Distance from Leicester College -Welford Road
  • 15 mins
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This student accommodation provides students with studios. Studio apartments are ideal for students wanting their privacy and not comfortable sharing their living space. A bed and WI-FI will be offered irrespective of the room you choose.
This accommodation is ideal for students enrolled in De Montfort University and the University of Leicester. Leicester is the nearest train station. Many eateries and pubs are located in walking distance from this accommodation. Leicester Royal Infirmary is the nearest medical centre. 
This is a secure site with CCTV and a secure key access. A laundry room is provided for ease of students. A management team is on-site to help residents.

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Booking with us is simple, we won't ask you to pay any deposits or upfront costs! All you need to do is complete an online form. We'll ask you your name, number and email (all the usual personal details) and how you'd like to pay. After that's all done, and we've accepted your booking, you'll be sent an offer of accommodation. We'll send you a link to complete some further details and access your tenancy agreement which you'll need to sign and return to us within 10 days and then that's it. You've booked a room. Congrats! You will need to make your first payment 10 days before your move in date. If you are unable to move in please advise your accommodation manager as you are legally bound to pay your full year's rent upon signing your tenancy agreement. If you're paying your rent in installments, you'll need a guarantor. That gives us and you the security that your rent will be paid in full.

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£179 - £199 /week

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