5 LinkedIn Tips For Students To Create A Compelling Profile

Best Pages To Follow On LinkedIn For Students

The social networking giant boasts a mass of 40 million students and fresh graduates on this job search platform. One of the best tips for students using LinkedIn is that it is a place where you can network and make career-magnifying connections. To create a perfect Linkedin student profile you must know the nitty gritty’s to establish a personal brand and build influence. To put yourself ahead of the job quest, you must create an effective profile. Especially for students who wish to build a resume that speaks for itself, LinkedIn proves to be your live resume that never sleeps.

When you build your profile in university, before entering the workforce; it gives you an added advantage. Here you can post your academic achievement & updates, interact and communicate with market experts as well as potential employers and build an influence. LinkedIn is for fresh graduates and students looking for the right opportunity. Read on to see our top LinkedIn tips for students on how to use this platform’s outstanding potentials.

How To Create A Perfect LinkedIn Student Profile

All you need to do is sign up with LinkedIn with your first and last name and create an account. You can decide whether you want to go for a free version or try the premium membership. Regardless, you will need to ensure that your profile is detailed, personalized, professional, and overall engaging to the viewer. 

The Premium package on LinkedIn costs $29.99 per month. This enables you to directly message and contact recruiters, view salary details on different jobs posted online, and compare yourself with other candidates. Your job is to create a concrete profile with detailed information that sells you like the product. Make it premium. Below is a LinkedIn profile checklist you can benefit from!

Let’s See Some LinkedIn Tips For Students!

1. Choose A Professional And Appropriate Photo

When a recruiter or a viewer enters your profile, your image is the first thing they see. It must be a recent headshot where you look professional. The facial expression must be natural and make sure the picture is taken from a high-resolution camera. A normal smartphone can do the job in natural lighting. Try not to use selfies or photo filters.

2. Write An Informative And Strong Profile Summary

The LinkedIn summary is the second thing a visitor notices as it comes right below your profile picture. This is the time you “hook” the potential employer with a punchy summary. Shorter summaries with value content are most effective. Nobody wants to read a long paragraph with low-quality content. A LinkedIn tip for students is; try to summarise everything with fewer words, tell them what you want to do or what you are currently doing. One example of a LinkedIn summary for students with no experience can be “Mass Communication student seeking Digital Marketing Position” or “Architect trying to build zero net energy designs”. Try using keywords that recruiters search for such as “graphic design”, “product management”, “data analysis” etc. But if you have a special skill set then go ahead and mention it.

3. Experience Is Not Just Gained Through Work

Yes, experience through an internship or volunteer work makes it to the list first but other added information that makes you stand out must also be mentioned. You never know which aspect may impress a potential employer. It may include the class you took, the languages you speak, different certifications in miscellaneous streams, etc. Especially LinkedIn summary for students with no experience can ask their peers and mates to endorse their skills and write recommendations. Your profile will end up getting 13 times more views if you add skills. 

4. Show, Don’t Just Tell | Tips For Students

One of the smartest LinkedIn profile tips for students is showcasing your work in the form of posts. Build influence in your connections by adding what you do. Whether it is a sample logo that you designed, an AI you developed, a new code that you learned, a new caricature you created, wrote an interesting article; post them all. Make connections with people that belong to the same industry and then comment on relevant topics/posts, add this to your LinkedIn profile checklist… Remember that LinkedIn is not just your online resume but also it is a professional site for social networking. 

5. Connect Relevantly | Tips For Students

Connecting the right way is very important. One of the best LinkedIn tips for students is don’t just connect to people to increase the number of connections you have. You must be connected to the right and relevant people who will be interested in what you are doing. Connect to your teachers, colleagues, classmates, and people in your industry. Take the time to write personalised messages to employers and new connections. You can even connect to your college alumni and see if they have any opportunities that fit your role. A great LinkedIn profile tip for students is that a lot of alumni have their startups which offer you a space with ample learning and opportunities. Look out for such people, get in touch with them and get advice.

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An Investment In Your Future 

Do these 5 tips today and it will work as an investment in your career & future that will help you in the long run. LinkedIn is for fresh graduates who wish to reach out to a huge audience and it is for people who just want to expand their network and build influence. If you are excellent in what you do then don’t be afraid to go out and showcase your skillset. There is always appreciation and opportunities for the right talent. Good luck!

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Best Pages To Follow On LinkedIn For Students

5 LinkedIn Tips For Students To Create A Compelling Profile

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