Top 8 Summer Destinations For Students

Summer Destinations For Students

Do you need a relaxing holiday this summer? After a strenuous year of studying and working on deadlines, summer is one of the best times to give yourself a break (you deserve it!). To kick things off, let me help you with the Top 10 summer destinations for students that will make it a memorable one!

1. Cappadocia

Cappadocia is a beautiful city known for its unique rock formations that are filled with caves and passages that will take you back to ancient times. Carvings of Islamic inscriptions can be seen inside the caves, a fascinating history of Turkey with its exotic culture. This is one of the best summer holiday destinations for students to backpack and explore. The Cappadocia sky is filled with hot air balloons that attract people from all over the world. But that is just one of the things that will blow your mind. The labyrinthine cities underground will make you wish to stay there forever. 

Language Spoken: Cappadocian Greek

Currency: Turkish lira (TRY)

2. London | Summer Destinations For Students

London is a paradise when summer approaches, the blissful weather and delicious food clubbed with a captivating history will keep you coming back for more! There are plenty of reasons why it is one of the top destinations to spend summer holidays, but its festivals, tourist attractions, beer week, and pancake day take that stunningness to another level altogether! London is filled with art galleries and museums with marvelous architecture that makes it stand out from the conventional cities that you visit. London is undoubtedly the best holiday destination for students in summer!

Language Spoken: English

Currency: Pound Sterling (GBP)

3. Pokhara – Nepal

Nepal and Bhutan are highly underestimated, but when it comes to nature, adventure, treks, and mountains then this country is one of the top destinations to spend summer holidays. Especially for all the nature lovers. Pokhara is surrounded by massive mountains and scenic beauty that dazzle’s the visitors. The best part of visiting this place is how inexpensive it is in comparison to other countries. You can get budget hotels, guest houses, and homestays in Pokhara that will not dig a hole in your pocket. Make sure you try paragliding and bungee jumping and visit the famous Phewa lake and Devi’s falls. 

Language Spoken: Nepali

Currency: Nepalese Rupee (NPR)

4. Las Vegas | Summer Travel Ideas & Destinations for Students

Believe it or not, this place can really make your summer a memorable one! Many people overlook LV as a summer place but trust me if you visit here when summer is in its full swing, you will witness some of the world’s best pool parties. A place known for its casinos, make sure you visit one to live your “The Hangover” dream. You can even hop around in bars and clubs to see the vibrant lifestyle of this sin city.

Language Spoken: Spanish, English

Currency: US Dollar (USD)

5. Barcelona – “Més Que Un Club”

For all the soccer and beach lovers, this dream city has a lot to offer! Barcelona is one of the best summer holiday destinations for students who wish to travel around and enjoy the high spirit of the locals and indulge in cultural activities. Famous for its art and architecture, Barcelona has a thriving nightlife due to its high-end bars and clubs. Make sure you don’t miss anything that this city has to offer. Visit the infamous archaeological sites along with La Sagrada Familia and Park Güell in Barcelona. 

Language Spoken: Spanish, Catalan.

Currency: Euro (EUR)

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6. Koh Samui – Thailand

Thailand is a favourite destination for tourists worldwide. This place offers outstanding adventures at a considerably low cost. While there are countless places you can visit in Thailand, Koh Samui stands as one of the best summer destinations for students. Here you can enjoy beach night parties that include all kinds of adventures. This place is truly made for a dream summer vacation. Koh Samui’s nightlife is something that you just cannot miss. Head on and enjoy this party paradise. 

Language Spoken: Thai

Currency: Baht (THB)

7. Crete | Summer Destinations For Students

Crete is the largest island in Greece known for its fine sand beaches. The island is filled with ancient treasures. According to Greek mythology, Crete is called the birthplace of Zeus. If you are someone who enjoys ancient history, crystal clear water, a town full of life, oh and also Greek salad then this is the best place for you. At night the place looks magnificent when the lights are reflecting in the water. A sight to behold. 

Language Spoken: Thai

Currency: Baht (THB)

8. Berlin | Summer Travel Ideas & Destinations For Students.

Planning a road trip in Germany? Well, Berlin is Germany’s shining capital. A short city break to this beautiful city that is jam-packed with enough things to see and do. Go around and learn about Berlin’s Jewish history or hunt for bargains in the Mauer Park or stroll through the Grunewald forest, Berlin has a lot to offer. For my party people, the city has a great electronic/techno music scene that can be witnessed in its best clubs and bars. Find out Europe’s hottest party clubs in this city which unquestionably makes it one of the best holiday destinations for students in summer!

These were some of the top destinations to spend summer holidays for students. Make sure you make it wholesome and a memorable experience. Happy Holidays!

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Summer Destinations For Students

Top 8 Summer Destinations For Students

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