios where our dynamic property consultants came up with innovative solutions to complex problems. So, in our second ever Case Study we’re going to analyse how one of our property consultants, Hally Gala, tactfully handled a case that involved a 30-year-old student and his 5-year-old son. 


Hally played a vital role in ensuring a 30-year old student, in his second year at Canterbury Christ Church University, got his preferred studio room that allowed his son to stay with him on the weekends. 

Case scenario:

Case Study - Finding The Perfect Home For A 30-Year Old Student

The student not only wanted his son to stay with him on weekends but also wanted to live in a studio room. It was important for him to have ample space for him and his son. What’s more, Hally had to make sure she didn’t recommend properties that didn’t cross his budget. 


The student was set on getting a studio room despite being on a tight budget. He was of the opinion that the extra space that comes with studio rooms, would be suitable for him and his 5-year-old son. The major challenge was trying to accommodate his son on weekends. While there are some properties that allow friends of the tenant to stay over for 1 or 2 nights, allowing a 5-year-old child is not something this particular property has dealt with before. 


The student made it very clear to Hally that he wanted a studio room in Canterbury with a host of modern amenities. This wasn’t a problem as UniAcco has a great selection of student accommodations in Canterbury. But what proved to be a roadblock in this deal was the student’s requirement of having his 5-year-old son stay with him over the weekends. 

While Hally realised this hasn’t been done before in a student accommodation, he immediately sprung into action by calling the central management team of the property. The property informed her that they allow friends and family of the tenant to stay overnight on weekends but were a bit sceptical about having a child stay over. They argued that having a child on the property might be a disturbance to other students. But Hally still pleaded and requested the central management team to make an exception and allow her student and son to be together. 

After some more talks and countless emails, the property finally agreed to make an exception to its rules and told Hally that her student and his son would be welcome on the property. Elated, Hally immediately relayed this information to her student, and the tenancy agreement was signed almost immediately! All of this took place in a matter of just 2 days! Such efficiency is one of the hallmark features of UniAcco’s premium service. Our prompt property consultants are always on their feet to make sure each and every student’s needs are met. 


The student can now look forward to moving into his brand new studio accommodation, and relish the fact that his son can stay with him on weekends, at no extra cost!  

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Case Study - Finding The Perfect Home For A 30-Year Old Student

Case Study – Finding The Perfect Home For A 30-Year Old Student

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