List of Best Things to do in Kingston Upon Thames 2024

Things To Do In Kingston Upon Thames

Kingston upon Thames is located in the historical county of Surrey and  is situated exactly on the River Thames, 33m above sea level. Listening to live music while walking along the river are two things to do in Kingston upon Thames but there’s a lot more to this charming old town. 

12 miles from central London, this town is home to some of the best tourist attractions such as Windsor Castle, Stonehenge and Thorne Park. The city is also famous for leisure and relaxation activities with fun-filled nightlife. 

If you are new in town and are looking for fun things to do in Kingston upon Thames, read this article till the end to chart out a perfect day for yourself in this town. 

What To Do In Kingston Upon Thames?

Wimbledon Lawn Tennis Museum 

Located 4.5 miles from Kingston upon Thames, one must visit the Wimbledon Lawn Tennis for it is a background to the world’s favourite tennis tournament and one of the most celebrated venues in London. 

Moreover, while you visit this museum, you will be able to examine the original championship trophies that are awarded every year. You can also make virtual visits to museums such as this one and look forward into the future to give a glimpse into what is yet to come. You will also be able to view the new addition to the museum  CentreCourt360, added in 2009 an interactive gallery located in the northeast of the new-look stadium. 

Visit The Rose Theatre 

Things To Do In Kingston Upon Thames

Inspired by a theatre once used by Shakespeare, the Rose Theatre is the most recent addition to the offerings of this city. You must definitely prioritise visiting the Rose Theatre in your list of things to do in Kingston upon Thames. The theatre is famous for giving the audience a closer-up view of its productions, this character-filled theatre boasts it be an open stage, also commonly known as a “thrust stage”, which was inspired by the design of Elizabethan Rose Theatre in Bankside, where the plays of Shakespeare and Christopher Marlowe were once performed.

Experience Sea Life @ Chessington 

The Chessington Zoo will allow you to come face-to-face with over 1,000 incredible animals that include penguins, gorillas, lions, tigers, monkeys, birds and more. You can also watch sharks swim over your head and be close to a stingray at the Aquatic Sea Life Centre. Visiting this zoo and aquarium of sorts is one of the most fun things to do in Kingston upon Thames. 

Spot The Stonehenge 

Things To Do In Kingston Upon Thames

Stonehenge is one of the world’s most talked-about prehistoric monuments. The construction dates back to 3100 BCE and you must spend time in the visitor’s centre before viewing this site. The interpretive displays and exhibits here tell stories about the monument and explain the popular debates about its possible prehistoric uses.

Your trip to Stonehenge needs to be planned and you need not worry about how you will reach there since the site uses a shuttle bus service for its visitors. Moreover, the entrance of the site has a cafe for snacking and drinking coffee. If you buy your tickets early, you will not have to wait in line to visit Stonehenge. 

Thorpe Park 

This is a family-themed park for children and adults. One of the UK’s most famous adventure parks is located near Kingston upon Thames. This park offers over 25 exhilarating rides for the entire family and holds the record for the fastest acceleration of any European roller coaster.

The park also features Europe’s biggest and scariest roller coaster, ie., the Swarm. Visiting Thorpe Park can take up your entire day and needs to be planned in advance. If you haven’t planned in advance and still want the fun to last for the entire night, you can stay at the park’s on-site hotel that offers simple and affordable accommodation to all its visitors. 

Queen Charlotte’s Cottage 

Things To Do In Kingston Upon Thames

This cottage was built in the year 1772 and was used by the Royal Family as a summer getaway home. Also known as the Kew Gardens which is on the riverside setting placed in the midst of an expansive 300-acre ground made of glasshouses, it forms an idyllic setting for both the palace and cottage. Admission to the palace and cottage is only available through the gardens and you can make a day of it, explore the palace, wander around the gardens and have a picnic.

River Side Walk 

One of the most cliche yet fun things to do in Kingston upon Thames is walking along the river. Kingston upon Thames is an excellent location for students looking for affordable accommodation with easy access to the city centre. 

If you live around this area, you will be well acquainted with its several restaurants and bars offering cuisines from all over the world. Once you are done with your brunch or lunch, you must take a scenic walk along the river. The Canbury Garden is a popular site for walking and is framed by trees and beautiful grasslands, this park will become your new favourite place to visit especially during the spring and summer months.

Kingston’s Ancient Market 

Kingston’s Ancient Market dates back to the 13th century and holds 28 permanent stalls which are open for business seven days a week. The market is perfect for tourists and students looking to browse for some hidden gems, or picking up some food ingredients or just enjoying the ambience of the market. This place is for you if you have a weakness for the sugary delights of baked goods and will satisfy your urges with a selection of homemade bread and dishes. 

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Things To Do In Kingston Upon Thames

List of Best Things to do in Kingston Upon Thames 2024

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