What Does Vancouver Have In Store For International Students?

1. Vancouver Is One Of The Best Student Cities In The World

More than 10,000+ international students hailing from over 80+ different nations choose to study in this lovely city in British Columbia. This is due to the fact that Canada’s third-largest city provides a diverse selection of programmes. But that’s not all! Vancouver is a highly sought-after study destination for potential international students in Canada due to its great quality of life and warmer winter temperatures.

Vancouver makes full use of the breathtaking Pacific Ocean and the Coastal Mountain Range of British Columbia. The city also has a vibrant culture that resonates in the hearts of its inhabitants. If you still need more reasons to study in Vancouver, consider the following things about Vancouver that every student should be aware of.

1. Vancouver Is One Of The Best Student Cities In The World


As per the latest QS Best Student Cities 2022 Rankings, Vancouver features in the top 20 student cities in the world. This city is a major destination for international students who want to learn English, making it one of the top reasons to study here. Moreover, the sheer compactness of the city makes it incredibly easy to get around. In fact, you can cross the entire city in a maximum of 45 minutes. 

2. There Are Many Exciting Academic Opportunity In Vancouver

Vancouver has a strong educational heritage that has attracted recognition from all over the world. Simon Fraser University, the University of British Columbia, and other institutions provide a wide range of subjects that have historically attracted international students. In this location, top institutions and colleges offer programmes that combine theoretical and practical knowledge.

Furthermore, these academic institutions feature exceptional faculty members who are committed to providing students with the best education possible. Aside from that, these academic institutions are routinely ranked among the world’s best universities.

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3. Vancouver Has A Diverse Population

Residents of Vancouver are proud of its cultural history, which includes a rainbow of nationalities at their fingertips. This city celebrates colourful holidays such as Chinese New Year, Italian Day, German Christmas, Sikh Vaisakhi, Persia’s Nowruz, and many more, bringing music, delicious cuisine, and performances from all over the world to the city. International students and residents are lucky to be able to live here and experience a variety of cultures.

Festivals take place all year, and if you are planning to study in Vancouver, then be prepared for celebrations like Celebration of Light, Santa Claus Parade, Sikh’s Vaisakhi Parade, and many more.

4. Vancouver Allows You To Work Part-Time While Studying

International students in Canada are permitted to work part-time to supplement their studies. When their classes are in session, students can work up to 20 hours each week. Students can work up to 30 hours per week during their summer and winter holidays. They can work on or off-campus, in places like libraries and administrative offices, or in places like Subway and computer laboratories.

5. Vancouver Is Filled With Great Food

One of the benefits of having a diverse population is the food that comes with it. Every year, Vancouver has a large culinary festival. This food festival is called – Dine Out Vancouver Festival and it is organized by Tourism Vancouver. It is Canada’s largest festival of its kind, attracting over 100,000 locals and visitors to Vancouver’s restaurants over the course of 17 days each year.

This city is a living testament to the wonderful local food introduced by immigrants, displaying the finest cuisines of India, China, Little Italy, Portugal Village, and more.

6. Universal Health Care For Everyone In Vancouver

One of the most compelling reasons to study in Vancouver is the availability of free health care for all international students. Medical Services Plan (MSP) is paid to an international student in the province of British Columbia. In layman’s terms, an overseas student may receive universal health care for about C$75 per month. 

The fact that international students in Canada do not have to worry about paying exorbitant medical expenses is a huge comfort. Not only that but if a student suffers from an unforeseen incident or gets handicapped, his or her medical expenditures are covered by the government’s coverage.

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7. Vancouver Offers Free Public Transportation

Free public transportation is available to all international students studying in Vancouver. The cost of public transportation is included in their tuition. All students need to do is obtain their college ID card, register, touch it on the bus, and ride it wherever they want.

8. You Won’t Have To Break The Bank To Live In Vancouver

If you compare the cost of living in Canada to other popular study destinations in the world then living in Canada can be considered affordable. Since Vancouver is one of the major cities in Canada it can be a little expensive. However, with proper planning and being as frugal as possible, you won’t have to break the bank to live in Vancouver. Here are some of the monthly costs associated with living in Vancouver as a student – 

Accommodation$500 to $2,000
Public Transportation (monthly pass)$98 to $174 
Food$300 to $800 
Cell Phone$60 to $150 (depending on if a contract to get a new cell phone is required or not)
Health Insurance$163 per term

9. Vancouver Is A Very Safe City For International Students

All students, especially international students who are travelling abroad for the first time, are concerned about their safety. According to a recent study, Vancouver has a high level of general happiness and security. Vancouver’s population is varied, and the city maintains a zero-tolerance policy for crimes and prejudice, regardless of race, caste, religion, or ethnicity. The city boasts a low crime rate, making residents and students feel safer. Anyone can enjoy the nightlife in Vancouver and wander in any part of the city at any hour.

10. Vancouver Is Committed To A Green And Sustainable Future

The Vancouver Municipal Government is supporting the Green City project, which aims to reduce waste and emissions while providing access to green spaces and cleaner water across the lower mainland. By studying in Vancouver, you will also be a part of a revolution aimed at improving the city’s environmental circumstances and ensuring its people’ long-term sustainability. This programme will also reduce the city’s overall carbon emissions.


When it comes to getting a quality education for yourself, you will have a number of alternatives. It is advised that you conduct your own research for a programme or university that meets your requirements. In Vancouver, you may discover a wide range of excellent academic institutions. However, the general quality of life in Vancouver should be considered before making your ultimate selection.

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1. Vancouver Is One Of The Best Student Cities In The World

What Does Vancouver Have In Store For International Students?

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