Get A Head Start: Tips For A Fashion Career

Tips For A Fashion Career

When applying for a career in fashion, chances are that you will be up against thousands of other applicants who all feel as enthusiastic as you do. Whether you are interested in breaking into the high-end market or high street. The enthusiasm decreases as the realities of paying the bills come into play. For every job hunter out there, the nightmare of landing your dream job can seem never ending. Here are tips for a fashion career to break into the fashion industry.

Tips For A Fashion Career

Tips To Starting A Career In Fashion 

Decide What Type Of Career You Want

Knowing your goal is the key to staying motivated. Whether you want a career with a startup company, or if you are aiming for corporate stability at an established fashion brand. While considering these tips for a fashion career, also ask the following questions to yourself:

  • How do you prefer to work? 
  • Do you prefer working with your hands, words, ideas, or on a computer? 
  • Are you comfortable working alone or with a team? 
  • Do you want to be rich or happy with your work? 

Being aware of what established and emerging fashion roles are out there will broaden your understanding of your future goals. You just have to be brave and know exactly what you want.

The Right Way To Apply For Fashion Jobs

If you find you need to settle for a job that pays your  bills, set aside some time to find the jobs you really want on your CV. Doing this every month can begin to feel absurd, but don’t give up. Regardless of what industry you are entering, there are useful things you can do to give yourself the best jumpstart. This is advice you’ll tend to hear from everybody from employment agencies to independent fashion bloggers, but it’s worth repeating. Personalise your CV and cover letter for each application. When looking for work, find a direct contact to approach wherever possible. Avoid relying on agencies. Do your research. Sell yourself, but don’t overdo it, you’re starting out, so you want it to stay believable.

Create Realistic Plans

It might sound very straightforward, but it’s also important to determine what you don’t want from your career. Be realistic about paying the rent. A lot of advice given by the fashion industry will involve internships as an important staple. But when an unpaid internship is no longer a convincing option, holding down a real job needs to be part of the planning process of getting your dream job. Being realistic might mean getting a part-time job or even a full-time one. Even if it’s not a fashion-based role, find some more tips for a fashion career to get your head into the game.

Tips For Breaking Into The Fashion Industry

Practice You Fashion Skills

One of the key tips for a fashion career – practice! Practice makes a man perfect. Once you have figured out what kind of fashion career you want, make sure you practise your skills whenever you can. Take practising really seriously. You’re building the skills that will define your career. If you want to be a really good fashion designer, you need to be designing as much as possible. This might involve researching, reading, writing, drawing, sketching, or making things. You need to be actively creative and expressive. Even if you’re working in an environment where you are unhappy, make sure you spend time practising. Do your best to ensure that you are spending time on the skills that will get you towards where you want to be. Practise your design skills by repetitively replicating historic costumes trends in order to learn more about their construction and develop a technique for it. Until you feel confident about your work, you could replicate the work of people you admire. 

Do It Yourself, Mentality

Seek mentoring from the best in the industry, and surround yourself with individuals who work hard. You don’t need a fortune to put on a show. Manage with what you have and think creatively with your ideas. Try to balance the business and creative components of your work. Remember to always extend your gratitude to the people who helped you along the way. Trust your instincts!

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Tips For A Successful Career In Fashion Design

You Are Not Alone!

Fashion is all about hard work, along with patience, focused steps towards your goal, and exploring new things. Working in the fashion industry is not about chasing a rags-to-riches dream. Perhaps the goal is starting your own business. Maybe you aspire to become part of a heritage brand like Burberry or perhaps you dream of new ways of portraying fashion for future generations. Only real determination can make your career in the fashion industry work for you. Being the brains behind fashion’s next trend might not be a possibility when you have just begun. Each day provides you with the opportunity to move one step further towards the career you truly want. Be brave and do not hesitate to try new things.

Don’t Be Afraid To Stand Out

Images presented by a lot of fashion media paint a picture of fictional glamour and perfection. However, in London, for example, there are equally as many kinds of fashion that are grounded, quirky, layered, complex and dark. There is a place for every niche and aesthetic. There’s a good chance there are other people around who feel just as passionate about something as you. Explore all the options and create something that is your own. 

And one of the last tips for a fashion career, commit to your work and you will be able to achieve your goals with hard work.

Careers In The Fashion Industry

  • Fashion Designer
  • Textile Designer
  • Pattern Maker
  • Textile Buyer
  • Head Designer
  • Independent Designer
  • Art Director (Fashion) 
  • Art Director (Press/Advert)

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Tips For A Fashion Career

Get A Head Start: Tips For A Fashion Career

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