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India – UK Partner To Boost Work Visas For Indian Nationals

India - UK Partner To Boost Work Visas For Indian Nationals

India and the UK have signed an ambitious new migration partnership that will benefit thousands of young Indian and British professionals to live and work in each other’s country. This will boost the UK work visa for Indians and enhance the migration cooperation between the two nations. 

Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi and British Prime Minister Boris Johnson have agreed to increase cooperation in the areas such as education, science, health and defence. In the virtual meeting, the two prime ministers agreed on a ‘2030 Roadmap’ that aims to deepen ties primarily through universities on research areas. In a UK statement released following the virtual meet, the British Prime Minister termed the agreement as ‘the beginning of a new era in the UK-India relationship’. 

This agreement includes a special Young Professionals scheme that allows thousands of 18-30-year-olds to work and live in each other’s country for up to two years. This is the first of its kind scheme for a visa-national country. The deal builds on Prime Minister Boris Johnson’s ambition to deliver a quantum leap in the UK’s bilateral relationship with India.

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Home Secretary Preeti Patel said that the UK Government is committed to delivering an immigration system that offers immense opportunities to the best and brightest students with a work visa for UK from India, and around the world to come to the UK to study, work and live. This ground-breaking partnership with India is a key milestone in delivering on that commitment. 

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The British High Commissioner Alex Ellis also acknowledged the fact that nearly half of all UK skilled work visas went to Indian professionals. He also mentioned that the new post-study Graduate Route and Young Professionals scheme will definitely increase these numbers. This contributes significantly to the shared prosperity and mutual understanding of the two countries.

According to the most recent statistics, more than 53,000 Indian students came to the UK to study last year which is a straight increase of 42 percent from the previous year. Nearly a quarter of all international students with a work visa for UK from India.

This agreement will also enhance the UK-India cooperation to protect the UK work visa for Indians who obey the immigration rules by stopping unfair manipulation of the system by a small community that breaches the laws and enters the UK illegally. 

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The COVID-19 pandemic has itself shown that the UK and India can achieve UK work visa from India, and just about anything when the challenges are mutual. This new agreement is sure to boost the relations of these two nations. 

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India - UK Partner To Boost Work Visas For Indian Nationals

India – UK Partner To Boost Work Visas For Indian Nationals