Ideas For Weekend Jobs In London For Students

Weekend jobs in London

If you are a student studying in London, you are well aware that the cost of living in this city is on the higher side. Doing a few weekend jobs in London can help you cover your general living costs and also enjoy some leisure time. The good part is that there are numerous options available for weekend jobs. Many students are able to find jobs that provide valuable work experience to complement their studies. If you want to make the most of living in London and try a completely different weekend job, other avenues will be open to you. Maybe you would like to try theatre work or fundraising? Here are some ideas for part-time weekend jobs in London that you can take up and earn some extra money.


Pick Up A Retail Job

Weekend Jobs In London

Working in a retail store can be a good option if you are looking for weekend jobs in London. It is a great way to make money and also gain some experience. Retail store jobs are fun and will give you valuable skills that will help your resume stand out when you apply for more serious jobs. You can also check out jobs in departmental stores. If you have good customer service and an eye for detail, doing a retail store job can work in your favour. In such jobs, you can expect to earn around £10 per hour as an entry-level worker, and with experience, salaries tend to rise quickly.  

Work In The Administration Area

Other weekend jobs in London that students popularly pick are administrative jobs. Such jobs include working in the admin departments of a call centre, bank, hospital, etc. With decent communication skills, you can easily land a job in a call centre. Working for a bank might require you to know some basic computer skills and an understanding of the banking industry. You can also take up a job at a hospital as an administrator or a receptionist. Admin jobs can also be fun and challenging if you work in a domain that is also related to your subjects or course.  

Work As A Debt Collector

The process of becoming a debt collector is simple. You can apply by emailing your CV to the company you want to work for. In the interview round, they will test your suitability for the job and assess your personality type. Once you get the job, it involves chasing up people who have not paid their bills or loans within a certain period. There’s no face-to-face contact here; instead, you will be communicating via phone or letter with those who owe money. As a debt collector, you should have enough technical knowledge about finances to deal with situations such as late payments or customers contesting deductions from their accounts. If there are vacancies available, you can give them a try, and add this to your list of good weekend jobs in London.  

Work As A Cleaner 

Taking up a cleaning job is an excellent option for students who don’t have many qualifications. Some cleaning businesses will accept applications from anyone with a National Insurance number and no criminal record. You can also try to find more specialised cleaning jobs where you would be working in your native language or with people of the same culture as you. Cleaning companies tend to hire cleaners on a temporary basis, hence it is one of the easy-to-find weekend jobs in London. There are lots of different types of cleaning work available, from general housekeeping duties in highrise buildings to end-of-lease maintenance jobs in rental houses. 

Become A Sales Assistant

If you are looking for a way to make some additional money, being a sales assistant can be a great option. The role is simple, you help customers by providing them with information about products and services. You might also be asked to stock shelves or carry items from the backroom to the sales floor. Being a good listener and having an eye for detail are skills that will come in handy when dealing with customers. Sales assistants should enjoy interacting with people from all walks of life, so if that appeals to you, this might be one of the best weekend jobs in London for you! The pay as a sales assistant varies depending on which company hires you, but it can range anywhere from £7 to £15 per hour.

Join As A Waiting Staff

Weekend Jobs In London

There are different types of waiting table jobs in London. Some examples include waiting on tables at a restaurant, café, bar/pub/club, or hotel. You can also become a waiter or waitress for private events that generally happen over the weekend. Waiting at tables is the most commonly picked-up job by students studying in London. It is also a great job option for students because it has flexible work hours and often offers tips! 

Shuffle Some Drinks As A Bartender

One of the easy-to-find weekend jobs in London is bartending. It generally does not require any qualifications or experience and there are always vacancies for the same. Working in pubs, bars, and restaurants, will require you to have excellent customer service skills. You will need to know how to mix drinks quickly and efficiently. It can also be stressful when things get very busy at the bar – but if you have a friendly attitude; this won’t feel like an issue. The pay is anything between £10 to £15 per hour.


Apart from the mentioned list, you can also take up freelance jobs like writing, coding, photography, etc. London is a great city to start your career, and there are many different types of jobs to choose from. You can find a job that suits your needs, whether part-time or full-time work hours, short-term or long-term contracts, etc. We hope this article has given some insight into where you might want to look when searching for weekend jobs in London!  

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Weekend jobs in London

Ideas For Weekend Jobs In London For Students

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