Did You Know About These Highest Paying Part-Time Jobs In The UK?

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Every year, the United Kingdom welcomes approximately 500,000 foreign students, providing world-class education, a suitable study atmosphere, and a wonderful location to live. With famous names like Oxford University and Cambridge University, the UK is only second to the United States in terms of best-ranked institutions in the world. Apart from high-quality education, what attracts students to this country is the availability of part-time job opportunities that help them gain exposure and experience, allowing students to sustain themselves in this country that has a high standard of living. The highest paying part-time jobs in the UK have made it possible for students to meet their living expenses even if they are studying in the UK with a scholarship

If you are an international student or even a domestic student in the United Kingdom, you must have considered taking up a part-time job to cover your basic expenses. This article will reveal to you some of the highest paying part-time jobs in the UK. 

Which Are The Highest Paying Part-Time Jobs In The UK? 


The UK is a world leader in education. This is one of the main reasons why the jobs of teachers, professors, lecturers and tutors are always in high demand in this country. The country offers a plethora of opportunities to professionals who want to leverage their teaching skills to earn through a part-time basis. The average earning of a lecturer in the UK is between £27 to £30 per hour. Moreover, you do not require a certificate or a diploma to take up this job. You can easily find a part-time job in teaching online and use your online presence to your advantage. The job of a lecturer goes beyond teaching, they may also turn into mentors and assist students with their research and dissertation. 

Research Assistant 

Once you have successfully graduated from a university in the UK or any part of the world, you are eligible to apply for research assistant positions. The role of a research assistant is to be a helping hand and assist faculty members and professors in their research. A research assistant will assist on a research project by collecting, compiling and analysing data, preparing reports and maintaining records. The average income of a research assistant is anything between  £15 to £20 per hour. It is undoubtedly one of the highest paying part-time jobs in the UK for recent graduates. 

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Earning money while studying in the UK has become even more achievable because of the job role of drivers in the country. It is because of the increase in the number of commercial deliveries such as food supplies, retail supplies and transportation outsourcing that the job of drivers has gained popularity. This is especially true after the Covid-19 pandemic because a lesser number of people stepped outside their homes to run errands. The reliance on drivers has increased in the recent past and what makes it one of the highest paying part-time jobs in the UK is that drivers earn between £12 to  £15 per hour for their services. 

Warehouse Operative 

Highest Paying Part-Time Jobs In The UK

Warehouse operatives in the UK have always been a popular choice for a part-time job. This is because this job role allows flexible working hours and you can easily help factories and warehouses in their functioning whenever you find the time. All you have to do is find out about warehouse operatives jobs in the UK through websites such as Glassdoor, Indeed or through your warm contacts. Warehouse workers often work for larger organisations such as Tesco, Amazon, Aldi and are listed on the payroll of the companies and not the local branch. This factor makes this job role highly secure. On average, warehouse operators earn between  £14 to  £18 per hour. 

English Tutoring 

The UK is where English was born, however, with the rise of international students and professionals joining the country’s population the need for English tutoring has increased in the recent past. Individuals fly from different parts of the world such as Europe and Asia where English is not the primary language. As a result, English tutors have gained popularity and can now demand a high price for their services. On average, English tutors earn between £21 to £24 per hour for English lessons, making it one of the highest paying part-time jobs in the UK. 

Domestic Care 

The population of the UK is ageing and more than 18% of its citizens are above the age of 65 according to The Guardian. This has resulted in a rise in the demand for domestic services such as care workers and domestic helpers, nurses. On average a domestic helper earns between £25 to £30 per hour for their services. The best part of this high paying part-time job in the UK is that there is no professional qualification required to become a domestic helper or caretaker. All you need to have is the will to help older people and remember their medicine schedule. 

Receptionists, Library Assistants and Administration

The United Kingdom is a country that has several museums, libraries, plazas and study spaces. This is why the job roles of receptionists, assistants and administrators are in high demand. On average, these part-time jobs in the UK will help you earn between £11 to £16 per hour. The reason why this job role is in high demand is that all you need to land this job is confidence and great communication skills. Apart from these skills, anything else on your CV is a bonus. 

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Easiest Medical Schools To Get Into In The UK

Did You Know About These Highest Paying Part-Time Jobs In The UK?

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