The Importance Of Student Health & Wellness

How To Improve Mental Health

‘The college phase’ is considered to be a time of great opportunity in a person’s life, but many students are unaware of what they can do to help themselves take advantage of all of it. With academics as a priority, trying to bring about a balance between learning and extracurricular activities may take a toll on your health. Moreover, the pandemic has brought about more awareness on the importance of student health and wellness which is why this article stresses the need to equally focus on your health when studying. 

One of the first steps is to simply take care of yourself, because the transition to a college campus, dorm life, roommates, and peer relationships can all put a serious strain on a college student’s health. Physical health and nutrition are two aspects that are neglected but also play a very important role in a student’s life. Read on to know more about focusing on student health and wellness.

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Common Health Issues Faced By Students

There are times when we as students tend to ignore minute concerns like short sleep hours, late eating hours, lesser intake of food & water, or even not exercising. During the initial phase of your college life, balancing coursework along with other commitments and responsibilities could be extremely daunting. Your academics tend to overshadow the need to focus on student health which is when minor health issues surface. As students, we tend to not address such issues under the assumption that this is the way of life. However, they have a bigger impact later and convert to major health issues. We have listed a few of them below –

  • Lack of sleep
  • Poor eating habits
  • Physical and Mental stress
  • Anxiety
  • Lack of hydration

Do any of these worries ring a bell? While you may have student health insurance to help pay off the exorbitant medical expenses, you can always avoid it by taking prior precautions. Consider the benefits of focusing on your personal health and fitness today if you haven’t done so in the past. Consider how you may modify your present habits to go on a more positive path towards student health.

Importance Of Mental Health

College students are also concerned about their mental health. Issues ranging from stress and anxiety to eating disorders and addiction may have a substantial and negative influence on students’ lives. Colleges and universities, fortunately, offer a wide range of support and associated services; additional resources may be accessed through state and municipal authorities, as well as independent groups.  

Importance Of Physical Health

Physical health entails taking care of your body and ensuring that it functions properly. Maintaining your physical health demands focusing on two main areas: obtaining adequate exercise and adopting excellent sleeping habits. Consider the advantages of these activities, as well as the tools available to assist you, in the sections below.

Exercising & Staying Fit

Increased physical strength, stamina, and weight loss are a few of the more obvious advantages of exercise, but there are also more reasons why it should be part of your daily routine. We’ve listed a few benefits of exercising at uni from a young stage –

  • Reduces stress
  • Boosts brain-power
  • Helps improve your mood
  • Betters the quality of your sleep
  • Increases metabolism

Use The Available Resources

Making use of the facilities available at your universities such as the fitness centres and gyms is a great start to focusing on student health. Since most of these facilities are provided by the college at low cost or for free, it gets easier for you to get a membership. Scheduling a one-on-one session with the fitness instructor will help you get an in-depth understanding of how your body works and what you can focus on to stay fit.

Participating in sports programmes allows you to join teams and compete at various ability levels. The sports available vary at every university, but they commonly include basketball, flag football, kickball, and badminton. Meeting other students is an added benefit of visiting your university health service centre or joining an intramural team. This may be a terrific place to meet new people while also getting in shape.

Setting Right Your Sleep Schedule

According to a survey conducted by The Better Sleep Council, 82 per cent of respondents would “consider one extra hour of sleep at night to be somewhat or highly beneficial.” These days, we have packed schedules and generally sleep less. Unfortunately, a lack of sleep leads to a slew of difficulties, ranging from lower energy and productivity to increased stress and health concerns. Taking breaks while studying is mandatory to eliminate monotony. These are some of the consequences of lack of sleep – 

  • Accidents at work and behind the wheel
  • Slower cognitive activities, such as focus and critical thinking
  • Increased risk of sicknesses, such as heart disease, high blood pressure, diabetes, and depression
  • Memory loss
  • Weight gain
  • Impaired judgement

Impact Of Nutrition

student health

What you eat and drink has a direct influence on your entire health and fitness. You can enhance your level of nutrition by supplying your body with the balance of resources it requires to grow and avoid sickness, just like you can improve your level of exercise and sleep. Begin your own good health effort right now by being more aware of the consequences of poor nutrition and modifying your eating habits.

Here’s what poor nutrition can do to you –

  • Impaired Brain Functionality
  • Sickness & Diseases
  • Lack of energy

Eating a diet rich in essential supplements might be difficult. However, you can always eat healthy snacks at your dormitory, most of which are inexpensive. Supplements with a high concentration of vitamins, minerals, and herbal substances are a simple way to supplement your diet; nevertheless, students should exercise caution. In the process of focusing on student health, side effects can arise, for example, if you take these supplements with prescriptions or have a pre-existing health problem.

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How To Improve Mental Health

The Importance Of Student Health & Wellness

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