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Nottingham is well-known around the world for the enduring legend of Robin Hood, and it is also one of the UK’s most vibrant places to stay. Its castles, caves, and cultural attractions connect the past and present, making it a fascinating place to stay, whatever your interests are. I believe Nottingham is the perfect place for students because of the presence of lots of parks and green fields, a variety of exciting neighbourhood festivals, and close-knit neighbourhoods. Let’s have a peek at the top choices for the student accommodation in Nottingham.

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Where To Stay In Nottingham?


Wondering where to stay in Nottingham? Well, Beeston is one of Nottingham’s most exclusive neighbourhoods, thanks to its outstanding position and a wide variety of local facilities. Properties in this region are in high demand due to its proximity to the Nottingham University campus and its location as the global headquarters of Boots. Beeston town centre has a diverse variety of shops and services, ranging from unique boutiques to massive supermarkets—and all in between!

Beeston has the most populous town centre in Broxtowe Borough, drawing almost 100,000 tourists a week. A famous shopping centre with a wide array of independent and high-street retailers, cafes, bars, and restaurants, as well as art fairs, general and farmers’ markets.

Along with a strong supermarket presence, Beeston is host to a plethora of significant specialist service suppliers, including marketing and finance firms, solicitors, and property agents, many of which can be found in the Broadgate and redeveloped Mill area on Wollaton Lane. Beeston has many famous attractions, such as ‘The Beeston Seat,’ also known as the Beekeeper monument, and the green space at Broadgate Park. You are sure to have a great stay in Nottingham living in Beeston.

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The Park | Nottingham Student Areas

The prestigious Park Estate has long been Nottingham’s most prestigious residential area. Just a 5-minute stroll from the City Centre, but with a sense of peace and tranquillity due to its lovely gardens and residents-only entry. This place stands out from the crowd due to its fantastic blend of architecture and culture. City centre life comes in all shapes and sizes, but The Park is probably the best stay in Nottingham.

The private estate is located behind Nottingham Castle, after all, the property was once the castle’s deer park, and although its borders stretch parallel busy roads such as Castle Boulevard and up to the fringe of Derby Lane, the enclave seems well removed from city life.

Away from the hustle and bustle of the neighbourhood, behind gated entrances that separate the region from its neighbouring neighbourhoods, you’ll find large streets running off two grassed circuses that have lovely open spaces to relax and appreciate a relaxing few minutes. The Park is one of the cheap places to stay in Nottingham.

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Wollaton is noted for its namesake park, which includes a pool, forest walks, and rolling pastures where red and fallow deer wander freely. Wollaton Hall, a luxurious Elizabethan estate that houses a natural history museum as well as grand Tudor-era rooms that can be viewed on guided tours, is the park’s focal point. Wollaton is a common suburban area in Nottingham’s west. The neighbourhood has a diverse range of local attractions and amenities. It is one of the best areas to live in Nottingham. There are easy stores, local restaurants, a well-stocked library, and great schools nearby. Wollaton Hall, with its museum, deer park, pool, scenic paths, and golf course, is the crowning achievement. Wollaton is a perfect area for students with easy links to the A52 ring road and frequent bus services through Nottingham City Centre.

Mapperley | Nottingham Student Areas

Mapperley is a suburban and industrial district in Nottingham, England’s north-eastern outskirts. Sherwood is to the northwest, Thorneywood to the south, and Gedling to the east form the boundaries of the town. Mapperley is a prominent Nottingham neighbourhood that is home to many of the city’s most expensive properties. Mapperley Top has a wide selection of independent stores and conveniences within walking reach, as well as outstanding transportation connections through Nottingham City Centre and out into the rural countryside making the place the best stay in Nottingham.

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West Bridgford | Places to Stay in Nottingham City Centre

West Bridgford is one of the posh suburban places to stay near Nottingham with small parks and quaint bars, as well as large sports venues around the Trent River. On match days, supporters flock to the City Stadium, which is home to Nottingham Forest Football Club, as well as Trent Bridge, a charming cricket ground that hosts county games and England Test matches. West Bridgford is situated south of Nottingham City and borders the Trent Bridge neighbourhood. There are plenty of activities to keep the whole family entertained at Nottingham Forest FC and Trent Bridge Cricket Ground. West Bridgford is comfortably reachable on foot from Nottingham City Centre.

West Bridgford also has its own town centre and retail area, which has all of the stores one would expect, such as a Marks and Spencer, Co-op, and Asda, as well as a range of independent and chain coffee shops, pubs, and bars like Carluccios and Pizza Express. West Bridgford still has a host of outstanding schools as well as other clubs and services, making it one of the best areas to live in Nottingham. 

The Vale of Belvoir | Places to Stay in Nottingham

The Vale of Belvoir is a botanical, geological, and historical place with a surreal, magnificent, and inviting atmosphere. As in most limestone valleys, several sinkholes and caves occur in the Vale, usually 10-20m long, with grassy and gritty walls and floors where the earth has eroded into the cave underneath over time. Many of these have wombat burrows on their sides, indicating the presence of significant numbers of wombats and other marsupials in the forest.  The Vale of Belvoir is a strip of unspoiled English woodland that stretches east from Nottingham to Grantham and north from Melton Mowbray to Newark. Farmhands on motorcycles herd livestock around the lanes, while buzzards and kestrels patrol the star-studded sky at night. Best of all, it is filled with charming red-roofed villages that are gaining popularity among commuters to stay in Nottingham and even London.

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Top Choices Of Areas To Stay In Nottingham As A Student

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