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Written by Alina Boskar

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November 15, 2021

Moving away from home to attend university is an exciting, challenging, and different journey that students embark on. Initially, the process of finding a rented apartment can seem daunting, but it is not an impossible task. But you must consider some tips to rent budget apartments for students.

With some help and tips, you can find the best homes. The idea is to find a suitable apartment on a budget that is perhaps closer to college and tick other checkboxes that you may have regarding a new home when you are staying individually for the first time. 

Start an Early Search

It takes time to look for homes, go for recess and finalize one. Therefore, the first and foremost suggestion to find a good home is to start your search early. Start with an online search in and around the campus area to look for the pricing and availability. This search will not only give you a status on all fronts but help manage finances.

If you land closer to joining dates and find budgets going up, then managing the same can become an issue. An early search will give you the budget idea, and you can then make decisions based on what can be your next step, whether you choose to go far or plan finances.

Plan time better with help

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Understand Leasing and Finance 

Apartments come on lease as well as in the monthly rental system. Understand what your financial situation is like and which of the two would you prefer. Leasing comes with a one-time payment and in a contract of 12 months in particular. 

On the other hand, you can even pay a security deposit and then get into a monthly rent base system. If you are a student planning to manage your finances and look for a part-time job to support your living, then look for rented accommodations that come on a sharing and monthly rental system. 

It would help if you were looking for a ready-to-move apartment so that you can easily focus on your academics. Apart from this reason, a furnished apartment also provides all basic amenities that will save your time once you have relocated. The cost may be slightly higher but think of it as an investment to save your time. 

Look For Flatmates Ahead of Time

If you decide to share an apartment with someone, you must initiate a search for the same. In case you have friends going to university along with you, then initiate a conversation on their plans for accommodation. Use social media to rent an apartment as a student, to look for flatmates that are willing to rent an apartment along with you, and come on the same budget. 

Upload posts on Facebook, Instagram, and such social media platforms for both looking for apartments. You can add whether or not there are some pre-occupied apartments where you could shift in. 

Also find out how you can find student accommodation near university!

Go For a Physical Check Before Finalizing 

The internet is an excellent place for looking up locations and speaking with the leasers or owners, but do not finalize before you have actually seen the place. Pictures and videos might seem attractive, but there could be hidden problems related to the apartment. As you are a student who is looking for a good accommodation that helps you focus on study, wait it out and only finalize when you see it and feel satisfied. 

You can request your parents or someone elder to accompany you, and take their help in finalizing. If you are sharing it with a friend, ensure that you take them along to see the place for themselves. 


You will find a good home no matter where your university is situated. With a bit of research, recce, and experience, it will all fall into place. Remember you must finalize a home that fits in your budget, is closer or decently located from university, and most importantly, provides a safe system for you to study, work on assignments in peace. Select your roommates accordingly, as they will have a significant influence on you during your university years.

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