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In recent years, veganism has changed drastically. From fast food to haute cuisine, a slew of the best cooks is going above and beyond to turn vegan eating on its head, demonstrating that it can be beautiful, colourful, and vibrant, with flavours to match. There’s vegan pasta, vegan pizza, vegan sushi restaurants, and so much more — meat may be off the menu, but good eating isn’t. Vegan Restaurants in Toronto include a handful of spots that you should try at least once, even if you aren’t vegan. Anyone who enjoys good food will be pleased with a meal at any of these establishments, so we suggest you skip the meat for a night and try one of these places. 

List Of Toronto’s Fashion Districts Vegan Restaurants

LOV Restaurant: LOV is a brightly lit spot with large windows, white walls, beautiful brass finishings, and lush plants — befitting its location on King West’s chic restaurant row. The menu billed as “fast-fine,” features a wide variety of cuisines, trying to offer something for everyone. Comfort foods from the best vegetarian restaurants in Toronto include mushroom risotto and Mac’ n’ Cheese which are served alongside tacos, curry, and, of course, avocado toast. We recommend you to try the Big LOV Cheeseburger, a black bean patty topped with tomato, Boston lettuce, mixed greens, red onion, pickle, big LOV sauce, and vegan mozzarella.

Parka Food Co: Parka reinvents comfort food classics as wholesome and plant-based, still delectably decadent. Being one of the best vegan restaurants in Toronto, Parka is on a mission to make healthy eating an easier, more enjoyable experience. In addition to the standard flavours, creamy Mac ‘n’ cashew cheese is also available with truffle mushrooms and broccoli pesto. With options like the portobello mushroom patty loaded with chipotle aioli, onion rings, guacamole, organic arugula, and plum tomato, biting into a juicy burger is also a way to get your veggies. Along with cashew cheese and mushroom gravy poutine, the menu also features vegan food in Toronto like hearty chilli, salads, and bowls.

Pizzeria Du: Given how mouthwateringly good the plant-based pizzas are, Pizzeria Du’s narrative is just as heartwarming as its food. The Queen Street restaurant is run by the same group as Avelo, the upscale vegan Italian restaurant famous for its vegan hazelnut ice cream with gold flakes and sea salt. However, this time, it’s the humble pizza that gets a plant-based makeover. The restaurant’s name honours the late Avelo chef Dualco and is housed inside the new Osteria Du.

Vegan Restaurants in Toronto

List Of Toronto’s Entertainment Districts Vegan Restaurants

Rosalinda: The star of Toronto’s vegan movement is Rosalinda’s colourful meat-free menu. It is one of the best vegan restaurants in Toronto and you can anticipate Latin-inspired dishes like warm guajillo chilli noodles tossed in a finger-licking crispy garlic dressing and meaty mushroom birria tacos.

Planta Queen: Vegans no longer have to settle for the most uninteresting sushi; at Planta Queen, one of the best vegetarian restaurants in Toronto, they can now fulfil their sashimi fantasies. The texture and flavour of the ahi watermelon nigiri are similar to that of raw fish, while the dragon roll is filled with tempura broccoli, spinach, and fiery unagi sauce. The menu of plant-based fare from chef David Lee includes all the greatest hits from Asian cuisine, including General Lee’s Cauliflower, BangBang Broccoli, and wonton soup in a mushroom broth. Eat the dumplings and udon noodles with a coconut cream flavoured with truffles.

LosCo Vegan: At LosCo, the newest incarnation of Assembly Chef’s Hall restaurant Los Colibris, run by Top Chef Canada contestant Elia Herrera, an all-vegan, all-delicious churro twist is the order of the day. The menu of the vegan restaurants in Toronto transforms traditional dishes into modern plant-based fare by drawing on Herrera’s Mexican heritage and contemporary training. Think acai bowls, coconut chia bowls, and young coconut ceviche — this is healthy food, but not in the way you might expect.

List Of Toronto’s Trinity Bellwoods Vegan Restaurants

Bloomer’s: This well-known vegan bakery’s second location emphasises Bloomer’s sweeter side with vegan pastries, cakes, and those delicious doughnuts that are hand-made each morning. Start your day off right with seasonal specials like pecan butter tart and banana pudding or doughnut flavours like rose pistachio and cinnamon sugar. Since the flavours change every day, you’re never sure what to expect at these vegan restaurants in Toronto.

Fat Choi: Since 2013, the family-run Soos restaurant has been a favourite in Ossington, and their twice-weekly plant-based pop-up Fat Choi is so delicious that it can turn any meat-lover into a plantaholic. The name Fat Choi literally means “plant-based prosperity” and was inspired by Chinese food from Malaysia. Char kaway teow, char siu bao on a Chinese steamed bun with pickled vegetables, sloppy jacks with bourbon barbecue jackfruit, samba mayo, and kimchi are just a few of the dishes you can expect to find on their weekly rotating menu.

Hello 123: Happy food and happy times are what Hello 123 promises, which is a pretty bold statement. Irene’s Massive Breakfast, a feast of a chickpea and kale omelette in ranchero sauce, roasted wedges, pancakes, seared tempeh, and a side salad, is a dish that laughs in the face of hunger at Hello 123, one of the best vegan restaurants in Toronto.

These are the top vegan restaurants in Toronto, and we can confidently say that the vegan scene there is among the best in the world. It’s a city that is incredibly welcoming to vegans, and there are many delicious plant-based food options available. In addition to the largest vegan food festival in North America, there are vegan restaurants that specialise in the best vegan food in Toronto like pizza, Mexican food, comfort food, and pizza.


Q1. Is Toronto good for vegans?

Ans: Toronto has been named one of the world’s best cities for vegans. While there are numerous vegan restaurants throughout the city, the success of vegan eats in Toronto may be more about community and diversity than flavour and offerings.

Q2. What is the vegan capital of the world?

Ans: Brighton has been named the vegan capital of the world for the first time in history. The iconic seaside city outperformed plant-based powerhouses such as Seattle and Berlin to claim the top spot in the global rankings.

Q3. Is it easy to be a vegan in Toronto?

Ans: It’s a vegan-friendly city with plenty of options for those looking for delicious plant-based foods. The city is famous for vegan pizza restaurants, Mexican food, comfort food, and the largest vegan food festival in North America.

Q4. Is a vegan diet affordable?

Ans: A common misconception is that a vegan diet is always more expensive than a traditional diet. Most vegan meals contain ingredients that are less expensive than the ingredients that many people are accustomed to. These include grains, legumes, seeds, and beans, which are all readily available in supermarkets.

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vegetarian restaurants in London

Best Vegan Restaurants in Toronto 2024 – UniAcco

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