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Restaurants In Vancouver

The diverse population of Vancouver is reflected in the global cuisine found in the restaurants in Vancouver scattered throughout the city. These restaurants provide a casual dining experience with an affordable price point and relaxed atmosphere. Vancouverites love good soul food. If you want to relish some delicious meals, here is a list of the top tier restaurants in Vancouver that will help you get started on where to find solid food. 

Everything from Italian to Indian can be found at these restaurants. What are you waiting for? Fasten your seat belts to chow down at these top restaurants in Vancouver:

Top 10 Restaurants in Vancouver 2023

1. Hawksworth Restaurant

Location: 801 West Georgia Street 

Cost: CAN$31 to CAN$50

Best Dishes: Soft Vanilla Custard Along With The Buddha’s Hand, Sesame, and Pink Grapefruit.

Why Visit: Chef David Hawksworth is known for his skills in the kitchen. Premium quality ingredients sourced locally are used to prepare the dishes at the restaurant. Each plate at the restaurant is a piece of culinary art, and the food is prepared using different bold flavours. The dining room of the restaurant exudes style and sophistication, while the service is warm and gracious. The restaurant is open for breakfast, lunch, and dinner, providing an incredible dining experience.

2. Savio Volpe

Location: 615 Kingsway

Cost: CAN$8 to CAN$60

Best Dishes: Aperol Spritz Bread With Olives

Why Visit: Savio Volpe is a restaurant that is styled after the osteria. The restaurant serves the Italian tradition of regionality and freshness, using groceries that are gathered in the oceans, lakes, and farms. The restaurant’s space was designed by Craig Stanghetta, the local wunderkind behind gorgeous spots in Vancouver. Savio Volpe has a simple and unpretentious menu featuring meats grilled over a wood fire, and homemade pasta using market-fresh ingredients. The wine list includes wine from Barbera to Barolo which can be easily ordered in the glass.

Blue Water Cafe $ Raw Bar

3. Blue Water Cafe $ Raw Bar

Location: 1095 Hamilton St Vancouver

Cost: CAN$31 to CAN$80

Best Dishes: Seafood And Sablefish With A Miso Sake Glaze

Why Visit: Blue Water Cafe & Raw Bar is one of the best restaurants in Vancouver because the meal served here is consistently excellent. Impeccable service and crisp white linen set the stage for the meal to remember in this inviting and warm restaurant. The raw bar can satisfy your sushi cravings, while the seafood on ice makes for a great starter. From caviar and oysters to the most delicious seafood towers, there is no dearth of choice. You can also enjoy the variety of wines served by the restaurant. The restaurant carries over 1,000 labels and has a cellar of 14,000 bottles.

4. Bao Bei Chinese Brasserie

Location: 163 Keefer St Vancouver

Cost: CAN$11 to CAN$25

Best Dishes: Shao Bing Lamb Flatbread

Why Visit: Bao Bei Chinese Brasserie is one of the few restaurants in Vancouver which offers a western twist on the Chinese classics. The atmosphere of the restaurant is comfortable and lively. You can start your meal with Sichuan cucumbers which are light and refreshing. Shao Bing Lamb Flatbread with pickled red onion, cumin lamb sirloin, green pepper, salted chilies, and cilantro is to die for. The restaurant’s wine, cocktail, and beer list are a bonus to this spot. 

5. Ancora Waterfront Dining And Patio

Location: 1600 Howe Street #2 V

Cost: CAN$50 to CAN$60

Best Dishes: Lobster And Shrimp, Ancora Glacier

Why Visit: Ricardo Valverde, the chef of Ancora Waterfront Dining And Patio

brings decades of culinary experience to the food prepared at the restaurant. Chef Yoshihiro Tabo is from Japan and leads the raw bar of the restaurant, bringing years of incredible talent. This duo effortlessly blends Peruvian and Japanese cultures using sustainable ingredients from global and local suppliers. The decor of the restaurant offers a gentle nod with light wood, soft blues, and sand-inspired neutrals. The seafood of the restaurant is the main attraction. The main dishes of the restaurant use ingredients like uni, Dungeness crab, and sablefish.

6. Phnom Penh

Location: 244 E Georgia Street 

Cost: CAN$15- CAN$60

Best Dishes: Salt And Pepper Chicken Wings

Why Visit: Phnom Penh is one of the busiest restaurants in Vancouver and is widely known for its crispy wings. The fried chicken wings make for a mouthwatering dish. The crispy batter and light batter keep the wings juicy, and the green onions and sauteed garlic add extra flavour. The marinated butter beef of this restaurant is also a must-try dish made up of medium rare beef topped with a blanket of brown garlic, cilantro, and the special sauce of Phnom Penh’s. You can try delicious food at reasonable prices.

7. Les Faux Bourgeois

Location: 663 E 15th Ave Vancouver, BC V5T 2R6

Cost: CAN$8- CAN$16

Best Dishes: Escargot And Appetisers 

Why Visit: Les Faux Bourgeois is a favourite dining place among Vancouverites because the food prepared at the restaurant is excellent and affordable. The dishes served are ample in quantity and quality. The restaurant is incredibly reasonable for the service, quality, and ambiance. The menu of the restaurant features traditional French dishes like mussels in white wine, canard confit, and coq au vin. Appetisers include escargots de Bourgogne, country-style pork pate, and other options.

8. Miku

Location: 70-200 Granville St Vancouver, BC V6C 1S4

Cost: CAN$31 to CAN$50

Best Dishes: Saikyo Miso Baked Sablefish 

Why Visit: Miku Restaurant is one of the most famous restaurants in Vancouver, which has made a name for itself by serving the best fine-dining Japanese in the city. Miku was the first restaurant to start serving sushi, and it has become a popular sushi style amongst the Vancouverites. The menu of the restaurant is chock-full of tasty dishes. The miso-baked sablefish with braised vegetables, dashi broth shrimp dumplings, ouzo-miso reduction, and miso foam are excellent to try. 

9. Tavola

Location: 1829 Robson St Vancouver

Cost: CAN$30 to CAN$64

Best Dishes: House-Made Pastas And Meat

Why Visit: Tavola is a West End neighbourhood restaurant that serves Italian food with high-quality ingredients. The dining room of the restaurant reflects a convivial atmosphere. There is often a line-up during the peak hours at this restaurant. The quality of ingredients used in preparing the dishes are top notch, and the price point is also a bonus. The food can compete with the fancy Italian restaurants in Vancouver. 

10. Espana Restaurant

Location: 1118 Denman Street 

Cost: CAN$23 to CAN$37

Best Dishes: Tapas, Paella

Why Visit: Espana restaurant is known for providing the best toast with marinated white anchovies and chicken liver pate. Chickpeas make the best snack to nibble on while you wait for the next items to come out. The menu of the restaurant changes from time to time, utilising what’s fresh in the season. The ambiance of the restaurant is perfect for providing you with warm and cosy vibes.

If you are a foodie and have been hunting for the best restaurants in Vancouver, the above mentioned gems will let you try the best flavours in Vancouver. Most popular food spots in Vancouver have been mentioned in the list above which are definitely worth the money. 

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Restaurants In Vancouver

Best Restaurants in Vancouver 2024 – UniAcco

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