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Restaurants in Toronto

Toronto defies classification because it is one of the most culturally diverse cities in the world. You may find all trendsetter cuisines in most restaurants in Toronto. As Canada’s largest city, Toronto maintains its status as a moving target, whereas other global capitals have instantly recognizable cuisines. Some of the top-notch restaurants in Toronto include: 

Top 12 Restaurants in Toronto

1. Canoe Restaurant and Bar

Location: Wellington Street

Cost: 51$-175$

Best Dishes: Bison strip loin sandwich And Evergreen Mille

Why Visit: While it would be tempting for one of the best restaurants in Toronto with the stunning view to take things for granted, Canoe’s food is as acclaimed as its expansive views. Canoe has contributed to the definition of contemporary Canadian cuisine by constantly procuring some of the best wild and domestic foods in the nation. Canoe’s cuisine is an exciting, unexpected, and wonderful celebration of tastes and ingredients from all over Canada. 

2. Wonton Hut

Location: Queen St

Cost: 31$-65$

Best Dishes: Delicious bowls of swishy shrimp balls paired with noodles in hot broth are Toronto’s greatest wonton soup. These typical Cantonese dumplings come in a variety of sizes and are always a filling lunch. They can be filled with ground pork, shrimp, or both. 

Why Visit: The wonton noodle soup is the specialty of Wonton Hut, a restaurant on Queen Street West close to Bathurst. They also offer a laksa soup base, fish balls, and beef brisket. Round or thin noodles are available to you. Their original location was in Markham, and this is their second. The tiny restaurant serves lunch and dinner and has room for roughly 18 patrons. They also accept credit cards and cash.

3. Avelo Restaurant

Location: Nicholas Street

Cost: 125$

Best Dishes: A lovely trio of ravioli features a triple dose of truffle: the stuffing of the mushrooms, the purée of the cauliflower, and the garnish of fresh slices. A pineapple reduction, but not necessarily a stringy net of dried zucchini, adds interest to seafoam-green lettuce slices.

Why Visit: Avelo is the most-known plant-based restaurant among all restaurants in Toronto that even carnivores can support. In addition, it also has a warm atmosphere, excellent service culture, and a creative menu. This elegant yet unpretentious plant-based restaurant, housed in a typical Toronto Victorian townhouse, exemplifies everything perfect about Church-Wellesley Village. It’s fun and trendy and shows that new eating habits can be as fulfilling as traditional ones. 

4. Ho Ho BBQ

Location: Midland Avenue

Cost: 70$ or under 

Best Dishes: Lumpia, unique roasted chicken, BBQ pork, sizzling hot meat balls.

Why Visit: Ho Ho BBQ is a tiny, traditional Chinese roast/bbq hog and duck restaurant that serves delicious, basic Chinese cuisine. Chinese takeout joint Ho Ho BBQ serves steamed chicken, roast pig, and other informal Asian fares. Why You Must Eat at This Restaurant is because this incredibly straightforward restaurant is a go-to for classic casual dining due to its distinctive roasted beef.

5. Grey Gardens

Location: Augusta eve

Cost: 100$-150$

Best Dishes: Good oysters, smoked fish, and coleslaw.

Why Visit: Grey Gardens is one of the antique restaurants in Toronto and lives up to its bohemian-luxe Kensington Market locale. No reservations are necessary, so drop by after work for a rare Sauternes and a snack, or bring a friend for a leisurely supper in the back dining room (reservations only).

6. The Stockyards

Location: Keele Street

Cost: 21$-80$

Best Dishes: The Stockyards’ Butter Burger, topped with bone marrow, butter, and blue cheese made by owner Tom Davis, is a favorite in Toronto. Fried chicken and Tom’s version of the BLT, the Bat sandwich, are other well-liked menu items.

Why Visit: For 70 years, The Stockyards has offered the finest hand-cut matured steaks and prime rib among all the restaurants in Toronto. Wild game, seafood, poultry, pork, and a vast selection of appetizers, salads, and desserts are also available on the menu.

7. Oji Seichi

Location: Broadview Avenue

Cost: 40$-70$

Best Dishes: Pink peppercorn, rhubarb, duck breast and parsnip. 

Why Visit: Ramen appears to be very simple, but it has many moving elements, all of which Oji Seichi masterfully handles. Chef Mitch Bates provides his own version of the popular soupy, noodle dish in this quaint location in Toronto’s East Chinatown, where a huge number of foodies have followed Bates from Momofuku, Grey Gardens, and eventually. Oji Seichi offers a type of ramen which is unique among all the restaurants in Toronto.

8. Itacate

Location: St Claire Ave

Cost: 40$

Best Dishes: Consider a pambazo, a sandwich with chorizo, potato, lettuce, cheese, and crema on a fried bun with a mild guajillo sauce on top.

Why Visit: There is nothing wrong with Itacate’s simplicity and emphasis on fresh ingredients. You’ll need to buy a few of these because the meat is fresh, the tortillas are soft and warm, and there is a wide variety of salsas to choose from, all with varied spice levels and flavour profiles.

9. Pukka

Location: St Claire Ave

Cost: 30$ and over

Best Dishes: A delicious heap of chai-caramel goodness—a sticky toffee pudding that is out of this world. 

Why Visit: Chef Dinesh Butola’s elegant yet approachable Indian fare at Pukka features dishes such as sliced paneer with shiitake mushrooms, spinach, and pistachios, as well as slow-braised beef short ribs with cumin, cloves, and cardamom. For a fantastic experience, choose a wine from the excellent wine list, which has a wide range of fairly priced bottles that can blend well the strong flavours from the kitchen. 

10. Frank’s Pizza House

Location: St Claire Ave

Cost: $300-$475

Best Dishes: New York style pizza, hand tossed pan pizza.

Why Visit:  The unique stretched and hand-tossed New York-style pizza features a traditional cheese shimmer, ruddy pepperoni with burnished edges, and a toothsome texture. This is not really common in all of the restaurants in Toronto. Taverniti’s deep-fried panzerotti are the ultimate indulgence. They look like soft doughnuts loaded with gooey mozzarella and are golden brown with bubble-like puffs around the edges and a mile-long cheese pull.

11. Constantine

Location: Charles st

Cost: $68

Best Dishes: A few standout dishes are the braised rabbit pappardelle, the well-roasted sweet potatoes with fresh figs, the creamy fire-roasted eggplant, and the grilled halloumi with chickpea fritters and a hearty shmear of labneh.

Why Visit: Constantine is extremely famous for its vegetarian dishes. Due to the vibrant ambience and lip smacking food, it is definitely worth the hype. Also, it is regarded as the best one for casual dining and there are a lot of bestseller dishes.

12. Mimi Chinese

Location: Davenport Road

Cost: 60$

Best Dishes: Beef Noodles

Why Visit: Mimi, which means “beautiful, lovely” in Chinese, is stunning. With its trio of striking colors—ruby-red banquettes, white lotus flowers, and black lacquered tables—the alluring room stimulates the senses. The show never takes away from the food, which all pays respect to different parts of China. Silky four-foot belt noodles mixed in a home-made, slow-burn chile oil from Shaanxi Province are among the delectable options. Three days are required to create the time-consuming char siu, which is then gleaming with a coating of wildflower honey when it is served. 

Toronto’s culinary culture constantly defies the odds by recovering. You will discover that this food scene at restaurants in Toronto actually has something for everyone, from top-notch omakase to approachable ramen restaurants, greasy-spoon stalwarts to glitzy outposts like the recently rebuilt Park Hyatt.

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Restaurants in Toronto

Best Restaurants in Toronto 2024 – UniAcco

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