15 Best Thrift Stores In London For Students

Thrift stores are a great place to find all kinds of items at low prices and you will find some of the best thrift stores in London

Thrift stores are a great place to find many items at low prices. These stores are a massive relief for an international student, as the items are affordable yet durable in the long run. They often fall within a student’s limited budget. And the best of them all—students can positively impact the environment! Those who are first-timers in London must be aware of the thrift stores available in and around London. 

In this blog, learn where and how to thrift in and around London with ease!

Top Thrift Stores In London 

London City has a wide range of thrift stores. Some of the best stores sell secondhand items like clothes and books. The stores may also offer furniture and household goods. You could go into any thrift store in London looking for something specific and successfully find that item at a fraction of the actual price. 

Check where the thrift stores are located in and around London: 

Pennies Vintage

Pennies Vintage features eveningwear and wedding dresses from before the 1960s. You can schedule an appointment to view the collection outside of regular hours. With a fee, you can also take photographs in vintage dresses. With its remarkable collection, Pennies Vintage is undoubtedly one of London’s best vintage clothing shops.

  • Address: 41A Amwell St, London, EC1R 1UR
  • Timings: Tuesday to Thursday, 11 AM to 7 PM; Friday to Saturday, 11 AM to 6 PM

Beyond Retro, Soho

Image Source: Beyond Retro

Beyond Retro is known for its commitment to recycling clothing. With over 7 million pieces, it is one of the most sustainable thrift stores in the city. The store offers an exchange programme, allowing you to trade in your old clothes for discounts, ensuring your wardrobe remains fresh and stylish. Featuring a unique vintage collection, Beyond Retro provides affordable clothing starting from just £1 and a 20% student discount for online purchases.

  • Address: 19-21 Argyll Street, London, W1F 7TR
  • Timings: Monday to Saturday, 10 AM to 8 PM; Sunday, 12 PM to 6 PM
  • Website: Beyond Retro‍

Atika London

Image Source: Akita London 

Akita (formerly known as the Blitz) is a beloved destination for thrift enthusiasts, thanks to its extensive selection of premium vintage clothing. Housed in a refurbished old furniture factory, the store’s building adds an aesthetically pleasing and distinctive touch to your thrifting experience in London. 

As one of the top second-hand shops in London, Atika has an immense collection of over 20,000 pieces, ranging from everyday wear to swimwear. With collaborations with independent designers, you’re sure to discover unique and individualistic pieces.

  • Address: 55-59 Hanbury Street, London, England, E1 5JP
  • Timings: Monday to Saturday, 11 AM to 7 PM; Sunday, 12 PM to 6 PM
  • Website: ATIKA London

The Brick Lane Vintage Market

Find a treasure of vintage clothing spanning from the 1920s to the ’90s. Numerous vendors offer a good selection, including glamorous furs, bridal attire, suits, vinyl records, and assorted accessories from around the globe. Students can find some unique items in the store.

  • Address: F Block, 85 Brick Lane, London, E1 6QL
  • Timings: Monday to Friday, 11 AM to 6:30 PM; Saturday, 11 AM to 6 PM; Sunday, 10 AM to 6 PM
  • Website: Brick Lane Vintage Market

A Dandy in Aspic

A Dandy in Aspic is a vintage boutique in Camden’s Stable Market. Here, you’ll discover a meticulously handpicked curated collection from 1900 to 1979. This remarkable thrift store also offers its collection for rental purposes. Whether for a special event or a themed gathering at a friend’s place, you can steal the spotlight and make a statement with authentic vintage attire. 

  • Address: Unit 748-749, North Yard, The Stable Market, Chalk Farm Road, NW1 8AH
  • Timings: Monday to Friday, 11 AM to 6:30 PM; Saturday & Sunday, 10 AM to 6:30 PM
  • Website: A Dandy in Aspic

Oxfam, Kentish Town

This establishment offers multiple products, including clothing, accessories, books, collectables, and furniture. Positioned as upscale thrift stores in London, Oxfam outlets provide affordability without compromising quality. They actively combat global poverty and encourage donations through dedicated donation centres. With numerous locations across London, supported by a dedicated team of volunteers and an online platform, engaging in purposeful thrifting in London has never been more accessible.

  • Address: 160 Kentish Town Road, Kentish Town, London, NW5 2AG
  • Timings: Monday to Saturday, 11 AM to 4 PM, Sunday closed
  • Website: Oxfam GB

Rokit Camden

Image Source: Rokit 

Since its modest beginnings in 1986, Rokit has played a pivotal role in the thrifting culture in London, continually expanding its collection of high-quality items across multiple locations. While the treasures you uncover may not be widely recognised, they are undoubtedly valuable. From dresses, belts, hats, and scarves to many options for men, Rokit’s collection caters to varied tastes. With regular promotions and a year-round 10% student discount, Rokit has become the preferred destination for thrifty shoppers.

  • Address: 225 Camden High Street, London, NW1 7BU
  • Timings: Monday To Sunday, 10 AM to 6 PM
  • Website: Rokit Vintage Clothing

Triad London

Triad, a unique blend of charity and thrift stores, has established itself as one of London’s leading sustainable thrift destinations by repurposing waste into funds. Triad has diverted over 3000 tons of waste from landfills and incineration through its efforts. The Triad store in Camden has an exceptional range of second-hand and vintage items for both men and women. 

  • Address: 154 Camden High Street, London, NW1 0NE
  • Timings: Monday to Saturday, 11 AM – 7 PM; Sunday, 12 PM – 6 PM
  • Website: TRAID

Paper Dress Vintage

Paper Dress Vintage presents a great selection of vintage clothing from the 1920s to the 1980s, complemented by an on-site bar. The store showcases a meticulously curated collection of dresses, shoes, handbags, and gloves, all hand-sourced and displayed on charmingly mismatched racks. On Saturdays, patrons can use affordable alteration services for a perfect fit and access to makeup and hairstyling amenities. Additionally, the store hosts parties, adding to its distinct and memorable ambience.

Reign Vintage

Since its establishment in 2002, Reign Vintage has been dedicated to providing the public with an accessible and dependable collection, allowing individuals to cultivate their unique vintage style. Recognising the growing demand, Reign Vintage recently launched its online thrift store, catering to a broader customer base. Sourced from various suppliers throughout Europe, each item undergoes rigorous quality checks and thorough cleaning before being made available for purchase.

  • Address: 12 Berwick Street, Soho, London W1F 0PN 
  • Timings: Monday to Saturday, 11 AM to 8 PM; Sunday, 11 AM to 7 PM 
  • Website: Reign Vintage


FARA, a charitable organisation, strives to support vulnerable, disadvantaged, and homeless youth while addressing poverty in Romania through its impactful initiatives. Alongside its successful initiatives, FARA has made substantial contributions to the cause through its multiple thrift stores in London. As popular hangout spots for Londoners, FARA stores have flourished thanks to generous donations and offer their goods at affordable prices, making them integral to the thrifting scene in London.


You’ll find a unique collection of vintage clothing and accessories from various decades, ensuring a one-of-a-kind style that can’t be replicated at this store. This exclusive selection allows you to flaunt your individuality. The online thrift store also offers gift cards, making them the perfect present for someone looking to enhance their distinctiveness.

  • Address: 14-18 Neal Street, WC2H 9LY London, Covent Garden
  • Timings: Monday to Saturday, 10 AM to 8 PM; Sunday, 11 AM to 6 PM 
  • Website: PICKNWEIGHT


Scope offers a list of second-hand and new items with a mission to advocate for equality for disabled individuals. Their stores feature various products, including clothing, footwear, electronics, accessories, and more. Scope also operates an online thrift store to access its collection at affordable prices conveniently. Additionally, individuals can contribute to the cause by donating their items. With its extensive offerings and commitment to social impact, Scope thrift stores offer ample opportunities for regular visits.

  • Address: 73 Camden High Street, Camden, London, NW1 7JL
  • Timings: Monday to Saturday, 9:30 AM to 6 PM; Sunday, 12 PM to 6 PM
  • Website: Scope 


Retromania, managed by the FARA Charity, has a mix of retro and vintage items sourced from various FARA thrift stores across London. Its impressive collection includes iconic designer pieces from renowned brands such as Chanel, Marc Jacobs, Pierre Cardin, etc. 

  • Address: 6 Upper Tachbrook Street Victoria, London, SW1V 1SH
  • Timings: Monday to Sunday, 10 AM to 6 PM
  • Website: Retromania

Annie’s Vintage Clothes

With renowned designers like Ralph Lauren and John Galliano among its clientele, including regulars like Kate Moss, Annie’s has earned its reputation as one of the top second-hand shops in London. Upon entering, visitors are greeted by a charming display of flowers, fabrics, and flowing dresses, creating an unforgettable shopping experience. On lucky days, shoppers may discover treasures like antique lace and beaded flowers from Paris, priced under 15 pounds. For those seeking a vintage touch for their wedding, Annie’s also offers 1920s lace wedding dresses. 

  • Address: Annie’s, 12 Camden Passage, Islington, N1 8ED
  • Timings: Monday to Sunday, 11 AM to 6 PM
  • Website: Annie’s

Why Must One Thrift?

People who choose to thrift are lowering a significant financial burden. Especially for international students, buying pre-loved items rather than new ones is a breeze due to the marginally reduced price. Here are some more reasons why one must go thrifting: 

  • Sustainability: Thrifting promotes recycling and reduces waste, making it an eco-friendly shopping choice.
  • Affordability: Second-hand items are usually much cheaper than new ones, allowing you to save money while getting quality products.
  • Unique Finds: Thrift stores offer a wide range of unique and vintage items you won’t find in regular stores, helping you stand out with one-of-a-kind pieces.
  • Support for Charities: Many thrift stores are run by charitable organisations, so your purchases often help support good causes.
  • Creativity: Thrifting encourages creativity, as you can find and repurpose items in new and imaginative ways.
  • Treasure Hunt Experience: The thrill of discovering hidden gems and unexpected treasures adds a fun, adventurous element to shopping.

Three Best Areas To Thrift In London

Students can plan their thrifting days location-wise, as most shops are in and around a single area. Save money on multiple trips and fish about these popular shops in three places. Check them here: 

  1. Sloane Square (Chelsea): Located on the district line, Sloane Square in Chelsea is known for its upscale thrift shopping experience, offering second-hand designer clothes and premium thrift finds. The British Red Cross shop on Old Church Street is a standout choice in this area, known for its designer pieces and vintage selection.
  2. Notting Hill Gate: Notting Hill Gate, accessible via the central line, district line, and circle line, is a vibrant thrift shopping destination with a mix of thrift stores, vintage shops, and the famous Portobello Market. Oxfam in Notting Hill is a must-visit, offering designer accessories and high-end high-street brands at affordable prices.
  3. Carnaby (Mind): Mind in Carnaby is a central London thrift store specialising in higher-end pieces, including designer and high-quality clothing. This store is ideal for those looking for unique and stylish thrift finds in a central location.

Tips To Thrift Efficiently 

While thrift stores are efficient on their own, there are other ways students can save and splurge. The tips below can help one understand how to make the most of visiting a thrift store!

  • Dress Comfortably: Choose versatile clothing like a light t-shirt and skirt to try on items over your outfit easily. An all-black ensemble works well as it matches everything.
  • Fabric Quality: While browsing, use your sense of touch to identify high-quality fabrics and better brands. Higher-quality brands typically offer superior fabric.
  • Check Sizes: Bring a tape measure, as vintage and thrift store items often have mislabeled or incorrect sizes. Use the “neck rule” to estimate waistband fit by wrapping it around your neck.
  • Shop Out-of-Season: Look for off-season items first. High-volume thrift stores often can only store them in the appropriate season. 
  • Reusable Bags: Bring reusable shopping bags to carry potential purchases. Sanitise your hands frequently. 
  • Early Bird: Arrive early to browse new items as they’re released. Follow any rules set by the store staff.
  • Specific Goals: Have a clear goal, such as searching for a particular item or brand. Be selective about what you purchase.
  • Accept Imperfection: Understand that some items may not fit perfectly once you get them home. Given thrift store prices, it’s okay to re-donate items that don’t work out.


1. Is London good for thrifting?

Yes, London is an excellent location for thrifting. The city is filled with a variety of vintage and used goods stores.

2. What do they call thrift stores in London?

Londoners frequently refer to thrift businesses as “charity shops” or “second-hand shops.”

3. Where can you buy cheap brands in London?

London’s East End, Camden Market, and Brick Lane are well-known locations to buy budget-friendly products.

4. How do you shop on a budget in London?

If you’re trying to buy in London on a tight budget, consider visiting street markets, hunting for deals and discounts, and perusing thrift stores for one-of-a-kind items.

5. What do visitors to London like to buy?

Shopping for souvenirs in London is popular, especially for items like tea, British chocolates, apparel, accessories, and relics like the red phone box or double-decker bus.

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Thrift stores are a great place to find all kinds of items at low prices and you will find some of the best thrift stores in London

15 Best Thrift Stores In London For Students

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